World of Warships: New ARP Yamato

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s collab with World of Warships gave us ARP Yamato this time. The ship in the video was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Which Yamato?
2:34 Setting Up ARP Yamato
5:02 Game
20:57 End Screen
21:40 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Yamato.


  1. Do you have to buy it or is there some kind of mission for getting it?
    Edit: Haha… I’m not paying 150USD for a copypasta.

  2. well done Wargaming for making it possible for new players to buy a tier 10 straight away. this is not what the game needs and is blatant cash grab

  3. Wish console had the bell when your guns reload

  4. I would love the full arp ships in Port, but he’ll no my partner would kill me spending that much

  5. Christopher Jonasson

    Nicely played Aerroon as always
    But seriously WG, buy a tier 10 (with the LM included)
    Whats next.. ?
    A hoard of copy-paste “new” ships at tier 9-10 ? (with “expert” players at the wasd)
    Coal and Steel in the premium shop ?
    Premium Ammo ?
    Buy captain skills after the rework ?
    Game is going from bad to worse and WG greed is the cause

    • just the same as tanks

    • Go play warthunder boys

    • we will see alot more t10 ships now in shop.. now they have opend up for it.. and they see players are buying.. so they dont care about there playerbase stopping if they can bring in some fast cash. we will proberly see some t10 Joseph Stalin BB soon in cash shop

    • there are too many ultra whales who auto buy anything they offer…so they feel they cant afford to lose this opportunity to make loads of cash by again offering a T10 for loads of gold…just like they did with PR.
      hell…i saw a player with ALL PREMIUMS IN THE GAME, 1 game with each premium…and almost ONLY T10 TECH TREE SHIPS, barely ANY non T10 tech tree ships…which means he probably spent LOADS of gold to convert xp.
      he probably funds WG by himself

  6. I was hoping for a mission chain to obtain her. Also, Maya is the same as Takao. Yet, i was hoping for a different refit for her, she had one less turret but improved AA and 20km torps

  7. Why should they make a camo for everyone to unlock when they also can double the price for no reason? :3

  8. Dude, you forgot to mention that even though you had 34,398 gold, you still couldn’t afford this reskin.

  9. Wargaming should give it to us all that have the Yamato. It’s such a greedy thing they are doing

  10. I feel so dissapointed, at least i was having hope because it was an Arpeggio collab,maybe not sell her directly but you need to grind a little and then pay (like dockyard). Heck even the free kongos and 1 myoko mission return but no.

    I feel dissapointed

  11. How you haven’t heard Aerroon before: 7:34

  12. Since I forgot to mention this in the video: I don’t recommend buying it. If you want the look of the ship? Sure, but getting a regular Yamato isn’t that difficult. The cost of buying this is very high and I think that’s fine, but I don’t recommend buying it.

    • Ha ha, smart move take the ship from WG and forget to criticize it/them in the vid so they keep giving them to you.

    • Some people would want to complete their ARP collection, so they would buy it. I’m wondering though, did they give ARP Yamato to you because you already have all the others? Like me, I have all of them. I have not logged into the game in a month though so I am not sure if they gave me or not. I had been busy with assignments to play 🙁

    • @ザム「Zam」 I have full arp too, but sadly I won’t be buying this ship, it doesn’t even deserve to be called that way, if this was real life scale model of the ship it is not even worth displaying because this is very low quality model, WG doesn’t even get the reskin right.

      It is not ARP Yamato

    • I wouldnt buy the arp yamato but if its camo was on sell seperately I would have gotten the camo

    • @Yisrael Sebbag ok tin foil hatter…bot everything is a conspiracy.

  13. “Weeb yamato” lmao 🤣

  14. Heh Aerroon, I don’t think you noticed that the enemy DD died at the end as you were pushing the Yamato and Kremlin. Don’t think it would’ve affected the way you played though. Thanks for the ARP Yamato video!

  15. Terribly played Kremlin, comes 5th on their team list.
    Gotta love WG’s sophisticated exp reward system, LOL.

  16. i’d love to see war gamings profit margins over the past 5 years for this game

  17. Honestly, at this point I don’t care. I got my Ashigara and that makes me happy
    Edit: if you ever consider watching the show, it’s a decent meh. I’d argue the manga is better, and ongoing.

  18. “Even the bottom is glowing, *NICE* ” *insert nice.mp4*

  19. I encountered a lot this ARP Yamatos lately. Most either sit at the back firing HE or rush a flank and die early.

  20. So is reasonable to say that in the future will see other Tier 10 ARP’s with legendary modules, but in the future if Yamato will suffer changes nerfs/buffs so will this ship will too. So, basically this ship is not a real premium ship.

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