World of Warships – New Orleans 0.5.13

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New Orleans on moves to support the D point. We use the island to block the enemy as I fire on enemy battleships moving into range. A couple show too much side, but generally the position isn’t very damaging to the enemy. I relocate to another island area and find more success against the enemies. We move back to B in a effort to predict a enemy carrier, hopefully I can find it before the end of the game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII New Orleans Replay


  1. “don’t care about your opinion ” a little rude don’t you think? Yea you
    make it better later but not the best way to open a conversation in my
    opinion but hey you probably “don’t care about your opinion ” . The only
    reason i bothered to comment is because i care about you and think you are
    putting an effort and would like to see you succeed … anyway these things
    are important…

  2. yeah defensive fire is almost useless at the moment due to the lack of
    carriers at higher tier matches. I also equip hydro in my tier 7 and 8 ca’s

  3. Can you confirm if the Belfast now on sale (EU) still has the T8 slot for

  4. What is the specs of your PC Notser?

  5. Demo Expert make the USN CA lot better, due to the lack of CV AFT is anyway
    not so useful. 9.5km concealment is just awesome.
    I played New Orleans before the patch, and I really disliked her fragility.
    Against CA, bow on, everything is all right, but I ate so much citadels
    from all angles if a BB decides to open fire.

  6. Notser any advice for an Izumo, i joust got it, and in believe it is played
    like a sniper. Is that right?

  7. Hey Notser, I like your stuff and I support your content. However, I think
    you should consider cooling it on the complaining. If you’re noticing a
    drop in viewership it might be the complaining. It’s not really something
    that encourages someone to want to watch/listen. Also, haters gonna hate,
    buddy… stop acknowledging the people who think it’s necessary or even
    acceptable to criticize you personally. Stop taking shots back at those
    people throughout your vids. Don’t take it personally and focus your
    content and talk to the people in your videos who appreciate you. Cheers
    and all the respect.

  8. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    can you do a video for Bismark again?, and maybe the t10 German battle ship
    too, don’t remember how to spell its name

  9. Hydro instead of Defensive Fire? Whats wring with you Notser

  10. Thanks, Notser. I made it to the Pensacola about 10 months ago and hated
    it. Finally ground my way to the New Orleans and was soooo disappointed I
    quit playing it after just a few battles. With the new armor changes I’d
    been considering giving the N.O. another try. After watching our video I
    think I will. Keep up the good work.

  11. It looks so smooth and calculated when you play. When I play cruisers I
    always have to change my T-Shirt afterwards. Well played!

  12. Speaking of the mogami, it got a buff along with the NO right

  13. Notser your attitude stinks, i dont know who you think you are lately but i
    think the small amount of fame has gotten to your head. I know you couldnt
    care less, but you lost a sub today. You sound so salty and arrogant i just
    think you sound like a cunt.

  14. is it just me or is notser getting saltier

  15. This is what I like about this ship. It forces you to have such a play
    style that every game is so captivating, energetic, tense..
    You literally can talk (and have to talk) about a lot of subjects during
    such a game. You know, to liven things up.
    (sarcasm, for those that don’t get it).

  16. The in game chat is getting salty…

  17. DO IT! Make the phrase; ‘Doing a NOTSER!’ a global meme phenomenon!
    I love it doing Notsers! Picnic on the beach baby!

  18. “Use the enemy’s expectation against them”

    I bet Sun Tsu said that. >.<

  19. surprised you didnt aim secondaries at the lex

  20. @Notser I don’t read all your comments but from your commentary it sounds
    like you get trolled a lot. Sorry to hear that! Life is too short. If
    someone doesn’t like your content they should spend their time elsewhere
    rather than give you grief. I’d been playing the NO when this season of
    ranked started to mix things up a bit but I really didn’t like it. The
    changes in this update don’t seem compelling enough to try again. I’m sure
    its my playing. (Me to NO: No, really, its not you, its me.)

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