World of Warships || New EU record in Fletcher – 333k damage

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I didn’t expect it to be a new EU record on damage dealt to the enemies by T9 Fletcher, US destroyer… but here it is… 333k damage; only Witherer and High Caliber achievements, but I will take it – enjoy! 😉


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  1. pure dmg and smart plays

    • Panzerknacker May have played well but should have died alot earlier. That Baltimore should have radar’d him way back near A when he was the Baltimore was spotted the first time. All of this could have been avoided

  2. I feel so bad for him not getting any kill

  3. Yamoto is the best battleship ever for me.

  4. I am a bit tired of the Fletcher. There are for sure more other ships too.

  5. nicely done!

  6. Well done!!

  7. What’s Is music of end video

  8. well done, but he didnt get any kill, that’s why his gain is so danm low… danm WG… so if someone kills 10 guys with 100 HP he gains more than the guy who bleeded the 10 guys.

    Yep… nicely done WG… nicely done.

    • Which gain was low? He’s top on the team, made some nice credits and exp (especially captain exp… 30k is always spicy)
      Besides, he only did real damage to BBs. If some of that dmg was done to DDs or cruisers (i know that he did some on the Baltimore), he would get way more base exp.
      And no, someone with 10 kills and 1k dmg would never get more exp than him, since exp is given by percentage, not only the last shot.

    • DrokoTTK Last replay, Midway, he did 250k more or less, kraken unleashed, he gained 1million…

      kills matter, more than damage.

    • Signals and camos (especially T10 premium camo) with credit multipliers are a thing, you know? And that Midway got more dmg, more base exp, way more achievs and a lot of planes. And mainly, he did dmg to all kinds of ships, even killing dds and the enemy cv. Farming dmg on BBs can get you big numbers like this Fletcher game, but damaging more important ships will give you more rewards.
      And don’t forget that CVs have pretty shitty economy compared with any other class, so you really need a monster game to have the same level of rewards other ships get.

  9. most selfish play i have seen for long guy didnt even kill and his team almost lost lol smoke only for himself well if that how you promote team play congratz

    • That is the reason why is did not make many xp 😉 but at least he was a constant threat for the red team in A, so they could not be entirely focus on the green team 🙂

    • Why play supportive if your teammates can’t even handle an even playing field? He did what he had to to win. Did you even see how long that Baltimore lived while sat next to a Yamato who only managed 2k base xp with 4 kills?

  10. Not Willium D.Porter. In many game that I see.

  11. I got more dmg in my Fletcher on EU. 🙂 Could show you a screen but you also can check it. I got 333879 dmg, it’s just a little bit more, but it is more! 😛

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