World of Warships: New IJN DDs?

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In which I take a quickish look at the of four newish Japanese for and the resulting revamp of the line.


  1. Very well thought out video. Thanks!


  3. I hope they don’t disappoint :(

  4. 7:09 “Elephant way to balance the Akatsuki” LOL. Did I hear that right? Is
    that intentional?

    You know, other than Hibiki/Verniy as T7 Russian premium, another
    interesting thing about this change is that there’s now a possibility of
    Yukikaze/Tan Yang as T8 Pan Asian premium that would be sold (since right
    now Kagerou is T9, so any premium there would be reward only)

  5. Seems like it would just reek havoc on a pretty decent and simple tree.
    Rather than re-balancing, it looks like someone decided to throw a bunch of
    Japanese destroyer classes in a hat and play a game of twister to decide
    what tiers they should all be at while pulling names at random.
    More KanColle references available though. So much Poi. But I would hate to
    see Bucky hit with a nerf bat. Though having my darling Hibiki in my lineup
    would be lovely.
    I guess wait and see while hoping for the best.

  6. Dick butt Nick butt


  7. Thanks for your thoughts…

  8. WoWS Asia, NA and EU were inconsistent yesterday. Asia had Mutsuki as the
    Tier V starting off the new branch. NA and EU had Minekaze in that slot.
    Asia has since changed their news post to align with the others. Weird.

  9. Great thinking. Agreeing with a lot of these B and C hull things, this is
    very likely. So you did some good research ;)

  10. Everyone will be all “Poi!” when the new Japanese DDs hit the game. I’ll
    just spam Murasame’s opening line. “Hai~ hai~!”

    Because I’m a hipster bastard.

  11. I was so fascinated by your play in the background that I did not catch
    most of what you said.

  12. Gotta get Akizuki. Need to feed the ducky!

  13. 1) Thanks for the Anime warning!
    2) Now, after so many years, I finally know what the frack “poi” refers to.

  14. That sneaky Elephant at 7:12…xD

  15. But then if I have hatsu and develop buki will i have the two tier 6 and
    lose tiers?

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