World Of Warships – NEW GERMAN Tier 10 CRUISER – HINDENBURG Gameplay

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World Of Warships – NEW GERMAN Tier 10 – HINDENBURG Gameplay

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  1. Des Moine too OP.

  2. Heh… 27k HE damage with 100 hits. Thats around how much 127mm US DD guns
    do :/ I love the travel time and arc on those shells, but the damage…

  3. People are recommending AP because the German cruisers have horrible HE
    damage stats and horrible chance to set fires. But their shells are high
    velocity. So those things combined seem like Wargaming is trying to
    insensitivize people to use AP with this ship line.

  4. found the guns very underwhelming

  5. The people telling you to fire AP at BBs are referring to the plunging fire
    effect at those long ranges.

  6. the “Deutsland” class is not a cruiser ! … its a “pocket-battleship” !
    … so it will be in the BB line (or premium)

  7. is bismarck in the game?

  8. looks like the Hindenburg will not threaten the place of Zao

  9. looks like the Hindenburg will not threaten the place of Zao

  10. Heh. It’s funny cause my shih-tzu’s name is Bandit. :)

  11. I’m fucking sick and tired of these Tyler Oakley commercials always popping
    up. It’s fucking annoying. That guy is annoying. If he was on fire, I’d put
    the flames out by stabbing him in the eye with a fork….That’s how much I
    like him. -_-

  12. mark 2 or something

  13. play warthunder and use spitfire

  14. LOL Yorck, Roon, and Hindenberg, totally made up.


  16. That intro will never cease to make people wet

  17. keeper “k33per13013” voss

    ure intro is soooo fucking epic

  18. Phly The “Hindenburg” is the H-39

  19. That’s not a wirbelwind dude, it’s called Flakvierling 38

  20. Why no scharnhorst :(

  21. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    Actually the 105 mm were mainly AA, and secondary surface at close range.

  22. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    It is hell being the Alpha male in these games, I frequently get killed
    first, but I usually take down 2 or 3 with me, or make so much damage that
    it is easy for my team mates to come in behind me and finish them.

  23. Phly! I’ve seem your last couple streams. What would you think if ships’
    draft got higher in the water as they shot their ammo and got lighter,
    giving slightly easier citadel hits, adding another dimension to the game?

  24. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    The name Hindenberg was the name of the Hydrogen filled Skyship that burned
    up in New York city in the famous news reel. It was also being reserved for
    an H class Battleship. Thanks Wargaming. I hope You put the Deutchland
    class, the P class Armored cruiser and, the O class Battle cruiser in the
    game somewhere.

  25. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    The only problem I have with the German Cruisers is that Tier 9, and 10
    are Fantasy ships designed by 3D artists. They are being passed off as
    paper ships that Germany designed. They are not. They are made up ships to
    balance the game. I am looking forward to playing these ships, but I hate
    that they are being passed off as having been real German designs.


  27. why do you always apologize when you say Japanise things but never when you
    say German words ?

  28. wait this is a cruiser i thought it was a battleship

  29. shridhar dronamraju

    lol ur fucking

  30. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Oh the humanity

  31. Lol @ the Hindenburg being a fire starter, oh the irony, oh the humanity XD

  32. cant wait for german cruisers.. and if any of u happen to get one what song
    would you play while fighting in it?

  33. what’s a citadel?

  34. Can’t wait for you to post Star Wars battlefront 3 it looks amazing so far

  35. A cruiser with torpedoes and repair ability?¿
    Nazis, what have you DONE!

  36. can you do more war thunder bomber wars? they are awesome

  37. 😮 I never noticed! The tirpitz is in your intro right?

  38. u n baron with the pull out game lol!!!

  39. I hope they add the Bismark

  40. why playing with stock hindenburg… and get those 22k upgrades

  41. SwimDaily

  42. St. Louis of Germany

  43. Of course, facist German must have produced inferior guns that the glorious

  44. Why didn’t you has the torpedus?

  45. I’m really happy that they are adding these cruisers but what I’m really
    hyped about is German BBs. I would live to captain a Scharnhorst.

  46. I was surprised by this one, I figured Hindenburg would be the Kreuzer P
    design (paper ship that was basically a Deutschland with better secondaries
    and much better speed and armor). Not familiar with a German heavy cruiser
    design with four triple 8-inch turrets.

    I’m all for paper ships when there’s no actually-built ship that fits the
    tier, but flat-out fictional designs seem like totally the wrong way to go.

  47. Do more TOP FIVES Phly!

  48. hijms yamato musashi

    Huh thought Hindenburg was the nameship of the H-39 battleship.

  49. werent german guns some of the best? really sucks seeing them underperform
    like that.

  50. all respect for showing us you sucking the bag man, nice to have another
    human being around

  51. When are you going to post some warthunder, you haven’t posted any for a
    few days

  52. Damn this ship feels like a Tier VI or VII not X at all.. gonna need some
    buffs huh.

  53. Looks like it’s not that bad, it’s just not a german ship but a mere
    russian fantasy. How I’m supposed to identify with such a thing?

  54. It’s been known for awhile that the German cruisers will have garbage HE.
    You completely missed the fact that 10.8 seconds for a 17.8km shot is
    absolutely fantastic muzzle velocity, on a ship that is very agile with
    great turret traverse compared to it’s peers. Honestly I’d expect less of a
    buff to it’s HE, and more a nerf to other nation’s HE rounds right now.


  56. my name is hans so when he said load the gunzzzz hans i was was lile dafuq?

  57. This game might die quickly like wowp

  58. Uh Fly
    2 inch guns are 5 cm not 20mm

  59. The des moines has 76mm aa guns phly, they are the biggest aa only guns in
    wows so far! :D

  60. Deutschland had 6 11″ guns in two turrets however it was considered a
    pocket battleship that is why it is not included

  61. Probably need to play with its torpedoes if the guns are meh.

  62. why do they have to make everything else then America and Japan premium?

  63. 14:30 Oh the humanity!

  64. Next time you shave, send me the hair so i can knit a phly blanket to keep
    me warm at night

  65. didnt show concealment range…
    you didnt use Torps..
    didnt use your plane for longer sights..

  66. We’re is the Bismarck

  67. WOW, they like you…Ships on other side…not shooting your team, AIMING
    across map, to hit you..

  68. Anybody know when the Asia servers will release these ships? I wanna run
    the Hipper

  69. Is the Russian battleship out yet? The Imperator Nikolai?

  70. I just love hans zimmer- time so much

  71. I was really hoping the German cruises where going to be the battle cruiser
    line. Bigger guns but longer reload

  72. Hi Phly, i think they changed the Mechanics for He an AP a liitle bit.
    For good AP dmg you need to hit very well a not angled Ship directly into
    the hull like as before,but i think the dmg you will mostly do is
    signifintly reduced when you dont get really good Hits.
    And for HE i think you do only good dmg when the Modules on the Ship are
    When they are destroyed you dont get good amounts of dmg from HE anymore.
    Had the same Problems with Atago;New Orleans etc.
    It seems they nefred Cruiser dmg with AP and HE dmg for some Reason.
    But maybe my feelings about that are totally wrong (atleast i hope so,cause
    otherwise you need to hit BB´s with 203mm guns and AP Ammo right in the
    hull to do dmg and not shooting HE,hoping for a Fire and do most of the
    time close to no dmg when all modules are broken.

    Hope my English wasnt to bad, i´m out of school a very long time xD
    Greetings from Germany.
    Luv the Vids and your Honourable funny Jokes and shittalking with Baron and
    So keep up the good work

  73. I think the gameplauy in WOW is getting worse when the ships have higher
    Tiers…its moore of artillery lobbong shots at eachother as soon as
    someone is spotted due to the long range of the guns.

  74. I saw a grenvy today.

  75. i fear the germans will get hit by the nerfbat quite often after initial
    and please phly..shoot friggin AP

  76. 105mm AA gun 0,o joo those plains will be exploding as if you put a rocket
    into them

  77. this t10 german ship looks kinda fat and not as good looking as the Zao or
    the DM.

  78. Love it

  79. sry i don’t know some ships (especially Japanese) (not racists) what is the
    ship in the intro vid

  80. how are you playing German cruisers? when I dont see them in the tech tree

  81. am German

  82. i always get to play with Ichase but never see you guys. like i get at
    least 2 matches a week with Ichase

  83. Phly, you should try and play some ark w/ Royal again on PhlyCast, it’d be
    nice to see something different in a while

  84. It is just sad that 3 of the 4 highest tiered german Cruisers are from the
    pre WWI era and Wargaming really wants us to believe that they were
    developed between 1925 and 1940……*sigh* there will be many german
    premium ships incoming (would be my suggestion)

  85. Ohhh thank GOD the thing is not a rust bucket from the 1800s! I was getting
    a bit concerned there lol

    Now I’m pump’d

  86. play Soviet tier 3 destroyer

  87. phly, how do you feel about making all 5″ guns on us ships capable of
    engaging aircraft and ships on command? Most US cruisers and DD’s with the
    5 inch guns used them very effectively as AAA, and yeah.
    good in game or not?

  88. You just can’t resist going all out Tier 10 huh?

  89. Hey Phly what ship is that in your intro?

  90. Miguel Payá Vañó.

    does anyone know when german ships will be able to play with in euroupean
    server? thanks

  91. Felix “The Driver” Bachmann

    Hope we get the Admiral Graf Spee as a premium ship

  92. will there be some new german premium ships?

  93. The Hindenburg was the last battlecruiser built for the German navy during

  94. JoaoAfonso Figueira

    167 th view :)

  95. Doctor Velociraptor

    BELOW 301

  96. Nice Gameplay

  97. Nice ship!

  98. I’m feeling gun buff soon with this ship.

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