World of Warships – New Carrier Gameplay – World Exclusive Sneak Peek!

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Surprise! Despite telling you not to expect a today since I’m in Russia, I couldn’t resist leaking the worlds’ first sneak preview of the new gameplay mode currently being prototyped by Wargaming Saint Petersburg.

Many salt miners died to bring you this information, treat it with the respect it deserves.


  1. You look so very happy in this video 😛

  2. Oh Jingles…you kidder, you! LMAO Well played sir…or should I say, well click baited, you cheeky Gnome you. Anyway, ahoy from Jive Turkey’s Cold Waters channel, and just remember…come to America and take a ride on a B-17 and a B-24, and I will pay for it.

  3. Og Jingles you troll…..

  4. yeeeeee f…….ing TROLL

    I’m going back to work in ANGER now!!!!!

  5. Angry Nerd Gaming

    April 1st was last month, but Jingles is just catching up. Give him a break, everyone is going to get Old & Slow at some point. He just beat most of you to it.??

  6. Technically this is clickbait……….

    Meh, I better not mention it, otherwise I will have to work overtime in the salt mines.

  7. Pentti Kantanen

    Looks like someone signed an NDA 🙂

  8. I knew you were a sick bastard Jingles, but this goes too far…

  9. 10/10, intuitive, fun and engaging, dynamic gameplay, an instant classic.


  10. Aonghas McTavish

    Jingles you troll! Gg jingles gg

  11. So for this new gameplay you don’t even have to click ANY buttons?

  12. Irish Wristwatch

    World first exclusive footage of Jingles yoinking us for the first time ever

  13. Bad Jingles …. no bisquit !

  14. Motherfucker

  15. Have you rejoined the Navy and enhanced your piss taking ability?

    LOL…. Thanks Jingles.

  16. I haven’t been teased this much since I was 18 and dirty Mary from down the street said she would put her tongue up my …….. never mind, you get the picture. Jingles, you old sea dog you. Well played!

  17. You trolly gnome. Trim yer beard ffs – no self respecting gnome would have such an unkempt beard!!

  18. Carrier gameplay now involves WASD. That’s something new at least

  19. Staring at a screen looking bored, yeah seems legit for WoWS Carrier footage.

  20. I’d let the guy in the WOWS jacket torpedo my aircraft carrier if you know what I mean.

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