World of Warships – New British tier 5 heavy cruiser Hawkins

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Whole new tech tree line of British heavy cruisers is coming to WoWS soon, in fact, you can get your hands on tier 5-8 if you’re lucky in armory already. How are these cruisers? Well I know for a fact that tier 10 was tanky as hell and guns were doing okey, as for the rest I was not really impressed.

Here I take a tier 5 out for a spin and get pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. hmmm where’s everyone?

  2. The ORIGINAL Heavy Cruiser.

  3. You mean to say Hawkin’s acceleration is 3.6 roentgen?

  4. What’s this now? A ship that is not insanely good. I think wg 5x drunk this time.

  5. Flambass does not seal-club everyone at tier 5 has a 19 skill captain :=)

  6. That’s some serious HE alpha and fire chance. Also, that’s one tanky bote.

    • Frans van Terwisga

      unfortunately, when bottom tiered, a tier 6 or 7 BB can citadel this thing while angled 60 degrees or more. I’ve witnessed it first hand lol. this is not my favourite so far

    • Fire chance is 15%, with only 7 guns and a 14s reload it’s ‘Fire’s per minute’ is one of the worst for T5 cruisers.

  7. The bad thing about new boats, especially cruisers is…45 % win rate dudes still start broadsiding in front of bbs getting dev striked

  8. Guns look ok, good HE and dispersion seems ok.

  9. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Funny is that the T5 is one of the best armored CA’s from the Brits.

  10. The thing I thought was funny about this ship is she just avoided 3 different torpedo from the carrier and I was called a cheater but I don’t even know how I live through the whole thing since both carriers were just out to get me to very end so I’m please with this ship

  11. Flambass got steamrolled yesterday against my team. He was in the Bourgogne hiding in the back behind an island spamming HE against me in my Kremlin.
    Yes Im very proud even thou it was kind of a shit game for me, then again most games in Kremlin are.

  12. Played a game in the blys dd yesterday since it got a little buff and whilst it needs a camo buff say 6.2 or even 6.4km the gun handling is very welcome. Cheers

  13. Main thing I’ve noticed from playing the brit heavies is that it’s harder for someone to citadel you, but a hit in the side can hurt so much it might as well be a citadel. Don’t get hit in the side.

  14. Flambass seal clubbing gets clubbed at the end.

  15. This constant bringing out new ship lines is great if you have unlimited time and funds. But for the rest of us it would be better if they brought out new maps, new scenarios and just new ways to play the many, many ships we have already sitting around in dock. But of course WG only wants our money.

    • Well, duh. They’re a for profit business, not a charity. Of course, they want your money! Also, I think that there’s supposed to be a new, high tier map (called “North Waters”) in the next update, though to be honest, from what I’ve seen of it, it looks rather boring. It’s been forever since they released a new mid tier map. As for Operations, sadly WG has made it plain that operations are not a priority because only a small portion of the player base plays them.

    • And I’m sure when you go into work every day you tell your boss, “hey, cancel my paycheck, I’m not working for money, but for the pure joy of serving you for free.”

    • @Blznguns Actually at the age of 69 i don’t have a boss anymore. And WG makes an enormous amount of money from what it already has on the table. I personally have spent well over £1000 on premium and and premium ships, so please have another go at me, you WG schill.

  16. 11:39 Flambass dies in a cruiser
    Jingles :”They sunk an allied aircraft carrier”
    Damn Jingles what do you have in that tea, I wanna try some

  17. Much like the beloved Emerald, it seems to be made of citadels and explodium armed with spud-guns… At least it has HE.

  18. So what are the strengths of this ship? Colorful explosions and bright, yellow shells!

  19. Bottom line: at the end of it, your enemies are incompareparable, while you yourself are incompareputable.

  20. You got a love how it’s always the same 10 Twats that give you the thumbs down. Nice game well played!

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