World of Warships – New crazy battle mode

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Here is the new crazy battle mode where 16 players spawn in FFA mode (but you CAN form divisions) and have to battle each other and monsters for 1 of 4 keys. If you get the key you need to get to portal and you’re safe. If you don’t get the key or don’t make it on time you have to fight to the last man.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Still can’t see how this is fun, played 5, got bored.

  2. SurpriseBlue Viana

    The tactic are make a division and them aproach to a teamate and them and kill the ex-teamate…nice job WG in promote assoahole in this events…and this is not Halloween event.

    • I love these pirate games…and u can gain or lost trust from other players too… yea it might promote pirate life, but it promotes teamplay too. Almost to the point that you have to team up with others. I almost won in Arena, but then in the last 5 seconds I got rammed and almost got 1 shoted xd

    • Can you translate that please? Or did you intend to butcher the grammar?

    • @Richard Elbe welcome to internet, welcome to slang…mybe u lack comprehension skills bro … mybe my writing sux who knows

    • @Dualities He was talking to the OP. Notice, he didn’t have your name on the response. As you said, “welcome to internet”, lol.

    • @Richard Elbe se fala-se tão bem português como eu inglês até me daria ao trabalho…Sorry dude, inglish is not may first language, sorry for not be all good to you.

  3. I wish they would implement some game modes that lasted year long and were in standard battle. Like Arms Race. I feel they should’ve put that into standard battles with a smaller chance of getting it. Maybe something like protect the VP. Such as one Battleship will be buffed up and the teammates must protect it.

    Maybe make it something such as there being a point system. The people protecting the VP will have the more advanced ships. But the enemy team will have some tiers lower of a ship. While the enemy team can keep respawning. The defending team can’t. But the is a say a max point system of 100-150. Killing an attacker will give you -5. Something more in-depth such as a BB doing -15 CC – 10 – DD -5. But these ships are lower. There’s probably more finesse that could be done with this.

    Another idea is to make a special game mode. Where on the loading screen. It’s rare. But might ask one random person from the match if they want to be the Behemoth. So you will then load as the sole team member but will be in a fictional ship of epic proportion. So it becomes a 1v29 instead. Have the name be something like Behemoth or just Leviathan. Maybe make three different versions of these ships such as Behemoth, Leviathan, and Jörmungandr. But each ship will have its own flavor. Such as Jörmungandr having giant and powerful guns. Something like 800mm+. A lot of them. But shoots like a shotgun within a shotgun. Really inaccurate but relies on numbers. Secondaries being something like 406mm. Behemoth just being all about armor everywhere and super slow. Something with an added benefit of the wake of the ship doing minor damage to others but super hard to do anything. Leviathan being an in-between of sorts. The speed is a bit better than the others. But she doesn’t have any capital guns. It’s a ton of small caliber things. I do mean a ton. Something to make Atlanta blush about. Tons of 127mm or 130mm. Maybe even smaller and go down to 76mm. But it relies on moderate armor and speed mixed with insane rain of hell onto the enemies.

    I think something like the above one mentioned would be cool. Maybe make it like the game Evolve but cool. Where you can pick what capital ship you’d prefer if you ever got to be one. With something like an upgrade tree. But make the game mode super hard to come by. But don’t just lock it away behind a seasonal-wall.

    Something also cool would be a siege type game mode. Such as a harbor with an invading enemy team. Invaders are meant to escort landing craft and take out the ships. While also having to take out objectives. Something like an alt-history with a reinforced Normandy landing. Attack on Okinawa or so. Maybe a suicide raid on London with the point of causing as much damage as possible.

    I just think they need to look at putting something new into the game that is different and not seasonal.

  4. Played one time, got no key and ended up in octagon with division mate. Never occurred to us to turn on each other 😛

  5. “if I had a speed boost I could get in there”, well if you didn’t waste a minute not heading toward the portal you would have got there.

    • Exiting the portal gives a minor reward. Winning the octagon is what matters. I was tier 5 when the portal closed, and one guy was tier 8. He slaughtered all in the octagon.

      Morals – don’t bother with the portal, gain exp and win the octagon.

    • @Bogdan Leshenko both gave me 10k bits while exiting the portal is quicker, idk what u talking about unless you see the damage as reward for upgrading modules

  6. I did this event with a friend in 2 days :D, I will say that the game mode is cool, but only at the beginning, when people get a better upgrade and weapons, it will be poor, in conclusion, in my opinion, it pays to play this mode for e.g. camouflage on tier 8 or 9 or if you prefer money 75,000 -> 1000, if you have 100,000 points, you have 7,500,000 credits, it is not so little and it is relatively easy to collect these points

    • I agree, had 200k B after maxing both Valkyrie and Gale, did some more battles till I had 300k, got me a t9 camo and call it quit.
      Because this game mode became very boring very soon.
      But well, got a t9 camo 🙂

    • I earned 10 million credits in a day of free premium, just winning operations. And got exp for ships and captains too. This mode is a waste of time

  7. 11:24

    “Playing without teamates would be next-level impossible”

    i di it twice this morning, you just have to run away a lot like a scraming schoolgirl and let other players fight amongst themselves. Bonus, got the keys and escaped both times.

    • But if u avoid players, u get lesser score. I did this too, run away from people after i got the key and dont make as much

    • It’s a good tactic in a gale. Max reload boost (Y-key) to max. Sink the two initial monsters with your torp (one set for the 20k hp, 3 sets for the 90k hp) switch to full speed, get into the red cycles (sometimes you’ll need to sink two hummereye’s to get a key), then fall back, hide, get into the portal when the other 3 guys with keys already left and there’re (usually) two guys sitting there.
      Did it quit often solo.

  8. You could easily run through them into the portal; you gave up instead of getting close to portal, wait and getting into it as soon as it opens – that’s the main point of this tournament

    • no, the winning multipliers are based on current BattlePoints, so you want to at least cap out then leave. 3x for escaping with key and 2x for octo

  9. Little_old_Brit 71

    Billy no mates may enjoy this but I wont be playing this.

  10. This game mode gets tiresome and monotonous really quick.

    • The rewards are shit and it gains you nothing except another permanent camo of which lets be honest most of us have numerous. I could play over 2000 matches and not run out of bonus camo’s and you get so many from so many events perma camo’s don’t really add much anymore.

  11. a certain player friended me i healed him he got beside me unfriended me then killed me…epic well done WG

    • like doing that to other players lmao

    • You actually get a msg when a guy leaves your division, he’ll be right next to you and spam torps. Hit the shield button (if you have unlock it), his torps will make 0 dmg and he’s out of torps. Then see him run and gun him down 🙂

    • Might have been me.

      Were we the last 2 -3 people?

      I played honorably for the better part of 30 battles but that one betrayal sticks out the most…

    • You are not the only one. I divisioned someone with a key. He backstabed me and killed and he let the other division mate get my key. It hurts.

    • @anthony magari possibly who knows but in the end i trusted no1 and actually spoiled the game mode. thing is i messaged him after and he said he had to do it??? apparently me and some1 else had killed his original team buddy.

  12. Y’all gotta quit talking about HE only, literally play the gamemode a few times and you can choose AP

  13. Take Monkey, start at the same time and show them your division might. Worked for me and my friend. Just remember to start at the same time. Have fun and good luck.

  14. No credits, no free XP, no elite commander XP, and the prizes are so-so only. If the commanders had unique voice-overs, that would be something at least.

    Sucky event this year.

    • Very much this. The matches also run very samey, and some of the ships are broken op, so there’s very little option to play to your own strengths.

  15. Re-Class Battleship

    Ah, WG. “We have a problem with toxicity in the player base.”

    Also WG: “Let’s make an event that promotes toxicity in the player base and is generally tedious to play.”

  16. Saw your NA video for this. Huge help and managed to knock out 1.3mil dmg in one game. Pretty much done 1 morning and most of the way through the missions

  17. Poggers with a Hard R

    “Wait it’s all HE spam?”
    “Always has been.”
    *The ship is on fire!*

  18. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    This mode looks like its going to be new levels of toxic. Players randomly leaving and joining your team as it benefits them and effectively letting them grief you and cause accidental team damage? Great idea

  19. Looks like they’re testing out extended maps possibly

  20. “Where’s ma crown?” 💣💯

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