World of warships – New Duke of York (WiP)

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  1. Heal and Hydro? mmmmmmm looking tempting….

  2. GG! And video when I was little Fiji inside smoke 2 day ago and shooting you only torps and with secondaries for not be spotted under 5km and u died? But your team won.

  3. “open a window its kinda hot “… i hate u its snowy rainy cold here xD

  4. so boring now 🙁

  5. nelson should be t7 normal and this should be t8 but since nelson is a premium they made the paper monarch and this is so stupid nerfed …. normaly this ship was amazing in rl with good amor and they nerf it to t7 wtf xD just make this t8 and its nice

  6. Russia dont like gay people XD

  7. So WG went full HANS?

  8. wtf if that fuso had 1 braincell and used ap… some guys -.-

  9. 11/10 would intro again

  10. They could try to give it radar, maybe weak like salem, but would be a nicer gimmick than non-uberalles hydro what do you think? I like that they gave it heal, but I’m curious, what thickness plating did it have in the cruiser-mode iteration?

  11. and as i said in your stream it id fucking gay now

  12. 5 mins is enough its like watching jack black play wows no thanks…

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