World of Warships NEW Japanese Carriers – Overview Patch 0.3.1

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World of Warships Japanese Aircraft Carriers Preview Patch 0.3.1
Japanese CVs: Shokaku, Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo and more!
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What ship should I play next?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Please drop bombs here LMAO

  2. Keep the WOWS vids comin baron. Keep showing all the ship info for those
    of us without beta access.

  3. +BaronVonGamez Nice try at pronouncing the names.

    Here are some rules about pronouncing Japanese words and names
    1. There are only 5 vowel sounds, and all are *neutral*:
    *a* (shortened *ah*, as in m*a*ma)
    *i* (shortened *ee*, as in k*i*ck)
    *u* (shortened *oo*, as in r*u*de)
    *e* (shortened *eh*, as in p*e*t)
    *o* (shortened *o*, as in d*o*or. Can also be represented as *aw*)

    2. Each character in the Japanese “alphabet” is made up of a consonant
    followed by a vowel. So for example “k” by itself does not exist: it exists
    only as *ka* *ki* *ku* *ke* *ko*.
    The exceptions are the vowel characters *a* *i* *u* *e* *o*, AND *n*
    (as in do*n*).
    Unusual characters are
    *tsu* (as in *tsu*nami, and takes the place of “tu”)
    *chi* (as in *chi*kuma, and takes the place of “ti”)
    *shi* (as in *Shi*nano, and takes the place of “si”) and
    *ji* (as in Ryu*j*o, and takes the place of “zi”). “tu” “ti” “si” and
    “zi” do not exist.

    The following English consonants do not exist in Japanese:
    “c-” (except *chi*, substituted by *k-* and *s-*)
    “f-” (except *fu*, sub’d by *h-* or *fu*+vowel/*y-*)
    “j-” (except *ji*, sub’d by the next rule)
    “l-” (sub’d by *r-*)
    “q-” (sub’d by *k-*)
    “v-” (sub’d by *b-*)
    “w-” (except *wa* and *wo*, sub’d by *u*)
    “x-” (sub’d by *k-* and *s-*)

    3. *y-* characters (*ya* *yu* *yo* only, because *yi*=*i* and *ye*=*e*) can
    be combined with many of the *-i* characters. So *ri* and *yu* can make
    *ryu*, and *shi* and *yo* can make *sho*. When this happens, “i” is
    replaced by “y”

    4. *r-* characters sometimes use a “rolling R”, and can sometimes sounds a
    little like “RL-” or “L-“.

    5. Japanese vowel sounds do not change in combinations. So Zao (*za-o*) is
    pronounced “zah-o/zah-aw”

    6. Some vowels, esp. *u/-u*, can be shorted or skipped.

    To pronounce the Japanese carrier names, you have to break up each like
    *Hosho* –> *ho-shyo*, which sounds like “Haw-shaw” or “Hor(se) Shaw”
    *Zuiho* –> *zui-ho*, which sounds like “Zui-haw” or “ZooE Haw(k)”
    *Ryujo* –> *ryu-jyo*, which sounds like “RLiu-jo” or “Lew Jaw”
    *Hiryu* –> *hi-ryu*, which sounds like “He-RLiu” or “Hilly You”
    *Shokaku* –> *shyo-ka-ku*, which sounds like “Shaw-kahku” or “Shore Kuck”
    *Taiho* –> *tai-ho*, which sounds like “Tai-haw” or “Tie Haw(k)”
    *SuperTaiho* –> actually *Taiho-kai*

    The best way to learn, though, is to just listen to Japanese speech. Hope
    that helps!

  4. I am looking forward to seeing Taihou, Armored Aircraft Carrier

  5. I’m dying to play this game, you’re depriving me of sleep…. PALease, get
    this game to an open Beta so I can swim with the fishies 😉 Great videos,
    keep it going.

  6. I want shinano!

  7. BARON. Fuck these goddamn overview videos. WE WANT GAMEPLAY. NAO.

  8. RemusKingOfRome5

    Jingles Explained it better

  9. Can someone please explain this “patch”?

  10. I hear IJN CV’s get better at higher tier but the way MM is right now Tier
    4 and 5 is almost unplayable.

  11. They should make it so that if a carrier sinks, its already deployed planes
    can land and launch on an allied carrier and replenish the allied carriers
    forces with his permission and direction.

  12. SHOKAKU-NEE!!!

  13. Mongi Shikukutu

    To be honest, by the time this game is free to play, i will be sick of it

  14. Was there any specific reason they would use Wood over Metal ?

    • +Joston Powell focus armor on more important places, cheaper to make and
      replace/ repair and as well as make it lighter.

    • Thank You

    • And I believe it was Americans that used wooden decks, while Japanese had
      armored ones.
      Wooden ones were easier to make and even to repair at sea. But I believe US
      Navy switched to the armored after the war.

  15. A large number of Japanese carriers were based off of battlecruiser hulls

  16. American flight decks were unaromerd, the wood was just painted to match
    the hull camouflage:D

  17. PancakePredator

    Did you know that japanese and american bbs were named after the same
    things? The japanese battleships were named after provinces, such as
    Yamato, and American battleships were named after states.

    • All American ships were named after places or people….Japanese also used
      all nouns

      fubuki “Blizzard”

      Inazuma “Lightning”

      Ikazuchi “Thunder”

      Hibiki “Echo”**

      Atkatsuki “Dawn”

      Shimakaze “Island Wind”

      Hokaze “sail wind”

      Yuudachi “(archaic term) February”

      Amatsukaze “Heavenly wind”

      Akizuki “Autumn Moon”

      Taiho “Great Phoenix”


      ** the Russians got ahold of Hibiki after the war and renamed her Верный
      (pronounced “Virniy”) meaning Faithful….she also underwent a second name
      change under the soviets becoming “Декабрист” (pronounced “Dekabrist”)
      meaning Decembrist

      I think only the Americans stuck to the “people and places” only
      theme….the Brits may have too

  18. They need to make the Zuiho have the pickle camoflauge she had during WW2!
    The Mighty Pickle fleet! Iwaki cruiser and the Zuihou carrier!

  19. スゴイサムライ

    Japanese ships do not use the Sun-Mark Flag. Restore the Rising Sun!

  20. Will they lauch the game whit all ships?

  21. Can you play the American battleships from tier 6 to tier 10

  22. the only youtuber who doesnt say “ehh…sorry i cant pronouce these names
    bla bla bla so sorry ehhh” you just say it. thumbs up

    • +JafuetTheSame I do like how he doesn’t grumble about that, haha. Just wish
      he would pay attention to the pronunciation nagging comments
      occasionally–specifically about accenting the 1st syllables.

  23. America ships have non-skid on them, (that’s what you see on the surface)
    it helps to prevent sailors from slipping and falling of the ship

  24. Play the new top American battleship

  25. Tayten Rountree

    Others had no wood deck because the Japanese started ramming American ships

  26. Baron is very boring jist seeing the ships in the hangar, you should show
    two and put some gameplay of each one.

  27. Baron!!!! I’ve been thrown in the brig, and the only way to save me is to
    play the Fletcher Class Destroyer!!!!

  28. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    Amerika had aluminium deck pga its metal more armor and its not heavy 

  29. Baron you can go all fighters on the ranger carrier

  30. Overviews are cool but lets see some of these in action bro!!!!

  31. i bet the tier ten japanese carrier’s gonna be the third yamato-hull, the

  32. Hmmm, what if they add the Ise and Hyuga? I was thinking they would have 2
    hulls, one when it still has the 2 rear main batteries, and the other as a
    battleship carrier, where it can launch multiple recon planes at the same
    time. I hope they also add the Tone and Chikuma with the same abilities.

  33. Ryujo is pronounced Riu – jo

  34. When is the Kriegsmarine showing up ?

  35. Baron, all carriers were “armoured” it just was a matter of where the armor
    got distributed most. So the Royal Navy placed a lot of emphasis around the
    flight deck itself instead of the super structure underneath. The US Navy
    on the other hand thought the armor was most useful in and around the main
    super structure, elevators, hangar areas etc.

    There were advantages and disadvantages to both setups.

  36. When will this be open beta ??? It looks so finished and yet its still
    closed to the public 🙁

  37. BARON! I just got a new computer and the first thing I downloaded Was War
    Thunder all because i love your vids. cant wait to play ZE GERMANS!!!

  38. Be careful tho, Japanese carriers are gonna be more flameable because they
    leave the fuel hoses on the flight deck! xD

  39. Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru

    Baron, did you notice the different cockpit between A5M with D3A?

  40. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Devs said that there would be a second line of Japanese carriers consisting
    of converted battleships/cruisers and such. I can’t wait to get my hands on
    Kaga or Akagi.

    • darryl mcdowall

      +The Hungry Wolf 足柄 That probably means that the top tier for the converted
      carriers line will be the Shinano.

    • +The Hungry Wolf 足柄 What about the Ise Aviation Battleship? I do know that
      she could launch D4 Judy bombers,but couldn’t retrieve them. She could also
      launch E13A2 Jake float aircraft(I think,I know it isn’t the F1M2) and
      recover them. Yes she couldn’t carry many of them but the extra bombs the
      E13A2 Jake could carry might make a difference in WOWS. How I see it is you
      have the regular view,but u can press a different key other than shift and
      switch to a carrier view,you select your dive bomber float plane squadron
      and you can order them like a carrier. Since they were float planes,they
      couldn’t carry the biggest of bombs but you could use them to waste a
      repair kit of an enemy ship or use them to sink DDs. It would be heavily
      micro-managing but I just wanna see the Ise move in a ship game.

  41. I hope that they introduce the Akagi and the Zuikaku later on ;-;

    • The Hungry Wolf 足柄

      +Катюша Zuikaku is a Shoukaku class CV so I doubt it. Akagi, Kaga and
      others are likely to be in a second carrier line.

  42. Baron did you practise the Japanese pronunciations beforehand or are you
    just used to pronouncing Japanese names? I noticed that unlike Phly, you
    had no problems pronouncing Shoukaku or Shinano smoothly.

  43. Baron can you make a video on game play with American battleships it would
    make me happy and I’m only a 11 year old kid so plz do it 🙂 .

  44. The Japanese and American squadrons seem to be the same in size, so it
    seems that the Japanese carriers have a large numerical advantage..

    • It seems more of an overall type difference in terms of the number of
      squadrons per class.

    • US squadrons have 6 planes. Japanese only have 4 planes per squadron but
      more squadrons.

    • Maree Printemps

      +HeinrichCha Overall both nations have roughly similar maximum number of
      planes in the air at once, some cases the Japanese have a slight advantage
      (just a couple).

      However, I think that USN CV aren’t rewarding at the moment, shooting down
      planes net you next to nothing reward, and dive bombers don’t do nearly as
      much as torpedo bombers even after patch.

    • GrayAndAnime OwO

      +HeinrichCha they are actually really shit, the torps do pretty much the
      same dmg for both nations right now

  45. next patch: german marine (and maybe british) ^^ PLZ

    • +IdarkphoenixI
      and because they are a russian company

    • Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru

      +Nils Niehaus And also inaccurate history with not using Japanese Rising
      Sun flag and real Kriegsmarine flag with swastika maybe. I know why that
      prohibited at some country, but plz don’t kill the history.

    • The Hungry Wolf 足柄

      +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru Silly thing is that the Rising Sun flag is
      actually still in use by the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force since its
      establishment. The Hinomaru is not used on militairy vessels.

    • +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru
      if there are swastikas, the game wouldnt be aviable in germany lol

    • +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru
      its cause axis lost…

  46. Where is the USS ENTERPRISE carrier it was the best of the best 

    • +Jeremy Spry I wonder if it might be premium…but I know at some point it
      HAS to be in the game. That ship just has too much history not to be.

    • They’ll probably add it as a premium since it’s such a famous ship, like
      they did with the HMS Warspite. But maybe they’ll add the Yorktown class

  47. If an aircraft carrier had a yamoto Hull it will be op

  48. Tenth commet!!

    • +Horsefilms First response to the tenth comment . I
      WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM GET
      THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i want the shinano so much! :3

    • +BaronVonGamez well u got to remember she was sunk by a us submarine by 3
      or 4 torpedo’s :P.

    • +BaronVonGamez yaas

    • Deceptiboat Autocon

      +BaronVonGamez well armored against torpedoes? it was sunk after got hit by
      4 torpedoes from USS Archerfish!

    • The reason why Shinano sunk was due to the water tight doors/compartments
      not being fully installed. Also the ship captain was arrogant and made
      matters worse by increasing ship speed, accelerating the flooding. In its
      final compketed form, Shinano would’ve no doubt survived

    • +hampe947 Well actually,the Shinano could only carry 47 aircraft. But I
      think Wargaming might take a look at its blueprints and call out Wikipedia
      for saying the Shinano could only carry 47 aircraft. With all of that said,
      I think the Shinano could actually carry more than 47 aircraft because it
      was the biggest WW2 Carrier ever. I don’t have the blueprints of the
      Shinano (I wish I did) so I’m interested in what Wargaming finds out about
      the Shinano’s hanger space.

  50. Is the Taiho a premium? at T9? Seems akward

  51. Trevor Reynolds

    Good job pls do some more as a carrier gameplays

  52. I love you baron

  53. DailyGamingVideos 7

    Keep it up baron I know u don’t play with subs but I hope u start a series
    like that 

  54. 1 minute ago WOOOOT

  55. Love your videos 

  56. The New Japanese Carriers are looking great! Which of the new Japanese
    carriers are you looking forward to playing the most? What ship should I
    play next?

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