World of Warships – New Orleans Class Cruiser Camouflage!

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  1. +JafuetTheSame what an end anyway

  2. The Indianapolis was a different class than the New Orleans the
    Indianapolis was a Portland class cruiser the New Orleans was a New Orleans
    class cruiser

  3. There is 1v1 in tier10

  4. +Streptovsky Not enough players at that tier.

  5. +MistaAbYsSs Yep, torpedo on US destroyer are mostly used to ambush enemy
    ship though. I think the entire US tree is all about gun and spamming ammo.

  6. I guess jap dds can be called subs because of their amazing detection range
    and long range torps, but the american dds (till higher tiers) are mini
    clevelands and are shooting and being spotted rather than using torps, I
    love my 3 second reload on my 5 inch guns 😀

  7. +MistaAbYsSs Yep, at first I also launch it because I think it could maybe
    scout for me. But now I’m just launch it when there are enemy plane closing
    in or help fight off plane that threaten my ally ( although it pretty
    terrible at the job), after one player told me the enemy ship can spot the
    plane and guess your possition or alert the destroyer that there are
    cruiser nearby. And speaking of destroyer, most of the battleship player I
    have a change to chat in game said that they are “officially” the
    submarine, and now Wargaming now doesn’t have to answer anyone asking for
    incuding sub, because destroyer pretty much take over it’s job. I had seen
    a game where a lone battleship ( most of his escort was dead) suddenly turn
    around when he was heading for cap point, my team was confusing until I saw
    a bunc of fish (torpedo) following behind and he screaming in chat ” Two DD
    behind me”. 😀

  8. +Hoang Nguyen I know right? I see so many people like oh, let me launch my
    “scout plane” as soon as the match starts xD . However it is possible if
    your around islands you could use it to spot ships on the other side of an
    island if you are close enough to where the fighter plane has to fly
    over/around a mountain.

  9. lol yeah hate fail

  10. Quinton Honeycutt

    Love how he said hes so dumb and how he obviously doesnt like him… yet he
    watched the whole video XD

  11. +gregory lozado Do you realize no one is listening to your pointless
    bullshit. Go back to your dark corner and stay there.

  12. +gregory lozado Take that yard stick out of your ass then talk.

  13. joris van kraaij

    +gregory lozado first of all calm your tits. second of all: i do believe
    that you are the dumb person here, baron is a gr8 youtuber and you should
    stop hating and third: take your pills you are having an anger attack.

  14. yeah my windows7 is not good enough right? lol and im not the onlyone
    having problems

  15. +Mark Wilson Spell device right if you’re going to point it out.

  16. +xXFAM3XxDemon then theres something wronge with your devise

  17. Do the Isi 152

  18. I live in New Orleans 😀

  19. Neat my grandfather served on the New Orlean in ww2

  20. Nguyên Architaku

    +BaronVonGamez Shimakaze!!! I’ve been waiting for a Shimakaze vid for so

    DELIVERS THE SAUSAGE. Take out a lower-tier IJN destroyer like the
    *Wakatake* or *Isokaze*.

  22. +Couple Gaming nope

  23. +cooltobs no

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