World of Warships – NEW RECORD

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It finally happened, the new record is here and ofc itR;s in a BB. What better BBQ BB. The end of this is spectacular.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. 16:47

    Probably the best coming sound you ever had Flamby 😉

  2. 16:47 – Is that what Mrs Citadel hears at the end of sexy time?

  3. 386 Health. That’s how low you dropped. Couldn’t believe that you got away with it – that Tirpitz definitely had time to reload, even without AR in between shots. Probably tried to get a CQE medal, seeing how low health you were.

  4. I almost spit my drink all over my phone when you dumpstered that poor lonely Carrier. Oh my goodness.

  5. Pavel Prochazka

    Man, if I were that Tirpitz, I would have broken my keyboard to pieces while watching Conqueror, that is 1,5km from you, going from 386 HP to 40k 😀 I broke my dmg record a few days back with Jean Bart. I have scored 3,9k base xp with 297k dmg, but I was kinda angry at the end that I didnt break this 300k 😀

  6. gaelen bannister

    please tell me ur sending this one to the old man for commentary. great game

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      Please no. It’s bad enough with Jingles just showing a repeat of his video’s but to have to put up with ‘special’ said in a manner meant to be demeaning to people with mental disabilities it should stay on this fools channel.

    • +Bran Tse Mallory jingles is a piece of shit.

    • The “special” thing does bug me too, but what’s with the hostility? If it bothers you this much, just don’t watch; instead of being unpleasant yourselves…

    • +Bran Tse Mallory Imagine being mad because some dude said special. I can only wonder what pain you must face when you come across someone saying retarded.

  7. Hello jingles?

    Yeah this one right here

  8. When you ejucalated 10 times in a row

  9. >brink of exploding
    >enemy bb:”yes, yes, imma get flambino kill”
    >reprints half a ship

  10. Such a pleasure to watch poetry in motion. Thank you Flambino.

  11. That Richeliu saved you my friend

  12. Hahaha holy fucksticks Flambass!!!! I don’t know how you do what the hell you do , But keep f’kin doing it 😀

  13. love that guy in richelieu, he just made it happen by that ram

  14. Waning crescent

    16:47 Jesus Christ, flambass. Had to show the vid from start to make my wife understand that there’s no one else in my room ?


  15. 15:45 – So that is what Jingles refers to as “printing yourself a new ship”? 🙂

  16. Props to that Rich. He was yelling “GET DOWN MR PRESIDENT!”

  17. Full broadside on full health Implacable, devastating strike!
    *Mic Drop*

  18. “Im gonna die”

    *prints new ship*


  19. They should rename this ship to HMS Wolverine.

  20. Tier X be like: gets 300k+ damage
    =60.000 coins

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