World of warships – New Hindenburg

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This ship is NOT a WiP – I just forgot to remove the sticker after playing one of test ships.
But it is new Hindenburg, the 1sec nerfed hindenburg that a lot of ppl lost their minds about.
I think it is still a very good ship and while at 1st you can feel that 1 second rld, eventually you’ll get used to it.


  1. Good luck to you all in the football tonight Flambass!!

  2. Where’s Hans?

  3. I wish they would boost the turrets travelling time or reduce the detection range

    • Hindenburg already has 22.5s turret traverse which is the best at T10 for 203mm cruisers. I think it’s fine as it is.

    • I agree its turret traverse time is the best among T10 CAs but I would say that’s a compensation for the +1s reload time?

  4. Unplayable !
    Buff Hindenburg.

  5. Ms Citadel strikes again! xD

  6. I have a question regarding consumable picks. How come you opted for AA and not the hydro when Hindy already has a very strong AA and the consumable is a situational advantage, like in this game, for example, when it was useless. VS the hydro that’s always useful. Also, why’d you take the fighter plane when you already took the AA consumable? Spotting plane flies farther away from the ship so it’s more useful to scout for ships/torps and it gives a range bonus.
    I myself don’t know which to pick and need advice and an explanation as I’m still learning. Thank you in advance to anyone that answers.

    • I hate scout planes and I suck shooting with them and I also love being independent when it comes to planes so I usually spec for max AA

    • I also love to be independent but what I hate more is having useless modules/upgrades/consumables, that’s why I’m having second thoughts on the def AA. Don’t particularly love the spotter plane point of view myself, plus the accuracy at that range is not the greatest. I was just asking because it seemed redundant to take both the fighter plane and the AA consumable. Anyway, thank you both for your explanations, cheers m80’s

    • CVs are rare enough that I don’t use DFAA on Hindy. Hydro is, IMO, more useful, especially if you end up alone or need to push late game. Plus, unless you fully spec for AA, a T9 or T10 can drop you even if you have DF, because while Hindy has decent AA, it’s not going to save you if a CV is determined. Also, your mid range AA gets knocked out fairly easily, which is your main DPS. Last, scout plane is better if you know how to use it (if you go reload mod).

    • To use Spotterplane u have to actually get good and playing this damn consumable…really one of my favourite Consumables, because its an Budget Radar, Anti-Smoke utility and good for team play 😀

    • Also don’t forget that situations differ from random when in clan wars or ranked.

  7. New Moskva?

  8. アドミラルヒッパー

    Holy shit flambass. Minotaur is one of the most fun ship. But I have same feeling about USS cruiser line. Sneak and attack I love it. So, I’m crazy Minotaur rush captain.

  9. I’m not losing my mind over the nerf itself, but the reasoning behind it is just BS. Wasn’t WG reason pretty much “too many people play it, so let’s make it worse”? The reason can’t be overperformance, really. Comparing stats to other t10 cruisers the Hindenburg is just mediocre and has the lowest winrate of them all already. That says a lot about how WG thinks about “balance”, i. e. not at all.

    • its by far not the strongest, but the most versatile, making it very strong. At any given situation you have another cruiser performing better: Moskva better at range, Des Moines better at close range, Zao/Henri better at starting fires, Minotaur better at knife fighting… Only at tanking damage the Hindi is arguably the best, but by no means the Hindi was overperforming. I have almost all cruisers at my disposal, except for Mino, Worcester and Henri. And with all of them I am averaging ~ equally. The only difference with other cruisers in performance is, that the Hindi is the most consistent among all of them. With other cruisers I tend to have much bigger spiking with the results. The nerf simply was not needed. There are bigger issues needing to be addressed, like the COMPLETELY BROKEN AA meta for Carriers these days. Or a nerf for the freaking Conqueror. This ship is insanely overpowered still and still they are not touching it. It is completely beyond me, why they would focus on such a minor nerf to the Hindi instead, especially regarding the argumentation behind that decision.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      On the ru cluster, ppl sometimes argue that some of the changes that WG makes to ships/tanks are just “for the checkmark”. Either to give the impression they’re working on issues or (and/or) reassure the shareholders.

    • could explain that “non-nerf”

    • Gulaschiltis Strong = armor
      Never heard about battleship Hindenburg ?
      Survivability is so important for high tier cruisers, I wonder why the hindy is the most played ship in CW..

    • this is literally, what I said. But that was not even the reason behind the nerf. And besides, how does a almost not noticeable nerf to the reload address her armor? (which for sure should not be addressed!) Zao has an arguably even better armor. The point is, there are more urgent things to address than to reduce the rate at which a well designed ship is played. She is played that much, not because of being op, but because of being well designed… This “nerf” wont change anything to her being played more than other cruisers. It would have been better, if the other cruisers got a tad more love or for gods sake finally the freaking CVs, which are suffering more and more under the accumulation of AA ships in this game. Something needs to be done. Aswell as addressing REALLY overpowered ships like the Conqueror finally… She is still broken as funk

  10. Yeah, USN crusier require a play style that needs luck and tolerance for usually being in a position to not actually do anything. Sold my Des Moines and decided to work on getting the Hindenburg now. If they had torps, they might be more bearable. lol

  11. Peder Tjärnberg

    Make IJN great again

  12. Colonel David Davenport

    Thanks for the excellent rational explanation – one second change is nothing! Still fires like a volcano!

  13. Almost all of my ~1500 (about 48%) games are in US and RN cruisers. It would take me so long to adjust to another cruiser play style like the Hinden. This whole video is spent in a position that gives US CAs panic attacks lol. Would be a refreshing change of pace to see the world other than from the shadow of an island I suppose, but from all my glass cannon games, I’ve developed an automatic butt puckering reflex to open water. Watching these helps me understand all the asshats in cruisers that enjoy the possibility of open-water fighting yelling at me to fire while I’m repositioning. If you only played German/Russian/Japanese cruisers, you wouldn’t understand the fear at all lol.

  14. In what sever statistic is the ship overperforming? Damage? Kills? I’d heard the win rate isn’t that great.

  15. Damn, every time I get half way through a grind to get a good ship, Wargaming nerfs it. 🙁

  16. Hindenburg did things all other T10 cruisers could do, but had no real weaknesses. I agree with the nerf. It is ONE SECOND. People who call this ship “unplayable” are inane.

  17. Best cruiser still Moskva 😛 Punishment for everyone and Bow-tanking in CA 😀

  18. Destroyer Inazuma

    2018, and the game is still locking the armament on Bearing. Give the guy a break already 🙂

  19. Jourdan Fernandez

    WeeGee is at it again Flambass! #Alsacelivesmatter
    Don’t let then change the only T9 BB worth keeping!

  20. This was a team of potatos but well played

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