World of Warships – New Kremlin on Two Brothers

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Well everyone knows that this is the proper way to test ships, right?
I know you’ll agree so why do I even bother asking xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 5.00 how not to Smolensk lol

  2. When Kremlin is present
    Two Brothers becomes Two Comrades

  3. You said PUSH (sides), that poor DD next to you charged up….u are like, oh what are u doing Fletcher?

    • Pushing wasn’t why Flambass was shakinghis head. It’s cuz the DD opened fire and gave away their position

    • @Garrett Kyle – I think that point is merely academic considering Flambino’s message exchange with the red Ohio that announced the intention to go down the middle already.

  4. this ship score absolutelly a 3.6 on a scale from 0 to 3.6.

  5. Tried speshul tactic in a Bismark when I was drunk the other day and it went surprisingly well. Helps a lot when you have hydro.

  6. the way the Mino camped at the corner of the island near entire game…
    “What happened?? Did your balls drop off? Hmm?”

    And then he rushes a JB and fails Kappa

  7. “How many trops is that?”

  8. Damn Flambino you need to use the “sharpen” filter in the NVidia geforce experience overlay, cause those mountains look like the have fog in front of them

  9. Jingles needs to see this vid.”torps, well, will you look at those. I’m not even slowing down.” lol

  10. The most impressive medal there was the magical hit on the mythical Smolensk citadel. I guess one of the secondary gunners must have accidentally loaded an AP round and rolled a natural 20.

  11. Plz send this to jingles I want to hear him commentate over this and hear him crack up at the toros at the end and the 25IQ of the mino not doing single fire

  12. ” I believe that Shima has I’ll intentions.”?

  13. Puts on his Hans hat : ” cover me boys “

  14. Well that Shima has a WOWS bar story…”So there I was, me v a JB, I smoke up, launch all my torps at him, next thing I know, Flambass comes screaming around the corner, guns blazing, my torps take out the JB…..And nearly take out Flambass”….Yeah, that’s a good reason to be pink….

  15. You’ve gotten so experienced in the art of the mid rush that it isn’t even a bad strategy anymore

  16. I feel like I got my wows fix today even though I did not play. GG

  17. The fact that this still works when the enemy team is aware of the move, so impressive. Long live special tactics

  18. 17:03 Some very angry German fellow: “… AND THIS ONE NOW PINK”

  19. yeah because the so called “nerf” changed so much for this cancerous op ship

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