World of Warships – New Massa still rocks

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New Massa, after IFHE rework still kicks ass. If you go without IFHE your secondaries won’t be of much use but if you do go for IFHE, they will still kick ass. Especially if you end up being top tier where you can pen tier 6 BBs just about everywhere + a lot of cruisers are up 25. At tier 8+ they get 27 which starts being the problem but you can still find some targets which are 25.

With IFHE you can pen 26 btw. I am using secondary Massa WITH IFHE and it works like a charm.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    WHO IS GOING TO THE MOVIES DURING A PANDEMIC? Your friend Trent? Whats wrong w/ him?

  2. Massa still stronk!
    Even without IFHE the accuracy of the secondaries just melts DD’s .
    Managed to get 37k damage of my secondaries (without fire) in a Tier 9 match with 311 hits. 😀
    Best ship ever ♥

  3. Mark Russel Agnote

    Out of topic, but is there a youtube channel/streamer that is based/playing in asian server? Just wanna know if ever I ended there in one of my potato moments hahahaha

  4. the things i would do to get a mass in my port….i got a rented one once and she’s the only thing i played for 3 days, most fun i had in my whole life, and it’s so easy to play

  5. You don’t need IFHE on Mass. They’re firestarters above all else

  6. Charles Stromvall

    Massachusetts is my favorite tier 8 as well. The AA the secondaries, are her strength. if only, if only the dispersion of her guns wasn’t a reason her guns are inaccurate at long to medium range

  7. So basically a secondary build on the Georgia is nowhere near as effective as the one on Massa?

  8. Hariprakash Palanisamy

    The title should have been “this kagero!!”

  9. Prisoner of the Highway

    Swapped IFHE with demo expert on my Georgia. Seems to work well.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 well because georgia has same secondaries as massachutes and your guys use femo for massachutes, as i said before georgia has weak armor than massachutes and burns easily. Bcs of this ill be getting fire prevention for longer survival.

    • @tejo adi All BBs burn easily. Regardless of which it is.

      Thats the problem though, they are the same secondaries. With IFHE Massa pens lower tier BBs and many cruisers it faces. Georgia doesnt.

      And secondaries arent accurate enough to aim for different party of the ship, and each can only have one fire.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 All BB? (Looks at kremlin) yea…. right.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 and yes your statement below it are correct.

    • @tejo adi Kremlin burns just as well as other BBs. It doesnt take NEARLY as much pen damage on top though. And it has a faster cooldown limited useage DCP. But it does burn just as well as others. Even better since it has the highest HP pool, if you can make them stick that is.

  10. About the Soviet bb nerfs, they’re going to sneak them in slowly. It is so that way they keep player retention on the ru server.

  11. When you were going through the achievement at the end, you missed out “,,,and a partridge in a pear tree”

  12. flambass: im gonna shoot that new mexico. entire enemy team: NO! Shoot me first!

  13. It’d be nice if you could post your captain skills and upgrades’ setup also in the description

  14. prinz eugen = my team 95% of the time xd

  15. Grey hair? Dude, I’m 31 and I’m already rocking the “Mr Fantastic” look….
    Don’t worry about it 😉

  16. i just cant get enough of how easy he makes it look….all those rewards, all those kills, and he basically had 3 kills stolen from him 😀

  17. “…against t6 and t7.” There, finished that title for you.

  18. What the heck did I just watch? Their Gneisenau suicided inside 3 minutes, every other ship threw itself past you like you were invisible. Unbelievable.

  19. you know this is a team game, right? Why get pissed off when team members kill enemies? You don’t own all the kills

    • iang333 he literally gets pissed when someone else gets a kill. All he ever does is complain now a days. Someone subs for 18 months “gives a half meaningless thank you”

    • Tex Ranger lol, two whiny morons 😂😂😂 news flash dickheads, when you do 3/4 of the damage to a target and someone steals the last 500 HP, it was your kill, especially with shells on the way. “But it’s a team game” lol, when you carry that hard, it’s a one man show.

    • LBHammers new flash, go shit in your hand first of all. That should help you with half your problems. Do you not see other players on your team? Hence “team game” if he were to play per say a battle royal game then that would be solo player based. It’s a team based game, someone gets the last shot on the opponent. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ shouldve shot better the first time.

  20. Fore some reason in last 2 days I have : 3 x 200 k dmg, 3x Kraken on Massa.. no IFHE

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