World of Warships – New MIDWAY has arrived, YOU be the judge !!!

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Here is the brand new CV gameplay where I myself was playing and this is the best battle I could possible find where things get really funky and bizzare, a lot of bugs, problems, miss-plays and everything you could think off to make an entertaining video.

I do not claim to be good at this, I only had few hours of practice and I fail often, just to make that clear.

It is finally not NDA anymore and we are free to say what we think and how we feel about it.

Problem with current CVs is if you nerf them (like lower tiers are right now) they are super boring to play, and if you buff them (like high tiers are right now) then they are OP and more entertaining but still get boring after a short period of playtime, in my opinion.
I sure hope you enjoy it because I’m not sure when I’ll be making another one with CVs 😉


  1. Not sure how destroyable AA is going to work with unlimited planes?

    • Well, generally you destroy only the short range aa. The medium is slightly tougher and the long, well, that are the secondaries, which are not easy to break. Also it’s a good way – a cv has chance to break down an aa ship slowly, if it’s alone, but decides the aa ship to retreat, the aa ship will have no trouble

    • If a CV can ‘break down AA’ faster than an AA ship can wear down a CV’s planes, that would be unbalanced gameplay. The CV will always win that match unless the cruiser runs away, making cruiser-as-AA-support meaningless. We’ll be back to “team with the better CV player has an unbalanced chance to win the match” that we have now.

    • you hopefully know that balance is not the thing they focus on yet? this is a mechanic test

  2. So basically now i have to avoid 1-2 drops in my BB and hope my repairs back up before next strike, after the change i will just have to be cooking till CV drops all (up to 4) strikes of bombs which he can hold if he sets enough fires? Yea… sounds like a fun…

    • 2 T8 x 6 TB’s was not enough.
      Now Midway could drop up to 3 times, 6 torps: 3 planes come in, and each TB drops two torps..
      9 planes/squad –> 3 drops max.

      Not to mention: you’re *less* likely that the enemy airplanes will be hindered by friendly fighters..
      your CV is not gonna send his bombers over to you, just to pop fighter planes.

    • Most BBs run with fire prev and BoS anyways so single/double fires are not that bad. Just repair the dmg and when you get to 2-3 fires demi con when the strike flight is empty. Right now i see more of a problem in the brutal alpha dmg a bomb strike does.

    • Power vs 1 ship is increased, but the overall impact on the whole team is decreased

      Or, in other way, in new version if CV chooses you, you are more likely to die, but there’s less chance he will choose you in the game (less attacks per game), no crossdrop and less chance for your dd to die due to spotting, while some other ship is being killed at the same time

    • i see a lot of comments like this in a lot of other CV rework vids wile i agree the Alpha damage of HE bombs is too high they will probably get nerfed but this crying about being cooked to death is pretty unfounded because there are only a handful of ships in the game that dont focus on burning you to death i can do what he did and get the same damage in a Worcester be just more nonpunishable because you cant shoot down HE shells but it will come back to the same argument the game has had from the start if your a BB stick with a cruiser and you will be fine but most BB drivers dont have enough brain cells to actually do that so they die and complain and that is why we have ships like the conqkek and almost all US ships having underwater citadels….Have fun

    • +LetsMakeNoSense and that´s why i said that the fire dmg is a lesser problem. We allready have hardcore HE spammer (with low to mid fire chance) and ships that have ridiculous fire chances, which burn you in 1-3 spots in 1 volley. You take the skills to mitigate the fire dmg, you repair it and done.

  3. So far it looks a lot like what I predicted it would be: CV is a bit useless early on, and then towards the end when AA is depleted (but CV is just as powerful at the start of the match) it becomes completely overpowered.

    For this to work, I think they either need to add limited plane reserves back into the game (so that planes deplete along with AA and the CV needs to be more cautious towards the end like today), or get rid of module destruction so that AA can only be temporarily suppressed but not permanently destroyed.

    • Useless? It’s like a bit of a bit of a bit useless. Still have spotting ability only countered by smoke. Even straight-outa-of-ass-fighters can spot.

  4. seriously….old CVs were total OP in good hands. and they shut down a complete class totally just by spotting. now, they are able to spam ships to death and they can do nothing about it. attack after attack after attack. now all ships are just HP piniatas. the best CV rework would have been to just REMOVE this class totally from the game!

    • “Wahh remove arty, remove CV’s, wahh”

    • Fluffle Puffle Before you start acting condescending maybe you should realize that he has a point. I want CV’s in the game, but it’s better to have nothing than to have a game damaging class. I want CV’s and the concept of this rework looks amazing however it needs some serious work otherwise you will DOT ships to death with little to no effort.

  5. I´ll give U thumb up ,because your vids are awesome , but these mechanic is simply wierd ,and it work only if World of Warships and World of Warplanes be the same game …

  6. if carriers get unlimited aircraft then AA should repair so that you can’t just have your AA cruiser lose it’s ability to defend itself and die to someone with unlimited resources

    • Yes is the more stupid Change of wargaming. Every update since jap New dd line theyre killing the game.

    • ”so you cant die to someone with a unlimited resources” Hmmmmm… do you ever stop and think that every shell your ship fires is a Unlimited resource? and wile most close range AA gets knocked out be alot of HE spam the AA that does the most damage in the new version of carriers is med to long range AA and most long range AA are main guns or large secondary style battery’s that don’t get knocked out very easy there are also a Number of captain skills and ship upgrades that would fix your problem

    • +LetsMakeNoSense nope… You are not thinking right. A bb per game can Fire 50 or 60 rounds? Maybe? In a bb citadel Believe me there is more than 60 rounds. Is not the same. A shell is not unlimited ships. You talking about amo. Planes just like ships have unlimited torps or bombs. OK. But never ending planes for me is a more old crap arcade. But OK is only my opinion. But maybe wargaming should consider to provide límited amo like torps or shells to all ships. The balance remains in game but you hold your Fire until you sure. Sorry my english

    • Like AA cruiser have the ability to defend itself in a first place.

  7. World of Warplanes but with Ships.

    WG is completely missing the mark with this.

  8. Yeah, still not a fan of the CV changes.

  9. I have never played CVs in 3 years and based on what I’ve seen I will not even touch them with a long pole now.

  10. Complete friggin garbage. that is all this rework is

  11. _’You have to miss in order to hit’_ — Ok — I can see Jingles using that excuse.

  12. Another reason not to play WOWS. Just remove CV’s all together.

  13. New meta will be DD pushing for enemy spawn to spot CV and oneshotting him then. If u have a class that has practically unlimited potential through the entire match u want him dead ASAP. I still think they think only half when they do some “rework”

  14. Decrease flood time to 20 sec, if hit by carrier trops

  15. “Who fails less times, he’s gonna do a lot more damage” 13:40 : So like every other ship type? xD

  16. how are even low tier ships (tier 4-5) with practically no AA gonna stop a tier 5 cv let alone a cv that’s 2 tiers higher ??? is wargamming gonna expect us to all buy texas ??? I cant even express how stupid this shit is and i think id rather watch paint dry as it seems more engaging to watch then that cv play. I still dont understand what the effing problem was with carrier play to begin with

    • one word: Consoleport. aka they release WOWS on XBOX and PS. cant have the RTS style gameplay there. nothing else. that is the only reason.

    • that makes surprising a lot of sense

    • Kasidis Phrasertsank

      Nlcup I always take AA modification with my USN cruiser so this doesn’t really mean anything just stick with your team defensive AA fire can ruin the squadron really bad

    • Nlcup Ok lets make this simple for you. For starters I’m neither against or for the rework. Now that being said.


      Do research before posting critism.

  17. if the fire chance is reduced & maybe instead of perma-destroyed AA, make the damage control actually fixes the AA guns (or separate AA dmg control consumable) so the cv only have a small window of opportunity to unleash hell to any ships before they repair their AA and have a chance to defend themselves, this is to counterbalance the uNlImITeD airplanes Cv now have

  18. So in the end… here’s what I think… CVs are still OP as they are still able to do just as much damage as before but now focus more on Damage-Over-Time (D-O-T)s instead of just raw damage. (As of now in the Test Server and are subject to change).

    **-CVs are easier to play now such that even a potato can do it (compared to before where there’s a bit of skill iin micro management to be optimal)
    **-CVs are more D-O-T focused now
    -Rockets are garbage atm (probably will get buffed)
    **-CVs can easily concentrate one ship and melt it completely especially BBs (rip BBs)
    -DDs seem harder to kill w/ planes
    **-Perma-flood/fire is more common (if you’re a good CV player)
    **-HE Divebombers are OP w/ high damage and can cause fires multiple times in short succession that can lead to perma-fires
    *-AP Divebombers are strong against BBs and can do Citadel damage to them (RIP BBs again) not so much to light armored ships
    *-Torp planes are super annoying but hard to use which can do multiple torp launches which will cause multiple floodings (if you can hit)
    ***-CVs have UNLIMITED planes which gradually regenerate over time
    **-CVs are not really punished for misplay (compared to before wherein planes were limited)

  19. They just need to admit defeat and remove Aircraft carriers entirely.

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