World of Warships – New Dawn

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Tactical discussion for the map New Dawn, we discuss different classes and how they should attack the map. The game in the background is the Arkansas Beta. We get a lot of great broadsides and provide a good example for the video. New Dawn is a really fun map, hope you enjoy the map as well. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV American Battleship Arkansas Beta Replay


  1. Great video Notser. Your personal tactics are excellent. I can’t help but
    think, though, that in this video, your team worked well as a unit which is
    contrary to most times when the team members just go off and do whatever
    they want to without any regard for the team as a whole. In cases like
    that, the win is very rare.

  2. I cant recall anyone else doing map tactics in this way.

    Top quality content here Notser.

  3. Love the tips and discussions, great vid again!

  4. Map tactics differ so much per game. What kind off ships u face and where
    do they go. There is no winning plan per match other than kill them all or
    cap more points. Maybe better to do ship tactics. Focus on strength and
    weakness of few ships tr5 and up. Where to hit them and where to avoid
    getting hit. which ammo type ect.

  5. Königsberg > Singleshots…

  6. Love the video. Minor correction though, this map is 3-7, as I’ve played in
    both Myoko and Nagato here. It’s rare, but possible.

  7. Good info. Keep them coming.

  8. That D_Pryde guy in chat acting morally superior than everyone else in the
    match “Why is everyone rushing, you will die” and “We’re gonna lose because
    you’re all going for the carrier” stuff is a sign of either a bad player,
    or a cocky good one. I can tell it was the former because of his 2nd to
    LAST on the scoreboard. I wouldn’t mind if he was bad and didn’t act
    all-knowing in chat, but the fact that he is criticizing the play style of
    others when he is hardly carrying his own weight. (This guy also has 26

    I’m sorry is this makes me sound like a butt, but it just really irks me
    when below average players try to get others to play better, granted, I’m
    only a slightly above average player, but I don’t accuse others of playing
    bad or messing up, unless I’m trying to give them friendly advice.

    Also sorry for the semi-toxic comment on your video Notser.

  9. You have a TON of good info in here for us Notser. May I suggest some type
    of textual bullets at the start and end of these type of videos? You
    touched upon the per class goals on the map – would be great to get those
    as text bullets, kind of gives it staying power in your mind’s eye. I was
    also thinking back to military training and acronyms… 🙂 Bet you could
    think of a few to sum up your approach at a very high level? Thanks Notser
    – all the best with channel growth!

  10. This is my favorite map. I guess it’s because there is quite a bit of
    cover, BUT only if you actively use it. You can lob shells over most
    islands unless the player you’re shooting at actually thinks about that
    possibility and moves to a spot where you can’t. The same islands that you
    can use to protect from torpedoes can be used for ambushes. It has a nice
    balance of terrain for all classes of ship, and all advantages and
    disadvantages are “handed out” mostly by skill. The only gripe I have is
    the large island up north that divides the upper right starting location in
    two. It’s too tall.

  11. Hah… I had never noticed the smiley face.

    Well, let me add to the weird objects in island formations. On Trap there
    is a giant wasp’s or mantis’ head. Lower left is the bottom, upper right is
    the top.

  12. Video was just the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you ever so much!

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty can’t even fight a tier 5…..

  14. How do you pull out that list on both sides of the screen??? I’ve trying to
    figure it out but just can’t. lol

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    I think video of all 4 class, not one specific class, chose.

  16. Andreas Petersson

    So tired, will watch this tomorrow after work. Take care Notser! :)

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    04:05 nah the carrier will do the all caping stuff

  18. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    Great Job, I’m always welcome to map tactics. Also it would be a good idea
    to cover basic tactics for each of the individual battle types. It’s
    amazing how many people don’t realize they don’t have to advance on both
    sides of the map for encounter, or that they don’t have to split themselves
    up on two sides of the map for domination. Likewise very few battleships
    want to enter the cap in the one with the very large single cap (can’t
    think of name atm).

  19. One thing worth mentioning on standard battles, if you go on a flank and
    attack, don’t turn around when you start taking damage. If your fleet
    outnumbers their’s, push through. Otherwise, turn back and defend because
    the clock is ticking. I see flanks stall out all the time because 2-3 enemy
    ships are holding off 6-7 friendlies.

  20. Nice video.
    And damn that Konig. I hate it when they use that slowdown technic.

  21. do ocean next

  22. I agree I wish more players would play the objectives or as a team and stop
    worrying about personal stats.

  23. I really need a Fault Line tutorial. I struggle on that map especially with

    And yeah, nice “clicking to select bombers” :D

  24. Hey Notser 🙂 long time no hear …….Great idea about map tactics series,
    this should limit some of the frustration we get although with NOOBS its
    just hit and miss where they go, still getting DDs and CAs firing off torps
    in front of allied players so where they will head for is really just a
    lottery. Lovin your game tactics though and they are virtually the same on
    the EU server for this map except the BBs on EU seem to think they should
    never be within 10 miles of the front of an attack or push (they are
    special snipers who only have armour and hit points because of other
    special snipers) …….:/ ………its a hopeless task trying to explain
    to them that camping is an epic fail and they seem to love to burn down 1
    mile forward from their spawn point at the end. I do hope this meta
    changes but its the same even in tier 10.Keep up the good work and hope to
    chat soon 🙂 lovin the RU CAs btw :)

  25. I’m really looking forward to a map strategy series especially with regards
    to ship class. This the least understood aspect of the game that is only
    second to RNG for deciding outcomes.

  26. gj gg!!!

  27. great videos, love the content.

  28. bad game.
    all those mods are too much.
    you can see who is using aimassist

  29. da arrows

  30. New Dawn is till tier VII
    I like it that you’re doing this kind of series. :)

  31. WoWs Map Analysis has been needed for a while. I would add one mistake I
    see A Lot on New Dawn is the team splitting its big ship as they race for
    the north west and south east corners of the map leaving the middle wide

  32. Whats the difference between the stock Wyoming and Arkansas Beta? I can’t
    seem to find a big visual difference, but I’m curious as to what she does
    better then the Wyoming?

  33. Excellent! This is going to be a great series.

  34. Andhika nur Aulia

    Probably my favorite map since i’ve got lots of enjoyable games here (and
    for IGN reason), followed by Two Brothers. From north spawn I prefer to go
    to A and from south spawn I go to C, since I don’t really like going
    through that gap at 3-4 and 7-8 unless i’m a destroyer. It feels like there
    is too little space to maneuver or maybe falling back if things didn’t go

    It seems that some people mentions big race and not ocean. I wonder why

  35. hi notser,love your channel.can you please tell me what recording software
    do you use for youtube and what video editing software you use.thankyou

  36. notser what kind of monster graphics card do u have? nice video in this map
    iam doing the exactly same thing

  37. Nice vid. Keep it up.

  38. not b i go there i die every time

  39. Pretty much exactly how I played it and would try to explain to my teams,
    usually to little effect or a load of [][] [][][]][]][][] [][] as I’m on
    Asia where box is a language.
    Astounding how people can’t grasp the basic principles, especially on
    Nice vid; funny watching you try to aim your AA…and realise you’re in the
    Ark and it doesn’t have any, lol.

  40. ive sold the crapsansas beta long ago, this ship is a joke

  41. Ultimate Shifter

    Do Ocean as a Destroyer. Please

  42. Can’t wait for you to do a video on Big Race. I hate that map with passion
    and I think I’m not alone in thinking that. Would love to see how you play
    on that map

  43. thx for the vid, new dawn is up to Tier VII

  44. The smiley face map. I love that map.

  45. Wow… none of the enemy CV attack Ark Beta(Notser)? That make me cringes

    I love the new dawn map, its the best map I must say and the worst map is
    either Solomon Island or Big Race.

  46. i like the direction you’re taking Notser, professional and consistent,
    good luck with your channel now you have a press account and are a big shot

  47. funny Notser:: been a long time but if I remember correctly the Ark Beta
    has a Zero rating for AA capability.
    I saw U kept trying to designate the airplanes to shoot down

  48. BakingPowder Liew

    6:32 “Oh friendly torpedo bombers are in trouble ,i gotta select the enemy
    fighter as primary target of my AA guns , oh wait Arkansas Beta has no AA

  49. Hollweck Balázs

    Great vid master Notser!

  50. beware Notser is seal clubbing low tiers :P

  51. Hey Notser, what do you use to record?

  52. great! the smiley map :D

  53. hello notser :)

  54. 9:03 and 30 views already. amazing notser. you’re moving up in the world
    lol. congrats!

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