World of Warships NEW Premium Battleship – Titanic w/ Guns! Tier 2 Mikasa

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World of Warships Premium Tier 2 Battleship Mikasa Tier 2 bb
WOWS Premium Battleship Gameplay – Titanic w/ Guns!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Secondary battery guns fire automatically at anything that is in range like
    AA guns. And can be toggled on or off with the P key

  2. Izaac “Aize” Floro

    +Lelouch Vi Britannia Ardee… wtf are you here hahaha

  3. Only fire HE on destroyers and carriers unless you know what you’re doing
    though, fire at the extreme edge of your range with AP and it will punch
    straight through the thinner deck armour, if you’re too close it will just
    hit the side where the armour is the thickest, and tack left and right when
    you’re being fired on, you’ll slow down a little but it makes you a harder
    target to hit

  4. You’ll learn, always lead your shots, unless their not moving, and make
    sure in range too. If you don’t know how to get to the aiming view just
    scroll in or hit shift. Fire HE shells by pressing 1 twice quickly. They
    should load as standard. Firing broadsides is much more effective if you
    don’t care about getting hit, but staying more straight makes you a harder
    target to hit, but you can’t fire as much. I hope some of this helps.

  5. That’s not a German eagle….

  6. +Jack Stanislow Why not both?

  7. +Jack Stanislow Japanese BBs are fun for me, esp the kongo and fuso. German
    H class might be Tier 10 so you need quite a bit of grind for it

  8. +fludblud Yup. They should have the tier one ships in a tier zero or a
    training ship tier and then have BB’s in tier one and two also. 😛

  9. +fludblud IRL they weren’t the same gun though, the St. Louis used 152/50,
    and the Mikasa used 152/40, that extra barrel length would account for
    quite a lot more power. Double the range is probably a bit of an
    exaggeration, but it makes sense that the St. Louis has better guns

  10. +GrayAndAnime OwO Whats retarded is that both the Mikasa and the St Louis
    have 14 QFsix inch guns but due to the stupid game design, you can fire the
    St Louis’ primary armament up to 10 km but the Mikasa’s secondaries WHICH
    ARE THE SAME GUNS AS THE ST LOUIS’ PRIMARIES can only fire half that
    distance and cannot hit squat.

    This game seriously needs to figure itself out because it does these ships
    no justice at all.

  11. +Usani bh It’s under the special offers section in the store (on the

  12. +xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx I think, therefore I am.

  13. xXx_Sp0d3rm4n_xXx

    +Plank Hill you are a plank you cant talk

  14. +Josh Wetzel Well at least I am consistent.

  15. Every time I see you on here you are complaining

  16. Maybe because they brought honor to the emperor

  17. Also several Fletcher’s and Essex’s still exist

  18. Her’s yor daly dpse og typis

  19. Uss Iowa in still floating museum actually all four are still a float

  20. +eliencinas28 yeah, more like moored in concrete.

  21. Not floating

  22. +Niklas Schmid I know

  23. +wladimir lillo Every ship can one hit… if you hit the ammo bunker

  24. +ninjanuttsack Yamato can one shot all ships

  25. +Hoang Nguyen I hope it’ll come to Asia server very soon.

  26. The Totalitarian Cheesecake

    +clamum a skill, sadly, that many lack…

  27. +Curtis Stokman I actually toured the ship, in fact I happen to live in the
    city it is actually at. Yokosuka City. It is a fantastic Muesuem ship. If
    you ever visit Japan you need to check it out.

  28. +Curtis Stokman Holy shit you can read Wikipedia!

  29. +Curtis Stokman If not counting wood & sail ships, yep.

    As an aside. I hope this isn’t going to be an EU exclusive. For just the
    few bucks it must cost i’d like to pick it up.

  30. +andrew22334455 I know that.

  31. Well it kinda is pretty obvious

  32. Apart from having ridiculous laws and all that I think it’s a pretty
    country but I think Japan is WAAAAYYY better

  33. Ohhhhh I’ll get my army of Kongou class battleships and kick theirs asses.
    I’m messing too I like China

  34. 夜のステップ

    +koen blokzijl and that’s literally the only thing I even hated in my whole
    life XD

    I mean,sausage is good,but not good enough to publicly state “I buy
    sausage”.I mean,who can easily go around and say “I LIKE BUYING A PHALEIC
    SHAPED OBJECT”.Goddamn…

  35. 夜のステップ

    +Nikolas Retsch “…wurst”

    “I buy sausage” first three words of the Lucky Star intro.WHY?

  36. Chris Proost (TheAlmightyProo)

    +oldfrend Yeah that attitude sucks seeing as it’s the kind of game where
    old hands seem willing to impart a little advice and allow a mistake or two
    from newbs while they learn. I can’t wait until I get new PC so I can play
    this and I’ll probably be needing advice too only I’ll actually listen
    because I love being a team player and cooperation.

  37. +oldfrend must been a 12 yo skrub

  38. True true lol

  39. +sherwin leggett the nub factor is strong with WoWs right now. every game
    you see near misses or friendly hits with torps, and every game you see
    dudes launching waaaaay the fuck outta range. i tried to tell a guy he was
    launching out of range, he just said i was dead so what did i know. i was
    right with that launch and his next three, and he still just chanted
    ‘you’re dead so i’m better than you’ nonsense.

  40. ☆Sir Dubstep☆

    +oppplayerr vlogs Not sure. trying to scavange the internet for a way. If i
    find anything i will let you know 😀

  41. We’re do you get mikasa

  42. +FlopFlop its “mi casa”

  43. it means my house in spanish

  44. +Crystal Roux Mikasa means three bamboo hat in japan

  45. Arkadiusz Jagiełło

    +Hoang Nguyen Really EU only? That’s some strange marketing decision, but
    hey it’s WG 😛

  46. +Shade Caster EU server premium shop. 🙂

  47. Dave Mustaine (The ruler of Metallia.)

    Its a test ship i believe

  48. Arkadiusz Jagiełło

    +Shade Caster It’s in premium shop

  49. +Adrian Rams i remmember when it was the first one to drop the nuke

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