World of Warships – New Consumable

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Warships Devblog teased two Premium , the Eitel and the Jean Bart. Jean Bart will have a new consumable rate of fire, which should be interesting. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. the consumable is like the one we had during the halloween update on the cruisers

    • QuyrewSpirit wait really? Wow no one knew that it’s almost like that was one of the most used things during the event

    • I don’t remember it very well, did it take effect on the current reload or only on the ones that started after you used the consumables (so if you shot and have a 30s timer and used consumable, it would still be at 30s and you basically waster your charge)?
      This will let you get 3 salvos out in quick succession which is pretty good, I assume if you get a frame perfect use of the consumable and using your guns you might even be able to pull off 4 shots – you’ll definitely be able to do that with AR which will be pretty scary

    • It was on that Halloween tier 8 soviet ship (can’t remember the name) it changed reload from 10 to like 3 secs for a whole minute (long)

  2. the new german seems to be a heavily modernized mackensen class batlecruisers that were almost built during ww1. several hulls were launched but needed 2 more years too complete..

    • mynameiswritinwater

      @owen mayers : you must be kidding – that is a very a atypical bow for german battlecrusiers and -ships prior to the late 30ies, and since the Mackensen class were not finished (and actually appear to have a much shorter bow section according to their blueprints )… this is some weird WG hypothetical “upgrade”. Also I would have much preferred to have the historical “Derfflinger” or “von der Tann” in the game, rather than some unfinished “neverbuilds”

    • Actually 3 of the 4 Mackensen hulls were started by the end of WWI but never completed to see service in the war. The final 3 ships of this class (7 total ships were ordered) were reordered as the Erstax Yorck class BC. These would of rivaled the Admiral Class BC’s (HMS Hood) in terms of armament 8 x 380 mm (14.96 in) main guns and twelve 15 cm (5.9 in) secondary guns.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Yeah the hull’s were started ( I have ^seen some reasonable photos of the one at B&V in Hamburg which was broken down in 1921 ) and it still has the “old style” Imperialbow you find on the Derfflinger class etc. but those hulls were far from “finished”^^ – nevermind equiped with machinery and turrets etc. not sure how you tick, for me a ship is “built” if it is ready for sea trials and about to be commissioned.

    • mynameiswritinwater Agreed, I’d much rather see one of German Battlecruisers from Jutland like Seydlitz, Moltke or Lutzow added to the game. Or at the very least call this ship Mackensen, since German Armored Cruiser and Battlecruisers were named after military heroes and if I remember correctly the Prinz Eitel Friedrich was named after one of Kaiser Wilhelm II sons. That doesn’t seem all that special for inclusion in the game.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      @atlasAs7D well I do have the suspicion that they may have had good access to the plans of this one from Blohm and Voss; Hamburg. Not sure how much material from the other shipyards from that time still survives, but most the yards have been merged and re-merged and closed down over the last century. B&V is still there. Also Lützow is so a problematic name with the Hipper class cruiser and the re-use of the name for the “Deutschland” after the sinking of “Admiral Graf Spee”. Same with “Seydlitz” – the Hipper class cruiser that was re-worked into another attempt at a german CV..

  3. *GENE BART*

  4. The Prinz is a Mackensen Class Battlecruiser.
    These ships were built in 1916-18 and were never completed.
    This ship is a WWII version of this 1918 ship, maybe it is comparable to the Kongo or the Hood.
    I like your vids Notser

    • With surface detectability of 12.4km, 2.0 sigma and 17.8km main battery range, it’s definitely not a Kongou.

  5. *I dont really like this New Consumable for a Battleship. It only Gives you One extra Salvo to fire, then it’s back to 30 seconds. I Have nothing wrong with this consumable itself, I think it should be Tried on Heavy Slow Reloading cruisers to be honest, But I would honestly prefer that This Battleship had a Team Healing Ability much like the one from the Halloween Operation Event. You not only heal yourself, but you also heal your team around you. That would make this ship extremely Helpful in any battle.*

    • TrungVN the Purpdonkey I’m sure that DDs may more likely have that vs a BB, since there’s more of dds supplying bbs then the vise versa

    • They should’ve put this consumable on British battleships, for a few minutes plus raising the citadel. British battleship gun crews used to cut corners like leaving ammo doors open in order to raise rate of fire, which made them more vulnerable to enemy fire. WG should’ve done this instead of the stupid heal and HE.

    • drock 12 It doesn’t bold the text until after you press reply.

    • just add minelayers, sweepers, and subs

    • I’m more bothered by how some words start with caps when they don’t need to

  6. I assume you’re probably going to comment soon on the first couple of offerings on the developer blog for the British main line destroyers?

  7. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    The Prinz is a Mackenclass Battlecruiser…
    Basically what the Scharnhorst Class Battlecruisers preceded and were based off…

    • i like the reload on that

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Well German Battlecruisers are more like Battleships because they actually have armor and speed but not guns to match

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yeah you are right that’s the thing… While the Brits genuinely built battlecruisers – that had much thinner armour and had higher speed… The Germans always had amazing belt armour – and decent 25-30 knots of speed regardless whether they were battleships or battlecruisers… Then again German BBs always have crap deck armour.

  8. With all that hundreds of radar ships in the game i would love to see a ship with a new consumable that interrupts radar like for half of the time radar is up. It would not even be unfair since we have TONS of radar ships in the game and to create a radar disturb consumable would be pretty decent

    • Devs are not even going to consider a jammer, was discussed in the over 2 hour long discussion.

    • drock 12 yeah though radar needs some look into. Right now with new US line and all radars are just raging in the game.

    • Something to counter radar would be very nice. Maybe even a special smoke type that reduces target acquisition range or precision. It could be shorter in duration than a normal one to compensate

    • I’ll go back to spotter plane on my DM when that happens lol

    • yay a gimmick (jammer) to counter a gimmick (radar) that countered a gimmick (smoke)

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Well Jean Bart and Massachusetts can have a round 2 – in world of warships.

  10. Hello there you cheeky little comment reader…

    How’s your day?

  11. skip to 1:52 for the RRReal exciting part

  12. Interesting consumable idea although I was hoping it would appear on British Battlecruisers where the rate of fire for a period of time would be increased but also it would greatly increase the risk of detonation, it would then be a useful skill but be very dependant on situation and also tie into what happened to the British at Jutland where rate of fire over rode correct safety procedure

    • Totally agree with you. It’s a real shame this didn’t happen.

    • ohoh oh… That would have been awesome! Use it but for an extended period you MORE vulnerable to getting detonated! (extra time represents every putting the powder away and basic un voiding the voided safety measure to have a high rate of fire… Kinda abstracted.. which is nothing new to WOWS)

  13. Still waiting for HMS Vanguard

  14. my oppinnion is why the hell are they pushing new stuff in when the game needs a besic fix done to be more playable and not so friking frustrating. after the fix they can start putting more new stuff in..

    • WG has killed WoT and are now focused on WoW’s…

    • not might be killing it for us EU and NA players but lets remember that RU and SEA are WG’s main money cows so what ever we say in NA and EU falls to deff ears..they only listen to the money in russia and asia..sadly

    • True….just equating killing with ruining the game…

  15. yeah, a BB with cruiser reload for a short time, like BBs need this to delete others ships. Bad power creep imho.

    • German Perez It’s just ONE FUCKIN SALVO PER USE and you have maximum of 4 of them every 2 minutes FFS!

  16. Should put it on a Des Moines.

    203s every 2.5 seconds. Yes please 😉

  17. Let’s not forget. At tier 6 – 80% of the time you’ll be Tier 8 and at Tier 8 – 90% of the time you’ll be Tier 10.
    The WG jerkovs hasn’t got a clue.

  18. I wouldn’t call this overly selfish, it can allow the BB to kill a target. Broadside ship is attacking your friendly, you can fire 2 salvos at it instead of one, it allows you to catch players unaware; or kit keeps them angled, and not using all their guns.

    Granted, I’d be buying the Jean Bart regardless, the reload boost should be nice lol.

    I’m hoping the Prinz is hinting at a dedicated BC line, it certainly looks like a BC.

  19. It is pronounced John Bart not Jean Bart.

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