World of Warships – New reworked CV actual battle

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Here is a video of an entire battle where someone plays 9vs9 CO-OP but it’s an awesome chance to see what kind of problems lie ahead with actual moving targets and not just stationary bots.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. hey flambass, my first time being the first view. Hope you and hans are ready for rocket strikes in the future

  2. Somehow this is not inspiring me in any way. Not sure WG is heading in the right direction here. A nasty feeling of “mobile game”.

    Bad memories of Dragon Age:Inquisition and the definite feeling of MMO.

  3. The problem is with the DOT damage. Imagine that a torpedo bomber squad can cause flooding several times in 1 run. A skilled player can flood 1 BB, flood another and then go back to the first one after it used the repair consumable …

    • Did you see that with 6 torp hits (not even all on torpedoes protections) he only did 1 flood?
      Edit, I agree about fires, tho I’d rather be focused by 1000 rockets than a single Worcester.

    • I did hear that they are going to adjust DefAA and AA to balance out the different attacking structure .. we shall see

  4. i dont like it! not actual opinion, just my autism regarding change…
    yoyo flambass.
    hope you have recovered from your pillow injuries.

  5. The amount of damages is decent, since he missed a lot of drops it could’ve been better, but they also were bots, and with humans using AA properly and dodging, it also could’ve been worse.

    Even if an average player will be able to do, let’s say, ~80k damages (tierX) easily, the enemy CV will be able do to the same without air domination anymore, and at least the skill gap seems to be fixed a bit, I don’t see how one can do 300/400k damages.

    • The damage numbers are the least important thing in this video. That can be tweaked easily. The important part is the gameplay and it’s mechanics.

    • I find this gameplay fine aswell. Instead of point and click with always perfect dispersion, you now have to think about the distance you have to take before dropping, and not only the angle. That and be cautious about which sectors enemies AA is covering, this doesn’t seem as regressive as people make it sound. For the immersive third person view, I think it’s cooler & less boring than the minimap one.

    • it is looking a little bit more challenging I must say .. but still keeping an open mind 😉

  6. its quite easy to see if u know what ur looking for at the fuso
    at his first run, he constatnly changes the angel, whenever you move the planes to left or right the attack field widens extremly, so his small angel adjustments just make it stay wide, later its seen easier when he only correct it 1 time in a fly in but on his first attack on fuso he makes micro changes and they effect the widening of the attack field

  7. If Fuso AA against Midway planes is this kind of almost sufficient, GL to droping some AA speced T10 BB… 😀
    …not to mention AA speced T10 cruisers xD

    • Well, AA (and AA skills) will be entirely reworked aswell so we can’t assume anything. They want all the ships to be able to deal damages to planes, even DD, and in the same time they don’t want DM or AA spec cruisers to delete squads in a second.
      I’d call it “balancing”.

  8. Given how long it took for a T10 Midway to sink a T6 Fuso with the torpedo bombers, I can see Yamato who’s supposed to be on the weaker side of T10 BB AA to “counter” torpedo bombers by using her superior torpedo belt to mitigate flooding chance unless the drop is aimed on the bow or stern. In which case using rockets or bombs and deal multiple fires may deal as much damage as torpedoes and possibility of flooding against battleships.

  9. Nope. Not a fan of this new CV gameplay. This is too simplistic.

    • But aren’t Cruisers/DDs/BBs simplistic? What gives CVs the right to be complex and dig a huge skillgap between players? Tho don’t other ship classes already have a big skillgap despite being simplistic?
      This game isn’t meant to be complex via its gameplay, but by maps/ships knowledge. If you want a mechanically skilled game, sorry but this is not a good one.

  10. this looks terrible to be honest i will not play this traaaash i come to WOW to play with warships not fly planes

    • Well, that’s one valuable opinion.
      Though we already have planes, and their system is absolutely traaaash as you said, so reworking them to fit the arcade game WoWs is is better than keeping the RTS multitasking one, ruining other ship’s games.
      Also war overseas was more about planes than ships (with the time), and this rework will probably give the possibility of having submarines, that existed at the same time than battleships and their battles.
      It’s true that our game will no longer have ships only (which is sad for some) but having diversity isn’t that bad too.

  11. Des Moines and Moskva and Worcester will love this with def AA.

    • Seems like they will do far less damages, but the drops dispersion will be more useful. I just wonder how original (or not, but compared to the ones rn it shouldn’t be hard) will the reworked AA skills be.

  12. Kotori Minami_chan16

    This (3:23) is bad, they’re leading the enemy to the carrier.

    I think the developers should let us make custom squadrons, for example: in a squadron of 12 planes, we can choose 4 sets of 3 planes from the 3 types, like 2 torp bombers, 1 dive bomber and 1 rocket launcher.

    I don’t really like this gameplay, it looks fun when they showed the 1st gameplay video, now it looks super boring.

  13. This new CV gameplay totally killed the strategic fun and aspect of the CV’s. It’s too simplistic. I don’t like this game is becoming more and more FAST PACED, SIMPLIFIED and RUN AND GUN game. Well that’s just my opinion … anyway… i noticed WG never listens not even to testers … so i have a feeling they will totaly ruin this game too. See… i came here to Warships because i don’t like how TANKS are played but now WG is making this game like TANKS are. Sad, sad.

    • it eliminates having a strike load out and finding air superiority on the enemy team that makes you useless and the game no fun. it removes the unbalance between Japanese and American fighter planes. and the super macro straffing runs ruining your game from one mistake. now the carrier player has to commit to scouting one area or attacking one area. instead of using fighters and empty bombers to super scout the entire map and light up the entire enemy team.

    • Camp? How about if they worked together as a team and make CV way less effective?

    • +Ap3xPr3d4t0r that’s what people are doing, staying together to concentrate AA power. But you always have isolated targets that will get badly struck (because a whole team can’t stay 5km from each other).

      But that way your team don’t split -> no crossfire -> uneffective aswell. If a whole team has to sacrifice map control and DPM just to make the enemy CV less impactful, and let the map domination and DPM just to the CV, it’s just boring, closer to a 1vs1 than a team game.

    • I played Saipan in a tier 9 game a few days ago. The enemy split into two main forces and concentrated their AA very well. I lost 2 planes to the enemy CV but lost 5 squadrons to AA, there was no way in or easy stragglers, well played enemy. There were things WG could do before such a massive change.. how about limit squadrons? Less squadrons less damage, perma spotting would take precious planes then and be at more of a cost to the CV player. Only 4 squadrons I hear CV players say? Well now you got 1 .. They say RTS is too far from being in a warship? Well now you cant dodge/Def fire or damage cntrl so even less like a ship. It seems very world of warplanes. I guess it’s wait and see how they address the new problems.

    • We still don’t know what will the new AA and CV skills be, so assuming such things is a bit impatient. I am confident that this rework can only bring good things.

  14. This just looks like it’s being gone so you can console play them, or I’m on a iPad.
    And submarines? Does that mean dds get depth charges? And if they do if another ship hits there dc rack they should blowup, like in real life.

  15. Just remove CV’s from the game /shrug, spend the time and money fixing MMer and other things.
    Why do we even need them? This is an arcade style sea shooter, there is no need to have cv’s in it.
    The most fun games I’ve had in WOWS are the ones without a CV, the worst are the ones were the 2 CV’s are so diff skill levels that its sad to even be on the winning team.
    Say no to CV’s.
    Instead of adding new shinny things to the game that aren’t needed like new UI and play for CV’s and subs ffs, focus on what makes the game fun already without that. You know the CORE game play.

    • I agree with you and always have. However, the issue at this stage in the game’s lifespan is what to do with all the players who paid real money for a premium carrier? That could be a disastrous PR nightmare for WG. So unfortunately it’s far too late to remove them, instead the best we can hope for is proper balancing. =/

  16. No fighter control no flight return control no Cv control = no fun…. we need control control control
    1. you need fighter control so you can defend yourself or the fleet from incoming attack need ship control so you can defend yourself from enemy dd’s or incoming fire while being spotted by enemies Squadron
    3. you need to have control to flight returning to base because they will reveal your position so a DD can just come in assassinate you control control control control

  17. Honestly I don’t think the CV problem has anything to do with skill gap potato players or being too powerful but only to make it compatible with console version of World of Warships because you can’t play RTS on a console so this is only to make the game compatible for Xbox potato players. Wargaming can I make more money out of Daddy and the millennial kids playing Xbox console s***

  18. WG is really trying to F this game up. Oh, wait, they have in certain aspects, but this kind of crap takes the cake. I wasn’t aware that WWII carrier planes used these rockets? I thought they were only used against land based targets?

  19. Looks like it will promote pairing up with your favorite AA spec cruiser (Atlanta, Des Moines, Moskva, Worchester, ect.) and actually work as an AA team alternating defensive AA consumables.  May be a WoWs goal? But it does give the impression that the best team, and not the best individuals will be winning against the air menace. Also looks like another nail in the DD’s coffin though. Not happy about that.

  20. POS. Say no to CV Rework.

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