World of Warships New Commander Skills Battleship Guide

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World of Warships 0..0 has launched, and with it, the Commander Skills system has received a complete overhaul. Gone are the cookie cutter loadouts and now players are actually going to have to take serious consideration into whether or not they want to take on an offensive or more defensive approach to their loadouts. This is a walkthrough of the new WoWS commander skills for battleships and shows you each skill, as well as a preffered loadout for a secondary build German Battleships. The New Commander Skill rework also has some nice features that were largely absent before, and I think players will come to appreciate those small things. Despite this, there was a missed opportunity giving players with maxed out commanders a replacement 21 point max commander.

NOTE*** I DO NOT recommend a secondary loadout for battleships at this point. This loadout yielded 35 secondary hits against 3 targets at klicks over the course of 3 minutes. Looks like they did kill off secondaries.


  1. Damn…. was hoping this update would be swallowed by a wandering black hole.

  2. Holy crap. I’m still playing with equipment in WoT.

  3. Considering everything that needs attention in this game, commander skills should have been the last thing anybody was worried about. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

      lol seriously tho. Why are they reworking this? They are saying they want people to try different builds but then again people build what they build because of ship’s characteristics. Some builds are just stupid and don’t work.

    • I’m just gonna say…..while I still don’t think the whole rework was necessary, some of the new skills are fairly decent to say the least. However, the could have simply added these to the old system instead of completely changing it.

    • @joseph pallette they want you to digest the 2 additional captain points with an exponential cost and the increase in the cost to respec your captain but in order to avoid making it too obvious that it is a money grab, they have to dilute this inside of a major rework.

    • @VuHien2011 if you choose to pay actual money to respec your captains, that falls fully on you. Calling it a money grab is ridiculous when it doesn’t actually require money

    • @joseph pallette fu joseph 1,000,000plus elitecommander xp to grind you moron.I did not sign up for that ..

  4. The dead eye skill is actually pretty broken looking (in my opinion), ships like th vermont and thunderer that snipe and sit at the back will recieve a huge buff

    • “Actually pretty broken” What does that mean? Ships that can tank and brawl more get a huge buff from secondary builds and torp reduction. Does that make them “pretty broken?”

    • The thunderer already has great dispersion, trying to increase that would be a waste of captain points.

    • Pierre-Francois CARPENTIER

      Frankly I will just put dead-eye and concealment on all my BBs. From what I’ve seen in various videos/streams, it makes BBs with bad dispersion more than decent, and BBs with already good dispersion able to shot with pixel accuracy.
      10% dispersion is just OP. The only thing that might limit its effectiveness is a poor base concealment.

      Pushing and brawling was already kind of dead 2/3 of the time with CVs (the HE spam also not helping), now with almost all your BBs in your team unlikely to push, brawling is just dead, if you try pushing at less than 15km you will get focused and melt.

      For the meme, I might go for the extended secondary range + the 10% reload boost if in secondary range, mainly for the reload boost in fact, but that’s the extent of it and it means abandoning a ton of survivability (no fire prevention and no additional heal). Manual secondaries with only a 30% buff are no longer worth it in my opinion, specially considering it’s a 4 points skill.

    • @Pierre-Francois CARPENTIER I have it on my Vermont and this ridiculous claim I keep hearing about the salvo converging into a single pixel is nonsense. It’s nothing remotely close to that. It’s literally 10 % on average. Not this mythical single pixel sniping ability ppl like to keep talking about.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @David Newberry but the brawler tank bbs are getting ate alive lol

  5. The XP required for points 20 and 21 are crazily expensive.

    • Indeed. It’s infuriating, because with the increase in cost for some important skills, those last two points are really needed.

  6. The German BB secondaries were “buffed” because the new equivalent of manual secondaries skill was nerfed. You now have more range (11.6 vs 12.5), can fire secondaries without selecting a target with mansec (without the improved accuracy), and have improved base accuracy, but manual secondaries now only increase accuracy by 35% instead of 60%. After testing by some CCs and players, they determined that they’re a little more versatile in theory (though how versatile they are in practice is up for debate), but the accuracy is about 10% worse than what it used to be overall.

  7. This is nothing but a blatant money grab by wows. Having to upgrade the commanders for 1200 elite xp when you have 15 top commanders is a joke.

  8. Maybe they changed the skill system to get ready for submarines LOL

    • Yeah they’re coming soon

    • Pierre-Francois CARPENTIER

      It’s actually kind of logical.

      The old skill system was kind of working but having skills meant for one class usable on others was a bit wonky.

      If they have introduced subs with the old skill system, it would have been a huge mess.

      By itself, the idea of this rework to have dedicated skills by class is not bad, it’s just that the skills are garbage, specially the BB ones.

  9. Same Commander for premium American sekondary ships right ?

  10. If WG doesn’t reward 2 points added to a current 19 pt capt, they could’ve at least allow them to continue earning elite XP at 19 pts. Small thought

  11. hi, could you make a guide, doing this with all the battleships classes, i really need this video

  12. I still don’t have the rework on my version of the game idk why

  13. i got 60+ 19 points captains, its going to take me really long to get the 2 additional points

  14. They could have at least given 19 pointers a 10-20% CXP boost for all that grinding? Now every one with less than 21 points gets the 5% boost, that sucks. A total newbie will get the same CXP as a seasoned player who has probably spent much cash on the game already?

  15. People: complain about secondary build getting gutted for German BBs

    Meanwhile, me: *Sad French BB noise*

  16. Overall, this is a huge BB nerf. Almost every skill you actually need is 1 point more expensive than before, manual secondaries was nerfed into oblivion, and exactly 0 of the new skills are any good at all unless you want to sit in the back and take long rang pot shots all day like a potato.

    What they should have done with the extra skill pint s needed is just give every captain you currently have 2 more points.

  17. did you notice yet that Mr Jack Dunkirk has an enhanced skill for RN BB-s that he cannot even use?!

  18. there is a link in the wows- news to reset all commanders at once.

  19. Leninn’s main battery traverse: 20.9 sec for 180° HMM OK

  20. at the end of the day its gonna be cookie cutter again with recommended skills for your favourite ship and skills no one would take.
    why they fixing things no one asked for

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