World of Warships- New Jersey Is Coming Soon, But Not How You Want Her

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Hey guys, today we got incredibly close to getting New Jersey in game, alas this time its just a skin for the Azur Lane collaboration. But we discuss what COULD happen with the New Jersey, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I live about 20 mins away from the USS New Jersey Museum, its a awesome ship and I recommend anyone to go see her if they get a chance.

    • she is a beautiful ship, her, the Missouri (based in Hawaii looking over the Arizona), the Iowa is based in California, as a reserve ship, but will be a museum ship eventually, and the Wisconsin is based in Norfolk, Virginia

  2. I think this is the best of both worlds for me. Getting an ALNJ camo and captain

    And the potential of actual NJ to still be added, since they aren’t making her a tier 9 clone ship like they did with Sov. Rossiya

  3. i kinda wished the camo could also be used for the missouri

    fun fact about 40-50% of people who visit the world of warships subreddit also visits the Azur lane subreddit

  4. If they offer the full fledged U.S.S. New Jersey, but no Ryan Szimanski as a captain, I don’t want it.

  5. My idea of NJ is similar to bourgogne – alsace.

    Okay, NJ in T10 with similarity armor like Iowa and stats however turning time little bit better (couple of second) must have the speed boost that make her the fastest BB in WoWs or par with georgiasince she is the fastest battleship ever. HP similar to Iowa/Missouri and consumables are georgia consumable also she can be a secondary battleships with GK/Preussen max 2ndary built range,

    Maybe can use SAP but too powerful so skip it

    The downside, reload will be longer (33sc) since the 6th slot will have improve accuracy and mostly will use it and range same with georgia so thats the downside. Well its just Iowa stats with little bit improvement in T10

    Another gimmick that everyone will hate, every 5 minutes reload she can fire W23 Shells. Just Kidding,

    And Just Dodge

  6. We need U.S.S. New Jersey in game with Ryan Symanski as the skipper!

  7. The New Jersey should be a Tier 10 BB with post War Refits especially improved AA and improved accuracy on the main battery. She would be the best AA BB in the game.

  8. I remember the last black Friday event when I scored my third Saipan. I’ll never understand why the would have 3 different versions of the same ship, especially when it’s not popular

  9. I’m just happy we’re finally getting another AL wave, i thought we wouldn’t have another after they messed up before, so idc we arent getting a full new jersey, i’m just glad for more Azur Lane

  10. I’m really excited for this as I love AzurLane it’s one of my favourite games. I’m sad I missed out on the previous events of AL because I took a break from WoWS. I’m definitely going to get a AL commander! AL always dose an amazing job with these collabs where they add wg paper ships and they are permanently in game you have to do missions to get them. They even made them apart of the story where each nation are researching and developing the wg paper ships it’s really cool.

    • If they run it like they did the last one, you should be able to get one of the previous Commander packs as well(watch out, though, they’re expensive).

  11. Ryan Szimanski would be nice as commander :3
    also + 5% gun accuracy when radar is in use
    also get a ticket to visit new jersey if you buy it on the us server and funding goes to the museum

  12. You have two good ideas.

    Make the USS Wisconsin a T9 Massachusetts.
    As a super ship (T11) the USS New Jersey would be a Cold War upgrade that manifests in these ways: superior fire control giving the battery a sigma of 2.3 or more (while retaining the dispersion), and a radar-controlled AA suite firing guided close-proximity fused ammo, making her the bane of super carriers. But no missiles, please. Let’s not open that door.

  13. I would love to see Wisconsin enter the game as a t10 Iowa with significant buffs, much like Bourgogne is an Alsace massively buffed to fit at T10

  14. I’ve always found the appearance of these AZL “captains” to be somewhat disconcerting. I therefore have no desire to acquire either these captains or their ship skins. I am still hopeful that the venerable USS New Jersey, with a full secondary suite, will appear in game.

  15. As a player of both games I am also eager to see which ships will be added in AL. I would love to see Cristoforo and Kurfurst.

  16. dont forget about the Illinois and the Kentucky, they were going to be the last 2 Iowa class BB’s built, which started right after the war, but were scrapped roughly a year or 2 later, so in all actuality, there were going to be 6 Iowa class BB’s altogether

  17. I think New Jersey will come eventually, more people will buy the ship as such and not a different version or at least I think so.

  18. New Jersey already has the perfect t10 version, she was the only Iowa refit for Vietnam, they didn’t give her missiles for it but that version of NJ is perfect for improved AA, radar, Accuracy, etc.

  19. I want a secondary based New Jersey with Sap secondaries with great pen and deadly Accuracy.

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