World of Warships New Game Modes ARE Coming

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New game modes are inbound for testing. Four to be exact, including a PUBG type game mode. This is what we know, per the Warships Developers Blog, which you should follow. Also, I want to know what you think. Leave your opinion in the comments and the best comment, picked by me, wins a CCT (Super) Crate.


  1. Oh god the Battle Royal virus. I am not looking forward to this.

    • Ok, explain it to me? I thought it was similar to a last man standing with an ever shrinking play area. What did I miss?

    • Battle Royale is primarily a game mode where everyone starts at the bottom(functionally with nothing, or with the bare minimum), and then has to progress(or search) to get better stuff…

      A shrinking play area is not exclusive to battle royale… And its existed since long before Battle Royale was even a thing(I believe one of the first instances of ‘Battle Royale’ was in Call of Duty 4 back in ’07, but I’m not positive)

      Either way… A shrinking play area doesn’t make something battle royale… If we all started off as little tier 8 New Orleans, and then had to run around the map to pick up and upgrade to tier 9 and 10 ships during the battle, that’d be battle royale… NOT this.

    • TheSkiingJeep ok fair enough. In my opinion it is like a battle royale given the striking similarity to the already well known mechanics. Pendant away.

    • You know that its going to be mostly american and russian dds

    • yeah, I’m not too hyped for it either. I do hope I can disable the game mode in searches. if not then I’ll probably just try to get it over with ASAP. =s

  2. In any PVP mode, I dont want to take damage from another source than players. This exclude some fresh game modes from temporary events.

  3. Rename the game as Port-nite? …. I’ll get my coat…

    • what are they gonna do, drop ships from a Hercules plane using parachutes and ships find random turrets lying around the map like a yamato gun in like the center and everyone is like a CL.

  4. I hope we can choose NOT to play these modes. 2&3 sound rubbish.

  5. Raymond van Rijn

    Oh no, i really don’t like the ‘fortnite’ game mode, it’s crazy when you get damaged outside a capture zone, the other ones I like though, especially if the capture zones would be random

  6. André Las Casas

    They should enable us to choose the game mode we want to play. If they just throw it on random and force us to play these, it will be just like ring, everybody hates it.

    • speaking of enabling… where is my save last replay battle button? 😀 😀

    • The problem with this is that except for weekends there are only so many players online waiting in the queue and they can wait minutes already as it is. If you start to split that group up into each seperate game mode queue you will multiply the waiting time because so may fewer players will be waiting for each mode. Players will have to wait much longer and many will get bored or frustrated and start to leave.

    • André Las Casas I’d be less fond of picking specific game modes as you could min/max for specific things.

      Shrinking play box sees only BBs. Fort destruction is all about the DD etc. If it is random you cannot tailor your ship to the game mode

  7. I’m open to try anything new. I’ve been playing since closed beta and I wouldn’t mind seeing some challenging new wrinkles to the game. That being said, the space camos in regular games are a little off-putting though I had no problem with the Arpeggio ships. Still, I think WG should let us opt in or out of certain battle types like WOT does. They will never please everybody so that option would enable them to avoid “forcing” players into battle types they don’t like. See you in battle, Iron_Pooka .

    • You do know you can just turn off the anime and space stuff right?

    • sephirothdawn2. I can opt out of SEEING enemy space camo ???

    • There is a gear symbol around the port slot settings, bottom right corner for me but I think carousel mod moved it. Not sure where it would be on vanilla game, anyway click that and uncheck anything you don’t want to see and the ships will appear as the normal version.

  8. Maybe have a way to opt out of modes you’re not interested in?

  9. The pubg mode sounds very unfair to cruisers. Wouldn’t it also drive ships to hide as long as possible to save hit points? If you are low on hit points because you were involved in the game already, you’re choices later are to charge to your death (I.e. Suicide, which everyone already hates to see now) or die a little slower via mystery disease. Again, a cruiser will suffer in a game mode intended to influence battleships. Needs work. There *are* game styles in between “camp in back” and “charge to your doom”. This mode forces the latter to punish the former.

  10. A couple of these modes might be good for specific events, similar to the Space Battles event, not so much for regular game play of PvP.

  11. Would be nice to have a faction battle like USA ships vs Germany ships or allies vs axes

  12. I am a bit worried about Mode 2, it is bad for cruisers in general and even worser for those without torpedoes. Mode 3 seems fun but like operations I am worried it will be a bit complicated for many players to understand, that and the fact that AI bots can come with a lot of glitches whilst interacting with player ships. As for mode 4, I dont see it introduced too much of a gameplay change except since no team get caps in the beginning the average game duration will increase a bit.

  13. Cap'n Black Jack Honour

    The PUBG version should be all one class per round. Otherwise cruisers and cvs are getting free colonoscopies. I can’t see it being workable unless it’s all One class during it out. I understand the want of “new”, but I’d prefer some new maps, designed with the knowledge accrued from all the ones currently in game.
    Your mileage may vary.

    • Mike Kraner-Henthorn

      it might work better if only BBs took damage and the rest just didn’t heal.

    • The only class I could see getting an exemption from taking damage would be CVs. Punishing BBs and no one else is a little too extreme imo.

  14. as I wrote under you original game mode video, the ones similar to your suggestions are total garbage. the only one I like is the last one … they should be working on a game mode that copies Frontline from WoT ….

  15. The last one sounds intriguing… I’m glad they’re testing these; but I suspect once they are tested, you’ll never see most of them again outside of PvE.

  16. I hope WG removes “epicenter” game mode when they add one or all of these new modes. Also, they should let you chose which game modes we want to play.

  17. not excited about any of them really. wot does crap like this for some special event, but seems like after you play it a few times it is boring and messes with your builds and skills you have worked so hard to evolve. i hope they dont f this game up like they did with tanks.

  18. Wild_Lee Coyote

    I think it would be awesome to do a mode like Frontline in WoT. Have 30 on 30 gameplay on tier 8 only. 9 huge map sections and you fight over control of them. One team assaults and has capture point in each of three zones. Once captured it adds time to a count down timer. The object is to destroy 3 of the 5 objectives on the far end of the map if you are the attacker. If you are the defender you try and stall the attackers long enough for the countdown timer runs out. Oh and you also get respawn ship every 3 min. It’s a very fun game mode and I can easily see it working for Warships as well.

  19. jurassicparkman1991

    Hell no .

  20. Wargaming presents: World of Fortnite: Battle Royale

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