World of Warships – New Orleans by SavingJ

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New Orleans by SavingJ on Trident moves toward A to support and capture the point. A couple enemy stragglers try to cap A but eventually crumble to SavingJ’s team. The enemies push the eastern side of the map, which SavingJ eventually moves toward. The enemies try to overwhelm SavingJ’s team but they fail to maintain good angling. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII American Cruiser New Orleans Replay


  1. New Orleans may not be the greatest tier 8 cruiser, but damn she is a nice
    looking ship!

  2. tjawaswillstemachen

    just great!! ^^

  3. me > SavingJ

  4. What software that i can use to record the game? Like to send some footage
    to notser next time

  5. How much time did you say my name?! :D

  6. That was some fine shooting. I wish i could lead targets that well.

  7. Are you able to open replays from a different server?

  8. As a side note, i really thing Trident is too small for T8. I don’t know if
    you think that or not, but i feel that way. 7 kills tho, my highest was 6.
    7 is extremely hard.

  9. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Great job saving j. woots

  10. but when i play, i cant hit a citadel at a boat 6 km away.

  11. Can we send you a link to a replay on

  12. New Orleans currently cannot beat a mogami or atago player who knows what
    he’s doing so what I tend to do if to stay in concealment until I have
    their broadside and then delete them with a single ap salvo.

  13. Wow what a great game. Keep them coming.

  14. The Nick Holland

    Another Fog member! I love my clan lol

  15. Hey, thanks for featuring this video! To answer your question, I was
    running with SA, EM, SI, AFT, and CE.

  16. Hey notser i have a replay of an Omaha with 68k damage and a Kraken
    Unleashed medal. Its on my channel but i think i dont have the file anymore.
    Do ya think it would suffice to get used as a replay? :p

  17. he fires and hits target but guns arent
    aligned and still rotating. lol wth

  18. SavingJ saved the J…I mean day.

  19. norf cacalacky!

  20. Keep doing an awesome job Notser, really enjoy your videos =)

  21. Very good cruiser tactics!

  22. fuso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. My best NO game was 110k dmg but I got 4.1k base exp.

  24. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    one thing I know. I don’t want to meet saving J when I’m using Mogami….
    well I might… as long as I don’t lag and drop massive FPS xD

  25. Ihaveyourusername

    I think part of what happens on Trident is the way the teams get deployed
    at the start. You always see one or two ships on one or both flanks, with
    the rest squished in the centre which I guess makes it more attractive to
    lemming train. I’ve seen some people try to ‘save’ the weak flank,
    including myself, but when you’re up against the enemy strong flank on a
    small map it is easy to find yourself outgunned – in that way it teaches
    players to lemming train as well.

  26. GermanThunder75

    Great Game!

  27. Sergio Seminario

    and to think i disliked the NOLA…still think that the pensacola is
    superior though
    great game by savingj, that puts my best score (3335xp) to shame

  28. Jesus Christ, 147,000 damage and 7 kills. That makes my best games in the
    New Orleans look like piles of shit.

  29. Hey Notser,great video once again…that guy is a fantastic player!!!!I
    would like to know if you have any video of IJN Zao…for me the most
    beautifull ship of the game!!!Anyway thank you and keep up the great

  30. I’ve got a 140k dmg game in my Blyskawica I just had last night I think I
    will send in. Less than 2k from Witherer, but I got a Kraken, Confederate,

  31. Hey Notser, I finally got to the Montana and it is my first ever tier 10. I
    was wondering if sometime you could do a play of it so I can better
    understanding of it?

  32. Dang, I had an amazing game last night with my Iwaki alpha (best ship in
    the game) 6 kills 3 of which came from an amazing brawl with destroyers in
    the middle gap on the map Strait. I was not recording so the world will
    never know of my accomplishments. :(

  33. can you play the mosvka

  34. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    NO why no plane?? Removed in 5.5

  35. Ultimate Shifter

    Everytime you say the player’s name makes me think someone is saving HIM.

  36. notser pls do a tutorial on how to aim torps effectively…

  37. Yeah, this match almost makes the New Orleans look OP.

  38. wow, really impressive!

  39. Great video, need to grind some credits so I can get this ship!

  40. its time for the best of part of the day, lunch, chilling, and watching
    Notsers daily video, keep up the awesome work :D

  41. sup notser? hope all is well your way my man.

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