World of Warships NEW Japanese Carriers – Overview Patch 0.3.1

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World of Warships Japanese Aircraft Carriers Preview Patch 0.3.1
Japanese CVs: Shokaku, Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo and more!
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What ship should I play next?

Thanks for watching!


  1. But Jingles is a god among us mortals

  2. +Joston Powell focus armor on more important places, cheaper to make and
    replace/ repair and as well as make it lighter.

  3. Thank You

  4. And I believe it was Americans that used wooden decks, while Japanese had
    armored ones.
    Wooden ones were easier to make and even to repair at sea. But I believe US
    Navy switched to the armored after the war.

  5. +JafuetTheSame I do like how he doesn’t grumble about that, haha. Just wish
    he would pay attention to the pronunciation nagging comments
    occasionally–specifically about accenting the 1st syllables.

  6. Kitteh McKitteh

    +joshua jones HELP, I’M STUCK HERE TOO!

  7. +Carole Boarer they didnt add the independance, they moved it up and they
    added the bogue

  8. Probably after British and USSR. Heck Italy and France probably had more
    diverse and interesting fleet.

  9. It does seem finished because it looks great when I play in the CBT. But
    don’t worry the OBT will be out maybe next month or by the end of May 🙂

  10. Next month I’ll be in basic so hopefully near the end of may

  11. Oh, What branch are you going for basic?

  12. Marine corps but after my mos school I’ll download OBT

  13. Oh that’s great! Thank you for choosing to serve 😀

  14. Some people can pronounce stuff better

  15. +diablolrm90 he can read. all these names are written phonetic so whats the

  16. +diablolrm90 im just dumb

  17. +PhlyDaily Sorry, I wasn’t trying to offend you Phly. I still love your
    videos. Maybe I should have used a better choice of words.

  18. +JafuetTheSame I never said that he couldn’t. It’s just that I came here
    right after watching Phly’s video and noticed how confident Baron sounded
    when pronouncing.

  19. It seems more of an overall type difference in terms of the number of
    squadrons per class.

  20. US squadrons have 6 planes. Japanese only have 4 planes per squadron but
    more squadrons.

  21. Maree Printemps

    +HeinrichCha Overall both nations have roughly similar maximum number of
    planes in the air at once, some cases the Japanese have a slight advantage
    (just a couple).

    However, I think that USN CV aren’t rewarding at the moment, shooting down
    planes net you next to nothing reward, and dive bombers don’t do nearly as
    much as torpedo bombers even after patch.

  22. GrayAndAnime OwO

    +HeinrichCha they are actually really shit, the torps do pretty much the
    same dmg for both nations right now

  23. +IdarkphoenixI
    and because they are a russian company

  24. Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru

    +Nils Niehaus And also inaccurate history with not using Japanese Rising
    Sun flag and real Kriegsmarine flag with swastika maybe. I know why that
    prohibited at some country, but plz don’t kill the history.

  25. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru Silly thing is that the Rising Sun flag is
    actually still in use by the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force since its
    establishment. The Hinomaru is not used on militairy vessels.

  26. +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru
    if there are swastikas, the game wouldnt be aviable in germany lol

  27. +Yohanes Pintoko Ardi Swandaru
    its cause axis lost…

  28. +Jeremy Spry I wonder if it might be premium…but I know at some point it
    HAS to be in the game. That ship just has too much history not to be.

  29. They’ll probably add it as a premium since it’s such a famous ship, like
    they did with the HMS Warspite. But maybe they’ll add the Yorktown class

  30. +Horsefilms First response to the tenth comment . I
    WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM GET
    THE CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. +BaronVonGamez well u got to remember she was sunk by a us submarine by 3
    or 4 torpedo’s :P.

  32. +BaronVonGamez yaas

  33. Deceptiboat Autocon

    +BaronVonGamez well armored against torpedoes? it was sunk after got hit by
    4 torpedoes from USS Archerfish!

  34. The reason why Shinano sunk was due to the water tight doors/compartments
    not being fully installed. Also the ship captain was arrogant and made
    matters worse by increasing ship speed, accelerating the flooding. In its
    final compketed form, Shinano would’ve no doubt survived

  35. +hampe947 Well actually,the Shinano could only carry 47 aircraft. But I
    think Wargaming might take a look at its blueprints and call out Wikipedia
    for saying the Shinano could only carry 47 aircraft. With all of that said,
    I think the Shinano could actually carry more than 47 aircraft because it
    was the biggest WW2 Carrier ever. I don’t have the blueprints of the
    Shinano (I wish I did) so I’m interested in what Wargaming finds out about
    the Shinano’s hanger space.

  36. +Paul L. Not premium. Just unreleased for now.

  37. +Kelvin Mok Well it’s shown as premium in Barons Harbour, so I’m a bit

  38. Maree Printemps

    +Paul L. It’s reclassified as prem so that WG can hide it from the tech

  39. +Garrett Jones <3

  40. +AceCustomz HYPE

  41. Kitteh McKitteh


    Found Bismarck in-game files. Yeah it’s cool huh.

  42. +Kitteh McKitteh i found Tirpitz from war thunder CDK

  43. +deerrrrrp I <3 your love of my videos o7

  44. Baron. Im dying to see you derp with the kitakami! So much fun to watch
    torpedus gameplay.

  45. Necromancer Hellscythe

    +Evan Roberts Zao is renamed of Senjo Japanese Tier 10 Heavy Cruiser.

  46. I vote for Lexington class aircraft carrier

  47. AKAGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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