World of Warships – New Orleans 0.6.1

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on Neighbors moves out to support the team as we push forward to get two points. The rate of fire was improved in 0.6.1, I just wanted to see how she performed in a few games. The changes definitely helped the dps of the ship and the ability to finish off targets quicker. Hopefully this game helps to show how much it can help the team when friendly battleships take damage for it. Have a wonderful day and thanks for watching!

Tier VIII New Orleans Replay


  1. that ending be like a Marvel End Credit scene

  2. Nice vid as usual! Could you do one for the Pensacola also? I know it’s a
    pain :)

  3. still not going to grind Pensacola, lol

  4. The new New Orleans! :D

  5. problem still wetpapercola

  6. MustYouHaveAUsername

    I’m always amazed that you sail around in full view of 4 BBs and 2 CAs and
    NO ONE targets you.
    If I even remotely attempted that, Priority Target would immediately go up
    to 3 or 4. Wouldn’t even matter that there is a BB with me, my broadside CA
    would attract all the attention.
    I mean at times you are completely broadside to all of them. 5:00

  7. please, please!!!! its said GNEISENAU!! not GNEISEN…

  8. Kingdom of Nakedness!

  9. so if u buy the valentine’s camouflage for 40 dubloons is that only good
    for one match?

  10. Tim “Uncletim” Coy

    I am reporting this channel for lewdness. My god man have you no shame??
    Showing naked ships children watch these vids!!!!!

    just kidding great vid
    Please do a Cleveland update with the new skills

  11. I’ve played with Cornkiller before. (the friendly DD in this vid) He’s very

  12. The nakedness off her bare hull attracts me to it ??

  13. I just sold mine because I have Baltimore. I miss it.. It was the first
    tier 8 cruiser in the game

  14. Nakedness is the essence of nudity.

  15. they seriously need to rederp rotation speed on the Moagami’s 155’s so they
    at least have something going for them like they used to before the whiney
    betches got it nerfed to fuck

  16. I like the old Orleans better.

  17. Notser – not everyone has unlimited cammos to cover their ships with – just
    in case your perspective is skewed.

  18. “If a battleship refuses to push”… Well, let me describe to you the most
    common scenario I go through every day in my battleships.
    Game starts, a couple of minutes everyone camps or sails very slowly until
    they decide on a general direction for the lemming train. Next few minutes
    the battleships exchange some long-range fire, some destroyers engage in
    suicidal attacks, cruisers fall back as far as possible or camp behind
    islands. At some point I see the opportunity of an attack, I turn bow-in
    and start advancing towards the enemy to lead the assault. Usually I start
    with 5 or 6 cruisers and battleships sailing close behind me. Enemy ships
    soon focus on me with everything they’ve got. I start losing HP as I try to
    sink the most vulnerable opponents. In less than a minute I’m all alone,
    because all allied ships turned away or stopped in smoke screens or behind
    islands. Some of them fire HE at battleships, many with just their rear
    guns, others don’t fire at all to remain concealed. I can’t turn broadside
    to run away, I can’t angle against all enemies and can’t avoid all the
    incoming fire. I may sink one or two enemies, but soon my ship is
    overwhelmed. My team mates keep running away, taking long-range fire and
    getting focused one by one depending on their speed and detection radius.
    Usually one of the rabbits starts calling me a noob as soon as they realize
    that the battle is lost…

  19. nakedness…………… notser the true

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