World Of Warships NEW – FLYING PANCAKES & Haunted Aircraft Carrier!

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World Of Warships NEW – FLYING PANCAKES & Haunted Aircraft Carrier!

World Of Warships – Eerie Events: Rise of the Phantom Fortress News –

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  1. With the thumbnail I almost read World of Warplanes.

  2. how you get premium money

  3. You got 5 years of premium account… nice =D

  4. Może troche po polsku porozmawiasz ?

  5. Matthew Bainbridge

    +phlydaily I really like the intro to world of warships.

  6. Love the intro

  7. hey phly can u tell me what’s music in u intro thank bro :)

  8. Keep making wow video’s i love them!!! Your amazing !!

  9. Phly buddy, next time you take this ship out, use its guns. It has crazy
    firepower under 10km.

  10. flying pancake is best pancake

  11. Hey Phly, I enjoy literally everything you do. Highlights are watching your
    daily videos.

  12. Draw lol

  13. He phly the flying pancakes or how you call them are the american second ww
    vertical take off planes that never were build

  14. I was kind of dissapointed to see that the flying pancake was chosen as the
    dive bomber, seeing as it was intended to be a fighter. Also it’s STOVL
    Short Take Off Vertical landing. Or STOL Short Take Off and Landing. Good
    video though.

  15. I think this is my favorite video so far ??? I love seeing those
    airplanes lol, Phly you should do more aircraft carrier videos ??

  16. lol look at the little ship model where the health is it says V the Phantom
    fill in the blanks MGS V The Phantom Pain XD

  17. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    video wont load for me infinite buffering

  18. 1:07 later (top left) oh shit a skeleton

  19. What is the intro song (for his WT vids too).

  20. The front of the fighters remind me of f80s did anyone’s else think that or
    was it just me

  21. 10 hours later has 1619 more subs aprox YAY


  23. New subscriber. subbed just because of the intro animation.

  24. +PhlyDaily hey can u play space engineers and showcase my ship that’s on
    the steam workshop it called the R-34 Eagle mk 2 and my steam name is
    English drunk check it out please!

  25. The captains name! Matthew Riely…. one of my favourite authors
    Check him out Phly!

  26. You really are one of my favourite YouTubers! Keep up the great work!

  27. Thanks for the vids phly, always fun to watch, any idea when war thunder
    ships is coming?

  28. I was hoping the carrier would launch witches on broomsticks and drop
    flaming jake-o-lanterns on ships.

  29. if one youre pancake,s are shot down always use the pancale mix

  30. wait, the pancakes are have jets and prodps?

  31. 12:15….

  32. Phly your awesome

  33. thank you for geting me in to warthuder phly you got me in to the thanking

  34. Yo Phly I just gotta say: this shit be dank. Keep doin you man.

  35. Ayo Phly you’re da man

  36. Spooky^*

  37. coolest intro ever

  38. Honestly Phly Ive watched your videos everyday for like a couple months now
    and you are the only Youtuber out of the the PowerHaus that I actually like
    and watch. So keep up the good work and play the Achilles more and in a
    battle this time. ✌ Bruh

    (Btw Piper makes the videos even better)

  39. Baggings Truetoyou


  40. Fernando G. Ramirez.

    Hey phly, thanks a lot for your videos, they’re very entertaining,
    specially when I’m waiting at the airports or when I’m with nothing to do,
    I get to laugh at your antics. Thanks and a lot of good wishes for you and
    Laura, I hope I could get the experience of flying with you on the right

  41. Finally!!! The v-173!!!

  42. How do u get the haunted aircraft carrier? Im guessing u need the halloween
    update, but it hazent come to the asia server.

  43. Phlydaily I love your vids, Piper always cracks me up in how he annoys you!
    Keep up good work, Phlydaily! ??? Sorry if english isnt good I’m from
    Japan and I’m having my little bro who studies english help me write this

  44. Phly your awesome love your vids!

  45. play more Carrier’s plez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. XP-67 would be an AWESOME plane to add in War Thunder! Imagine how
    devastating those 6 37mm would be! Definitely should be a Tier Iv plane
    with like 6 BR.

  47. Hey Phly, I love the vids and look forward to watching them every day. Have
    you ever thought of playing World of Tanks? Anyways, its a fun game and its
    totally up to you. I love the content and keep it up bub… Thanks,

  48. gratz on 180k, I find you are one of the funniest youtubers out there, and
    your videos really help me relax and laugh, so thank you phly, thank you 😛

    and yes, we all love the pancakes :P

  49. Awesome!!!

  50. Are you ever gonna play with devildoggamer?

  51. EU community team su k compared to NA.

  52. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    4:56 hahahahahahahah WAS THAT INTENTIONAL?! hahahah that was too funny!

  53. I love your videos phly spooky spooky skeletons

  54. Remember when Phly actually flew planes?

  55. love the intro

  56. Saw the picture of the plane and had to watch just because of it. Cool to
    see the first attempt at vertical take off out in the game

  57. I see why u hate carriers lol it seems like boring gameplay

  58. The fantastic phlying phantom flapjax!

  59. friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied dairyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  60. Hey what did you do to get a confederate medal?

  61. Why did I watch this video while eating pancakes?

  62. Phly,

    Dank you so much 5 your vids. Keep nosc0ping them n00bz and praise RNGsus.
    Keep it up!

  63. Your videos bring me joy after a long day of school

  64. You honestly have the best intro on all of YouTube. It’s sick

  65. I love you Phly….#nohomo #possiblylying hahaha

  66. Congratulations Phly! You deserve every single sub and many more to come!
    Keep up the good work! Many thanks form one of your many subscribers.


  67. you should phly the flying dildo yak 17

  68. Phly, you and baron are the reason I play war thunder. Thanks for all the
    tips and tricks.

  69. Phly! Y u no Matt Damon?? :<<<

  70. Now you have long does it take to answer your subscribers
    questions? My old tick turd

  71. Phly you suck I hate you…jk keep up the good work :D

  72. *meow*

  73. Your cats meow added to the Halloween theme of this video. Anyone else

  74. KingTiger_109 at 5:15 “We have a boss ship”
    died laughing. R.I.P. 1997-2015

  75. lol ur cat is yelling at u

  76. I want pancakes who wants some

  77. Can you and Baron take the sword fish and torpedoe an aircraft carrier
    please for the next gameplay

  78. dude belive or not im coming up every day with ur vids 🙂 checkin it every
    sec for new clip jus awsome!!!!!!!!!!! blasTT

  79. wouldn’t that be like a world of warplanes or warthunder thing


  81. AirProduction - Airbajan

    I though it got canceled by the Navy

  82. Phly what’s your intro from? Epic

  83. Yesterday I got bullied like all hell and I came home in tears. I decided
    to watch some videos and I saw ur video of the Halloween destroyer and at
    the end of ur vid I was smiling again. Thank you so much for making my day!
    I think you are the BEST YOUTUBER EVER!!
    (War thunder user:) -DaFlyingSnek

  84. intro song name pls?

  85. Gratz on all the subscribers mate, also stop posting cool shit as I’m going
    to bed!!

  86. so if I am correct this is a tutorial on how to make pancakes?

  87. no spooky skelington music? 🙁
    Anyways stay classy phly! Hope you go big, you deserve it!
    Also 1 question do you say dankyou instead of thankyou and why is that?

    Edit: The Bismarck wanst sunk it was scuttled by its crew. There this
    guarantees a reply :D

  88. The intro is amazing!

  89. spooky scary bombs send HE down your spine

  90. Hey, Phly, keep being that awesome, loud, weirdo that we all love!

  91. That flying pancake looks beautiful. Shame it was feeding the enemy.

  92. Thanks for all the likes and support guys! Holy cow this video is blowing
    up 🙂 Seems we like pancakes!

  93. Don’t mind me, just a nice comment coming through.
    <3 you Phleh

  94. hai piper! … keep doing what you do

  95. Still a better love story than World of Warplanes

  96. You are my favorite youtuber phly! Keep up the good work

  97. Drive the SU-122 JUST DO IT FOR STALIN

  98. Piper is so cute in the backround ;)

  99. Damn! I thought for a moment the Pancake was coming to War Thunder :(

  100. wohoo 180k 😀 don’t know how many you had when I joined you’ve come far,
    congrats buddy! 200k soon ;)

  101. i have a model of that same ship but different camo sitting on my shelf

  102. Flying pancakes vs Luftwaffle

  103. Insert nice comment

  104. What’s the intro song?

  105. it is painful watching phly play carriers

  106. Congrats on all those subscribers Phly, keep it up bro! Much love.

  107. Tate “Hyplexium” Jordan

    How do you get these Halloween ships?

  108. anytime phly I love you videos and we all support your YouTube channel we
    love you phly

  109. this was a really fun match to watch

  110. Yutyrannus Dinosaur

    How do you get this ship?

  111. A FLIPPING PANCAKE!!!! (See what I did there)

  112. Hey man, great video today 🙂 I know you already mentioned loads of these
    types of comments in the video but your videos for me genuinely help me
    through the day… Your upbeat positive personality really helps cheer me
    up when I’m down so keep the content up man!

  113. your intro gives me life

  114. War thunder would be so much better if we had the XF5U. I would even get it
    if it’s a premium

  115. The XF5U! my favorite aircraft!

    I don’t care if it never flew, the design is so amazing XD

  116. angry_mike_riley_26

    kicken ass phlysexy

  117. phlydaily, your videos are awesome and they help me play better

  118. Step 2, get war thunder to make them.

  119. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    I’ve got to read up on this pancake… Didn’t even know it exsisted until
    watching this video :)

  120. I just want you to know, I don’t subscribe because you ignore your cat/kick
    them out. Life is more important than your petty time.

  121. phly i have to say
    your the only youtuber that i watch every day for all most 4 mounths

  122. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    Good greating from Germany Phly <3

  123. Love you vids that are the best

  124. Go phly!

  125. You’re welcome boo <3

  126. Holy shit that opening I just…

  127. Massive congrats phly!!!! been here since the start dude, when there was
    massive massive hype for 50 viewers on twich lol, name is Clarkeus on
    twitch (too famous to remember me now 😛 ), you deserve it, still a scrub
    though :)

  128. That intro still dope as ever

  129. Matthew Riley as the Cap? Boy he has the same surname as me!

  130. Phly I just want you to know in your honor I am going to be a
    slav/tracksuit wearing fuck, for halloween!

  131. giulio “giubbi” prex

    what is this!!!!! ahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

  132. All your videos are great I never saw someone who’s actually being yourself

  133. How do you get this Halloween theme

  134. Still love your intro dude!!

  135. Phly keep up the good work man. You and Sidestrafe and DDG put up some top
    notch quality videos my dude!

  136. that intro gets me every time lol

  137. Only can u fly out the bf109 g16

  138. Nice video Phly!!
    Question: Do you also think that wargaming should make an Ark Royal
    (Carrier) for WoWs?

    Greets from Holland

  139. because of this aircraft ,now i want to eat pancakes and play wow

  140. Love your vids phly:) they get me through college life after a stressful
    day. Glad to support you sir:)

  141. I love that when I have time to watch videos, I have a backlog of your
    videos. “Oh crap, he posts a lot” is a great problem to have when I enjoy a
    YouTube channel! And you got me into War Thunder too. Many excites for
    games to play! Thanks for being positive and thorough!

  142. Phly, did you know there is a T-34-85 in GTA5?

  143. I want Pancakes now o3o

  144. they were highly successful during testing but ended up being scraped
    because they were introduced close to jet engines making them outdated in
    the officials eyes

  145. It’s weird that he’s the only one that has made a video of the Brit Tanks.


  147. nice vid, cant wait till the Halloween event comes out in eu servers

  148. look at phly counting the planes when it clearly says how many per squad
    are on the HUD =P

  149. (Insert generic happy comment)

  150. wat….is that ..?

  151. Is it free to play or do u have to buy it?

  152. diese nüsse.

  153. You actually cheered me up after a bad day here. Thanks :)

  154. so when can i do this shit, becuz-becuz i wanna do-o-o-o-oo–o it

  155. hey phly

  156. 180,000 stream… **** I mean sub hyyyyppeee!!!!

  157. that intro tho Kreygasm

  158. when is war thunder 1.53 coming phly. any inside info hmmmmm?

  159. Open’s up YouTube.
    Sees ‘Flying pancakes’
    Clicks video.

  160. pancake planes and 20mm maple syrup launchers… The Canadians are coming

  161. your welcome

  162. Phly it’s driving me crazy: When your rounds fall on either side of a ship
    they’re STRADDLING it, not SPLICING it. You splice a piece of rope
    together. Ships straddle each other when they’re shooting and missing.

  163. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    Piper needs to take out some bats!

  164. Love your videos man! By the way, How do I get a Account like you do to
    review all the ships?

  165. LlamaDontNeedNoDrama

    Yo phly you really do make my day!!!! <3

  166. I’ve been waiting since The Salom Witch for this! Always looking forward
    for your vids Phly

  167. MEEEOW

  168. Good job, comrade.

  169. Phly, can you please fly out the PO-2? we all know it is 2 OP and that it
    needs nerfing.

  170. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Will we at least get the Halloween background theme?

  171. They actually implemented the flying pancake. I never thought I would
    actually see that thing in a game or any other mainstream media, ever.

  172. 3rd… Funny video as always.

  173. Where can I send my epic replay?

  174. first

  175. fake and gay

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