World of Warships – New Carrier Footage

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  1. Nice. How are the steering commands for the aircraft managed?

  2. Didnt the NDA first lift tomorrow?

  3. feels like damage wise these cv’s are even worse than the current ones. you can so easily do damage without much of a cooldown and no limit on your planes because you have unlimited ones. also still being able to do 30k dmg on a yamato and dropping so close that there is no way for him to dodge. you now also have these rockets to get rid of aa mounts making it easy to strike over a longer period of time. so I feel like they need to tweak these damage numbers.

    • This is still early phase. There’s a lot of balancing yet to do. Right now, gameplay is the focus. Balance comes after everything works properly.

    • +Vulgarr the Viking yeah I figured as much, because I can’t imagine this bei g fun for anyone but the cv, hence why I would like to see the balancing part, but it’ll have to wait I suppose

  4. I am really amazed that WG won’t remove carriers or at least remove them from competitive modes. Imagine in a different game if they added a character that could sit back safely and just deal damage. Whether or not your ship gets sunk is a random AA rating. Carriers might be good for realism, but they throw off the “even playing field” that you want in a competitive game.

    • The majority of people do not want to play with CVs and now WG reworks CVs to where current CV players do not even want to play it. They are re-working CVs to make it possible for consoles. Instead of telling everyone the truth, they are acting like they are listening to the community which is total horseshit. I must say I am glad in a way, because I quit spending money on this game.

    • Michael Laferriere

      You should play carrier for a while and you might understand whats wrong in your post. In some games as CV you get to launch two or three strikes. How many times per game do you get to fire even in a BB? And as for ships go, thats pretty much the way Navys have been for 70 years now, how many new BB’s do you see IRL?

    • Comparing this game to real life is pointless, its not a battle simulator anyway and there are thousands of ways it is not like real life. I have little desire to play carrier and not because it is too difficult. I learned how and realized how broken they are. Carriers prey on ships with poor AA, that is RNG. You can literally click on a ship. If it has poor AA (random number given to ships) there is little that ship can do. If I sink a ship or win a match I like knowing it had something to do what me as a player. WG will not admit the real reason for the rework which is to make it suitable and easy for consoles. For three years the community has known they are broken and add RNG. Most content creators have said they are broken. What do you know just as they start making the console versions, “we have heard the community and we are announcing the carrier rework.”

    • They won’t remove them because people want to play them just like submarines. They have the data to back it up. You want them to take out an entire class just to fit your needs. I am glad WG doesn’t listen to players like you.

      They are trying to expand the game and make a profit like they are supposed to.

      If this game does not expand it will die.

    • And second, the CV got damaged so it didn’t just sit back and deal damage so you were wrong. It seems like you want to see the game die. I think the rework along with the addition of submarines will attract more players and that’s what we all want.

  5. Cap'n Black Jack Honour

    Looks like my AA spec Atlanta will have some escort duty.

  6. With so much focus on the planes, the CV will have to rely on their teammates for extra protection. The teams will actually have to screen for the CV now maybe even have a cruiser stick closer to them to ward off those pesky DD’s. That’s a little more realistic.

  7. Mr. Viking, I’d like to ask a favor.

    can you ask the devs if they would be willing to make it possible to control the CV, or any other ship for that matter, using the arrow keys? It would help in the new CV gameplay. Thank you.

  8. What are the consumables for?

  9. More info on how to control the planes would be most helpful. Good video.

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      I didn’t really touch on steering the planes because it’s pretty much the same as ships. A and D go left and right. W goes fast, S slows down. You can turn them a little more finely tuned with the mouse for those minor steering adjustments.

  10. Viking, I’m new to your channel, and I’m wondering what is your CV experience?

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      Well I’ve been playing them since the game launched 3 years ago

    • I see.

      Just so I know how to gauge your videos so that I can interpret what i need to determine what I think about this,

      Are you a good cv player? I’m decent at CV, so I’m trying to gauge the perspective you are coming from.

  11. I can’t wait to try this it looks very good and I am happy they gave back fine control of the CV but I still think they should make it switch to carrier and switch back to planes instead of forcing you to land your planes. It would just allow you to swap back to the CV so you can pay attention to what is around it without giving up your strike wave. Yeah you could use the mini map for that but I find looking around your ship to see where things are and how far away they are is much better for spacial perception and positioning then trying to work out a 2D display all the time.

  12. I am really liking where this is going. My complaint is that AA is *still* looking graphically underwhelming. If your planes are getting shredded you really should be feeling like you are flying into steel hell. Sure the long range AA flack is nice but where is the bullet hell as you get closer?

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