World of Warships – New Daring is even stronger

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After the IFHE rework, new Daring is now even stronger because it no longer needs IFHE (since it gives him basically nothing) it frees up 4 more points which you can use on RPF or BFT+PT or Torp rld+ PT. I personally went RPF because it’s too powerful skill to pass up on.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    When you gonna have that 18 pak TP giveaway?

  2. please change your captain build sheet, still states ifhe Daring, many thanks

  3. Franck Boyer - Photographe - Visites virtuelles

    very nice game, but you will have to modify an Excel table, a lot of work in perspective

  4. it’s all about the torps 😀

  5. Stronger until a CV shows up and you try to teamplay

  6. So Flambass took RPF instead of IFHE? Is there somewhere you can see all Flambass builds?

  7. in my opinion the best dd in the game, and what’s even more important, it’s fun to play

    • 100 percent the best t10 dd, the instasmokes and gunpower is too strong not to use. Only the pan euro dds are stronger with their guns but its whatever.

    • one of the best, shimmy and kleber are also beasts, gearing too, just depends on playstyle

    • @Omegawerewolfx don’t really like the Gearing, it is powerful but I dislike the smoke dynamic it has. For me that’s too long time for a DD to stay in one place, also Shima gas lackluster guns so not a fan of that either… don’t yet have the Kleber

    • Isokaze is cool.
      And Akatzuki is cool.

  8. Knowing every ship positive and negative does help in gameplay. In my case, I don’t have a slightest idea what, I am doing 😂.

    • Don’t worry, even people with over 10k battles sometimes don’t have a clue what they are doing

    • That’s why we watch Flambass, charging head first into enemy ships isn’t a strategy. I learned that watching him play, not to do that.

  9. Is this with Cunningham on Daring? Smaland has great torps though and sucks a bit at guns.

  10. Tier 1 captain skill: PM
    Tier 2 captain skill: LS, AR
    Tier 3 captain skill: SE, SI
    Tier 4 captain skill: CE RPF

    • Swap SI for BFT and that thing is a DPM monster.

    • Why don’t you post a game where you play Shimakaze in a Tier X CV game where the enemy CV is not a complete potato…games like this are rare but games like the one I mentioned, are more common…it will be interesting to see your tactics in a Shima in this CV rework, HE spam, radar shitshow

  11. wow this thing has smoke, hydro, fast guns and heal. well German DDs gonna suck more after this buff to daring

  12. My favorite ship in the game. I average over 100k in it just because it’s guns are so dang good

  13. You mean “Daring is even more OP”. Take the heals off and it will be balanced.

  14. Flambass + Daring …. is so cancer 🙂

  15. That was some fine agressive play, casually brought, damn you and keep serving it please.

  16. Using AP as daring was already powerful, but a lot of people ignored it due to IFHE spam. Now you can get other skills while still putting her other properties to real use. Thank you for the beautiful example.

  17. That shima did not have Die Papieren.

    Very satisfying DD play to watch Flambass, a real joy.

    I have to get it now too.

  18. Can we still say “best DD in the game” in this game? I prefer the terms “best victim of a game”.

  19. 999 , that was what the enemy said when they saw flambass coming for them.

  20. Guys i’m trying this configuration… is a bit more risky but a monster in DPM
    Tier 1 captain skill: PT, PM
    Tier 2 captain skill: LS, AR
    Tier 3 captain skill: SE, BFT, DE
    Tier 4 captain skill: CE

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