World of Warships – New Orleans Class Cruiser Camouflage!

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  1. why didnt you go together? you just ended 1vs1

  2. BaronVonGamez, i challange you to try to kill someone with the south

  3. Fck new orleans! Yesterday i was playing destroyer and a new orleans
    camouflage ram me and almost fliped me over!

  4. The Ending? well the jap surrendered. FIN.

  5. Kinda a missed the ending there. lol

  6. Refer to me in your next video plz 

  7. why is your thumbnail a Pensacola class cruiser?

  8. Also slickbee and the phly make your videos extra funny

  9. Or tier 11 american fletcher

  10. Baron love your videos I liked you on Facebook my name is Cameron I think
    you should use on the next video the Japanese tier 10 shimakaze


  11. Derek “DGuns” Gunter

    Who was your teammate? Does he do youtube?

  12. The New Orleans, is it the same class as the USS Indianapolis? I believe it
    is correct me if I am wrong.

    • The Indianapolis was a different class than the New Orleans the
      Indianapolis was a Portland class cruiser the New Orleans was a New Orleans
      class cruiser

  13. Bear Steigerwald

    I went from watching monkeys jacking off to watching world of warships…
    What am I doing with my life

  14. Jonathan King (lNomNoml)

    that ending was the best

  15. From 0 to poi, what would you rate this game?

  16. lol your buddy aim sucked big at the end.

  17. I like to see battleship game play using He

  18. why were you firing ap at a battleship….

  19. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Dick move bro, Dick move in-deed.

  20. What! No! I wanted to see the end :(

  21. IOWA, pretending it’s the Mighty Mo

  22. Win or lose

  23. Tier 10 destroyer Gearing

  24. UHHH!! +BaronVonGamez ITS A FIGHTER NOT A SCOUT!!! lol hes meant to shoot
    down planes that get to close

  25. What happened to the end of the footage +BaronVonGamez ? Sadface.

  26. what a cliffhanger

  27. Do the uss omaha pls

  28. Can we see the new York, because you haven’t used it much and I haven’t
    seen much gameplay on it…

  29. Baron can u take out the Iowa class battle ship. And that’s one sexy ship 

  30. German tanks für deütschland und gutt

  31. Do we have to go to Slickbee’s channel to see the ending?

  32. How do you not know what the Atago has when you have played it before lol.

  33. i am quivering with antici………pation Baron!!!!! How does it

  34. good vidéo my friend..please see my vidéos please and suscribe me 🙂 future
    vidéos are comming

  35. SUCH SUSPENSE! Did you win?

  36. Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Wow Baron, that cliffhanger… its way bigger than any anime that needs
    season 2… Who Won yo?? please, dont do cliffhanger, i already had enough
    with anime

  37. DuderMcBroBlaster

    Baron u derp turtle you.

  38. God damm it Baron it you wanted torpedoes for a cruiser then play Japanese
    cruiser. Play the Atago.

  39. its not a fucking scout plane its a fighter! two videos u didnt know what
    the hell your ship even has

  40. Toothbrush Shank

    wtf why no end?

  41. Where’s the ending!!???

  42. you have no sense of teamwork baron, slick requested ur help and u left him
    hanging and nearly dead again. you didn’t have to engage that cruiser which
    nearly killed u. learn teamwork tactics before teaming up. bad gaming.

  43. Why did you cut this off before the game ended?


  45. That’s like going to a nudie bar and they keep everything on. Your out….

  46. Why is it short the end?

  47. Do a tier 1 ship… I want to see your skills with a lesser ship

  48. I like the longer vids

  49. well i guess you lost? The video stopped so abruptly.

  50. Do the Colorado or Nagato


  52. SMK attempt 14

  53. I’m from the big easy bro………love the city and the ship

  54. What happened the video ended before the conclusion. Did you win? Did Slick
    pull it off?

  55. For you asking what happened at the end, Baron and his camera man on
    Slick’s ship where hit by several torpeduses, no one survived the

  56. Atago has four quad torpedo launchers. They hit like a ton of brick and are
    really fast.

  57. End??? 

  58. How are you guys getting these battles with less than 11 players per side?

  59. +BaronVonGamez The camo you where using decreases enemy firing accuracy by

  60. north carolina :)

  61. Waaaaaat who won???

  62. Latios 23187_socialism (Jonathan Chau)

    That settings are you using?

  63. who won lol?

  64. so… who won?

  65. Wish I knew who won….

  66. WHAT HAPPENED??? Why did you cut it short???? Daaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

  67. It’s amusing that until now many player still think the plane in their
    cruiser is scout plane. It’s fighter, catapult fighter, all cruiser at high
    tier have it. It is used to defend your ship, that plane will attack any
    enemy plane near your ship. XD

    • +MistaAbYsSs Yep, torpedo on US destroyer are mostly used to ambush enemy
      ship though. I think the entire US tree is all about gun and spamming ammo.

    • I guess jap dds can be called subs because of their amazing detection range
      and long range torps, but the american dds (till higher tiers) are mini
      clevelands and are shooting and being spotted rather than using torps, I
      love my 3 second reload on my 5 inch guns 😀

    • +MistaAbYsSs Yep, at first I also launch it because I think it could maybe
      scout for me. But now I’m just launch it when there are enemy plane closing
      in or help fight off plane that threaten my ally ( although it pretty
      terrible at the job), after one player told me the enemy ship can spot the
      plane and guess your possition or alert the destroyer that there are
      cruiser nearby. And speaking of destroyer, most of the battleship player I
      have a change to chat in game said that they are “officially” the
      submarine, and now Wargaming now doesn’t have to answer anyone asking for
      incuding sub, because destroyer pretty much take over it’s job. I had seen
      a game where a lone battleship ( most of his escort was dead) suddenly turn
      around when he was heading for cap point, my team was confusing until I saw
      a bunc of fish (torpedo) following behind and he screaming in chat ” Two DD
      behind me”. 😀

    • +Hoang Nguyen I know right? I see so many people like oh, let me launch my
      “scout plane” as soon as the match starts xD . However it is possible if
      your around islands you could use it to spot ships on the other side of an
      island if you are close enough to where the fighter plane has to fly
      over/around a mountain.

    • +Derek F​ Just saying, don’t worry, thought I dont know if catapult fighter
      can be use for scout. When I just got the Cleveland, it was the only thing
      I got for AA assist before I got my AA Barrage ability. 🙂


  69. Marios Karampalis

    wtf did you win?

  70. why did you stop the recording when the battle wasn,t finished wtf baron

  71. Please play the North Carolina next.

  72. thefailbrothers345

    I am the 144st viewer of this mighty video! :D

  73. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    So did you win? ;)

  74. Play a battleship

  75. Number 102 ?????

  76. Dude it’s hard to see it even with my brightness up

  77. Baron call me a scrub you dirty whore

  78. First 

  79. The New Orleans is a bad mamma jamma…what ship next?

  80. 1st

  81. Stefano Freshness

    Barooooooon I can’t see the ship :(


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