World of Warships – New Orleans Tier 8 USN Cruiser Overview

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The good ol’ NAWLINS! Very fine cruiser, I tell you!


  1. I need some more advice. I’ve been doing atrociously in the Izumo, so bad I
    find her secondaries more reliable than her main batteries. I shoot a
    Kutuzov at six kilometers at the waterline. Two fall short, the other lob

    Is the dispersion mod even worth it? I tried it once and I just couldn’t
    notice a difference in her performance.

  2. Fun fact at 21:01. It is a defeat. LOL

  3. A really good ship i think! great Video, also a great commentary. Best wows
    streamer(second Kami(blame iDisney)) ^^/

  4. Hey Biz, Dok again, this time I read the description and watched all the
    video to make sure I could answer my question on my own.

    Been grinding for the Yamato the last couple of days after a stellar Izumo
    game, which I can’t remember if I got around to sending or not. Don’t think
    I did, was a kraken. I can’t believe it either, a Kraken in an Izumo.

    Anyway, been grinding out about 50k XP daily and on the verge of being a
    proud member of the Yamato owner’s club, so I gotta ask what you think
    would be more viable. Should I go for the accuracy module or follow Izumo’s
    example and go secondaries?

  5. Just looking at the score screens, at times ~10% of this thing’s shots
    result in citadels. That is some kind of amazing. Thanks for taking the
    time to make these videos. They are instructive and informative.

  6. How bad is the Yorck really…?

  7. just a silly question: how and where did you get these skins?

  8. grinding US cruisers for new orleans and baltimore, some nice looking ships
    ( not stats, the looks)

  9. Thanks for doing a video on the New Orleans. A lot of people just shun it
    so it never gets the time of day.

  10. Do you have a new overview for the mogami planned? Cause i think she
    changed a lot after the change of the captain skills.

  11. You haven’t gotten the Hipper yet? Oh, well you’re gonna find her a bit
    challenging to play after going from the Yorck. She turns like a train
    stock, even with the rudder shift module, and seems to get citadel’d from
    ridiculous angles. Guns are amazing with a huge amount of damage potential,

  12. I’ve played a lot with the NO. I gave up for a bit to milk the mogami, but
    since the last couple patches the NO is fun again. particularly like radar.
    I think her AA is decent except against tier 9/10 carriers. enjoy the

  13. Great vid, keep them coming. Pickle sure killed it in that match, I was
    merely ok with this. I am having hit and miss games in the Baltimore now,
    just grinding up to the Des Moines

  14. 8:14 6 HE hits at close range on a DD and you get that damage? fuck
    war-gaming, com’on man…………………

  15. I have yet to have decent game in that thing

  16. lol excellent man you score a kraken what a coincidence I score a kraken to
    today lol

  17. Kerspaprog Balceram

    You should try the AP on DDs, as long as they are angled it can do tons of
    damage, sometimes even instakill a full health DD.
    I know it sounds weird, but ive found it to be extremely effective as long
    as the DD is NOT broadside, i imagine its because the shells travel through
    the length of the ship instead of just over-penetrating.

  18. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    I didn’t really enjoy the NO back in CBT days. Maybe it’s just because the
    tier7 Mogami just shat on everything.

    NO as of now is a pretty solid ship imo: good offensive turret layout, good
    AP performace, very good concealment for a USN cruiser (a huge upgrade from
    the Pensacola) and especially a very tricky citadel hitbox. However it
    seems like not many players can get the most out of this ship. Most NO I
    see on Asia server are just very poor skilled.

  19. Thx for using my replay :))) I got giddy then I saw my replay 😀 also I am
    not THAT deprivedpickle but we both had the same idea for a bad name and I
    love pickles so… GG

  20. wow… never seen such a terrible NC player.

  21. 2:30 pm EST…thats like 2:30 am here..Anyways, do you have a plan to do a
    (updated)Aoba overview? Since I’ve just finished the Furious Taco and I’m
    kinda lost on how to play the Aoba.

  22. 2nd view, 2nd comment :3

  23. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Ayyy new intro nice :)

  24. 1st view, 1st comment :D

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