World Of Warships New Battleship Izumo & Battleship Yamato Gameplay!

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World Of Warships New Battleship Izumo & Battleship Yamato Gameplay!
World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay of the new Japanese Battleship IZUMO and a spotlight gameplay of the YAMATO!


  1. Nathan Peterson

    +MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS yep, a test server for a game not even
    out of CBT

  2. Nathan Peterson

    +ZePanzerCommander yep, likely until 2016

  3. +lockie prince At least with the Izumo you won’t be reduced to impotence
    when facing your target. And you have some AAA guns.

  4. The lack of AA did not bother me as much as the retarded artillery
    arrangement. I don’t like having all my main armaments on the front or
    back. Plus, it looks like the Japanese got cunfused when drawing this up,
    carrier or battleship?

  5. +lockie prince
    Heh…I see what you mean. That’s a lot of flat deck space. The Japanese
    did try a hybrid carrier/battleship design when they stuck a partial flight
    deck on the *Ise*; of course, a shortage of aircraft ultimately made the
    scheme pointless.

    You probably won’t like the French battleship line if/when they add it;
    their *Dunkerque*- and *Richelieu*-classes had two quadruple-gun turrets
    concentrated forward. (Although their ultimate BB design, the *Alsace*-class,
    had an armament scheme identical to the *Yamato*.)

  6. My ideal is having main batteries forward and aft, so that no matter what
    direction I am facing, my guns are able to fire upon a target. Having all
    my batteries on one section of the ship, limits my firing range, and can be
    a disadvantage. I am currently 10k away from the Nagato.

    Plus, in my opinion, this ship looks ugly.

  7. don’t know why you’re pronouncing it with a Y

  8. Nathan Peterson

    +XarKavier WG stated they will add the H-class, but not the H-44, where the
    Yamato already displaced 68,000 tons, the H-44 would of displaced 131,000
    tons, so they stated they H-39 is likely going to be a tier IX, and the
    H-41/H-42 at tier X

  9. +Ross Putman Phly is playing on a test server

  10. Ah thanks

  11. the game has open sea maps

  12. +apairon2 …not really sure who pissed in your coffee this morning, but I
    think you’re taking a video game too seriously. =/

  13. +Thekilleroftanks

    4 12 inch guns vs the kawachi’s 8 (and that’s broadside where the mikasa
    can bring both turrets to bear).

  14. Thekilleroftanks

    well they could always make it a low tier Nagato, have less guns but fire
    more accurate and if that doesnt help they can always buff its reload.

  15. +JamesPolymer

    That would make the yamato a tier 11…

  16. Well in wot there has to be paper tanks especially in the higher tiers or
    else most tech trees would be incomplete and well wowp was an utter failure
    so yeah

  17. Thats true to an extent. My own view, is that they should just flesh out
    the tech trees with vehicles that were actually made into metal, before
    bringing in proposed ideas and projects. Even if they didnt have the
    Jageroo, Waffleloader, E1b0unceal0t and such, i wouldnt say the trees would
    be incomplete, but they wouldnt be as……. diverse, for sure.

    WoWP must never be spoken of again….. horrible, HORRIBLE waste of time
    and resources…. “Oh look, Gaijins War Thunder is gaining popularity, lets
    just rush out our incomplete, pre-alpha class game as competition!” Flying
    Health points? NOPE! majority of aircraft that were never made? NOPE! No
    inclusion of the oldest air force, the RAF and the legendary Spitfire? NOPE!

    Funnily enough, there is actually a guy in my clan who think World of
    Warplanes is a BETTER GAME THAN WAR THUNDER………. ive now seen and
    heard everything, and ive seen a green dog…..

  18. Nathan Peterson

    +John Chiarello there is no BB-62, the New Jersey is an Iowa, which is
    already in game which he’ll do later

  19. +Nathan Peterson that’s what I meant

  20. Thekilleroftanks

    +PauseForGames well the aim assist doesnt really do much, and if they move
    other than a straight line than your aim can be fucked up pretty easily.

  21. +Smokin78Squire

    Range at which the shot was fired that penetrated the armor plate? ( I have
    very little trust in penetration statistics from the US army after they
    used burned out husks to test the Super Pershing’s gun and see no reason to
    trust the US Navy in any particular way ).

    Actually by 1944 both the Musashi and Yamatos had radar rangefinders around
    the same level as the Iowa class but different in terms of philosophy ( the
    Yamatos had a more crew intensive fire control system while the Iowas had a
    automated one, overall though they weren’t that dissimilar in raw capacity
    (and with the aforementioned superior armor at range and no known confirmed
    kills by Iowas during the war at ranges where the Yamatos couldn’t return
    fire just as effectively I doubt they would’ve been as outmatched as US
    Navy fanbois state)).

    Incorrect on the optical only fire control, incorrect on the capacity to
    penetrate the armor at ranges where the fire control system of the Iowas
    preformed better (extreme ranges) and as for faster and more advanced: Very
    debatable on the advanced part beyond the fire control systems in terms of
    philosophy but the yamato was 7 knots slower at top speed (which isn’t
    sustainable for either class).

  22. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    I’ll just keep my opinions to myself

  23. +pioltjose23 If they add that then i want my H-44 lol

  24. +ReplaysLeague

    The US would have no reply to them though… and the British I think may
    have one but I cannot be sure.

  25. +Noir Wolf Yea that’s the problem..

  26. Nathan Peterson

    +Brad noble It’s still in CBT, but you can buy access to the game of the WG
    premium shop, or wait until 2016 * (**approximately) for the game to become
    free and downloadable of their main website

  27. +Phoenix Fire The hull below water line was painted with Anti-Fouling
    paint. The paint slowed the growth of aquatic organisms that attach to the
    hull and increase drag.

  28. +Ryogo Fujitani ahh okay 😀

  29. +Phoenix Fire learn something new everyday 😀

  30. Nathan Peterson

    +Phoenix Fire Bofors were first designed and made in Sweden, but were sold
    to the US, Poland, UK, USSR* (**Via the US/UK) Australian/New Zealand* (**
    Via the UK) heck even germany

  31. +Nathan Peterson ah ok.

  32. Nathan Peterson

    +Phoenix Fire Unfortunately due to balancing we might just get the H-42,
    but likely we would get the H-39 and H-44

  33. Nathan Peterson

    +Nathan Peterson H-41*

  34. Nathan Peterson

    +Antonov Gaming Russian server (available to all) and 500 NA members

  35. +Nathan Peterson why not eu? i cri evrtim ;_;

  36. Nathan Peterson

    +Jake Carlson But were sold to many nations

  37. But my point is I’m pretty sure they’re made in Sweden

  38. +Saladin1187 There was a “beta within the beta” for all RU testers and
    around 500 NA testers. All you had to do for a chance to participate was
    ask for credentials in a forum thread.

  39. +Saladin1187 “woooooooooooooooooooooooooow”

  40. +Saladin1187 LOL, awesome.

  41. +Saladin1187 bahahahahahahahahaha

  42. +JohnnyMaczeta Its the same as the Senjo, they just changed the name of it.

  43. +78458987 oh thanks, nice to know

  44. +razordude500 You don’t, it ended

  45. +Macabe95 But Phly was doing a stream on it this afternoon? 🙁

  46. interesting. The “official” end date on the RU site said the 11th when i
    looked at it over the weekend. Says 12th now. Well then…

  47. Upon searching the forums and portals of all different server clusters, it
    would appear they had an unplanned second session.

  48. +Encrafter how do i get on the test server and yes im in closed beta.

  49. +Encrafter this is supertest server you cant get it unless you are

  50. Nathan Peterson

    +Brainbug but were sold to many nations

  51. +Nathan Stangl they haven’t been added yet

  52. Then how is the Montana in the game?

  53. +Nathan Stangl phly is using an updated version of the game. if you play
    the regular closed beta they are not in it

  54. Oh, ok, that makes sense.

  55. +PhlyDaily huh. seems legit.

  56. +PhlyCast
    It’s actually the same gun layout as on the Tone or Myoko, though. The
    Nelson-class has the third turret oriented forward, not rearward.

  57. +Kabuki Kitsune You need to cite your references 🙂

  58. +Kabuki Kitsune Do you have any info on this class?.. I have never seen
    anything about the Izumo, and still haven’t found any info.

    I really wish they would have added the Number-13 class instead as it was
    actually a planned and designed ship, even if it didn’t reach production..

  59. +Kabuki Kitsune It Does share some similarities with IJN Tone, but differs
    with the major addition of secondary batteries to defend the stern. Tone
    was an overly aggressive design; so if the enemy managed to swing around
    behind you…. well…. that was the end of it.

  60. Maree Printemps

    +LK I think you got your facts wrong, Yamato was the first to be laid down
    so she’s the nameship of the class, not Musashi.
    And beside, both ships took alot of punishment before going down, but
    neither of them are legend tier because they didn’t do much beside being
    target practice for USN Bombers.

  61. No it’s a Yamato class get your history right.

  62. +Maree Printemps I think he’s trolling

  63. +PhlyDaily Thanks phly…..

  64. Herr Bayerische

    +PhlyDaily lol

  65. +C. Jukes Yes, the Yamato was already in game.

  66. ok thanks guys!

  67. +PhlyDaily can you tell me how to get CBT

  68. +Carole Boarer $

  69. I’m pretty sure he just got it

  70. Hurreja….

  71. +Jomjesm Hurreva?

  72. +PhlyDaily That’s a bit like saying Volvo cars are chinese because the
    production is in china now lol:D I doubt sweden produced the C-130s that
    they got from the US themselves, probably imported but bofors guns were
    made in the US by some car company i don’t remember which one.

  73. +Tired Sloth Chrysler

  74. Erik Lundholm Ericson

    Thanks, now I learned something 🙂

  75. +Graviton Pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee??
    Stronger than anything faster, but faster than anything stronger. Took me a
    while to figure out that quote, but once i did gotta say nothing describes
    it better 🙂

  76. +The Archduke w8 what do you mean?

  77. +Graviton Just wondering if Admiral Graf Spee was a ship you were looking
    forward to seeing in game (hopefully)?? As for the rest of that i was just
    quoting the best way to describe her overall.

  78. +The Archduke Ah yes! and Prinz eugen too! can’t wait for German cruiser’s.
    the axis had some pretty sexy cruiser. like the mogami and takao too.

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