World of Warships: New British Cruiser Goliath – Second Impression [WIP]

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Second look at the recently buffed Goliath. She’s still a Work in Progress and can change though. I imagine that she’s going to be annoying to play against.
She was given to me by Wargaming for review purposes.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 British heavy Goliath on the map Sea of Fortune.


  1. Something tells me that I am not gonna have a good time in the British Heavy Cruisers!

  2. I love your vids, learned to play from you. I’d like to send to you a replay, i did 14 citadell with a stock Izumo 🙂

  3. When are these ships coming out?

  4. just as we needed more HE spamming ships ….they should give british heavy cruisers the same national flavours as with light cruiser: AP only with improved pen angles.

  5. She’s very Warspite looking , the camo makes her attractive to most I think , the Drake may be enough though?

  6. WG might have just implement class caps in MM. Only way they’ll be able to balance kinda like with clan battles

  7. 150 K dmg. When potatoing. Don’t know how you do it. Double cred for not hiding behind a rock.

  8. llljustcallhimDave

    Who could’ve guessed that the GK on your team would come bottom….

  9. And she can probably 1v1 Zao, why would anyone choose to play old crusiers anymore when new ships are OP compared to older ships

  10. ЛентяйЁпта

    last time you said it’s a mix between Zao and Hindenburg, now it’s Henri

  11. It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited for a new line, but I’m really looking foreword to these.

  12. But WHEN will they be released!

  13. Who could wins between Yoshino vs Goliath? Only guns

  14. *Notice: Goliath HE has MORE Pen than Italian SAP – does ALMOST as much direct damage – but has a base 24% fire chance, also a 0.5 second shorter reload! PLUS Mega Heals!* Venezia looks all but irrelevant already – other than against DDs, but even then, Goliath is more likely to knock out modules and set fires that increase DD detection by 2 km!

    I would think this would make Goliath just better, but people like Venezia so what do I know?? I still believe in the Power of ZAO!

    • The only cruiser I loved more than Zao is Venezia, Goliath here seems to powercreep them both but I still think both Zao and Venezia have their place in game and i don’t think Goliath here will do any better than say a Yoshino can do with similar reload but Yoshino Carries bigger guns and longer range torpedoes and similar squishiness however Yoshino gets more heals while the super heal is useful for rushing or tanking a lot if you eat a lot of citadels the super heal is limited.

  15. My favorite CC to watch on YT purely on the basis of ability to use fast-forward!

  16. Somthing Tells me im going to make BB’s sitting back thinking they can hurt me but i cant hurt them Days really Bad!!!!

  17. This makes the zao look mediocre.

  18. Feels like the closest thing we can compare her to is Henri. Would be nice if Goliath get a reload booster or something similar to that.

  19. Well, the best way to encourage battleship mains to push in is to introduce another ship with strong HE rounds.

  20. Seems pretty fun I think I’m going to wait on playing the Italian line for this but I’m curious how well she will withstand a salvo from the Thunderer.

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