World of Warships – New Conqueror

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This is a new version the Conqueror with improved heal and citadel raised above the waterline.
I much more prefer this one to the old one because with this one you can easily get punished if you get caught broadside by pretty much anything, for the heal…well it’s improved because Conq needed it right xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Meet the new Conqueror. It’s a lot like the old Conqueror.

  2. He is so calm when playing but when I play it I am scared as hell

  3. yep. i had a team earlier today who turned a 12-6 ship, 3 cap, 200 point advantage into a steamroll loss.

  4. Not only, you let burn many fires wich could have been damage con without conseguences. Well, lession learned.

  5. Only 2k on a loss? You should try harder to git gud, mate! Not carrying hard enough…

  6. Can’t help thinking if that Des Moines had known your citadel was big you might have regretted going broadside to him like that:-)!

  7. A fair contender for the glorious, glorious Meltdown playlist.

  8. this heal is so OP. there was a reason they removed it. and now they bring it back in?! LOL. the new citadel will not really balance it, because players that know how to angle dont mind that

  9. I really don’t know what wargaming is smoking.
    They seem to be incapable to understand their own game.

    First CVs and the lack of interaction between CVs and players of surface ships, then the Russian BBs which have such an incredible accuracy that it makes most other BBs irrelevant (not to speak of the extra TX that is ridiculous) and now the Conqueror.

    Sure, in theory you can punish it but giving a good Conqu player that never shows his broadside an incredible heal is just ridiculously broken. This ship in the hands of a good player has gotten better and there was no need to buff it.

    When will anything they do actually make sense?

    • Any ship in a good players hands is OP. Doesn’t matter what ship.

    • +The Don that literally makes no sense. A good player can sure do okay with a bad ship. But give a good player a ship with that amount of good qualities going for it and they will be OP. Not every ship is equally as OP in the same good players hands lol… Smh

    • +The Don
      A ship is op when it can do too many things at once with little to no counterplay.

      Imagine you play against flamu or flambass or Notser in the FDG. What will you do? Burn him down. What will they do? Probably not too much. They can be the best players in the world and they would still suffer from bad dispersion and bad armor.

      Take the Belfast. Most people seem to agree that it does too many things yet it does have a huge citadel and can be punished even in her smoke by simply using a spotter plane.

      So there is counterplay, it’s just rather limited and that’s the problem.

      So let’s take the Conqueror. How are you going to punish the Conqueror captain that is good enough to never show anyone his broadside? Burn him down? Good luck, I hope you are done in 70s because after that he heals everything back up. Where is the counter play?
      So now you have a ship with great concealment, good guns, insane HE (that makes her do dmg in EVERY situation. Not like the other BBs that can’t do shit against angled BBs), an incredible heal that makes it impossible to counter with HE that can only be punished in rare situations?
      That is the very definition doing too much at once.
      Have you seen flamu’s video on the new Russian TX BB? That is a ship that actually has some weaknesses like bad armor(against HE) and no outstanding heal but these things don’t matter because it basically stays on max range – making it OP

      It does not matter how big the weakness of a ship is if you can’t punish that weakness. And if you come up with a ship that’s only weakness can be bypassed by every mediocre BB player than you have a ship without weaknesses and that is a real issue.

    • And on top of that, conqueror can now heal back 30% of citadel dmg (or even more iirc)
      Ah, yes and Sigma was also improved

  10. never under estimate a teams ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. great video

  11. i’m not sure i like this change. It feels like this will just encourage conqueror players to sit on the edge of the map even more. It’s now even better at ultra long range duels with the improved heal, and more vulnerable if it ever gets into the thick of things.
    obviously the ship is designed to be more of a long ranger sniper, but personally i’d of prefered something that would make the 457mm guns more viable by nerfing the 419mm guns. the ships feels a lot more well rounded and less gimmicky with the bigger guns.

  12. Remember the time WG contemplated putting a radar on this thing?

  13. Flambass,
    When that subscriber said “pasted”, he meant “passed” as in, passed away. My condolences for your loss, my friend. Hopefully, you can continue to sail in WoWS.

  14. I see you finally gave in, you’re loading HE 😛

  15. Never underestimate a teams ability to throw away a victory

  16. Team start to die always when in a good plays..reason why I stay at 48 percent. Trying to get better at it..

  17. Nothing like the ability for your team to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

  18. Could you have been stream sniped, Flambass?

  19. Guys I have a question do devs remodel most of the ships in Wows?

  20. Furious Sherman

    Improved heal?

    That’s literally the last thing the Conqueror needed.

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