World Of Warships NEW – RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP – Imperator Nikolai I Soviet Battleship

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World NEW – RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP – Imperator Nikolai I Soviet Battleship

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  1. i hope there’s sverdlov or Ordzhonikidze 310 in wows tech tree

  2. you forgot the Ishizuchi. and it’s pronounced Imp-air-a-tore Niko-la-i

  3. You mixed up the nationality of the Andrea Doria-Class Battleship as it is
    a Italian warship from both of the world wars but still look forward to
    seeing it in game.

  4. youve outdone yourself with your research for this vid phly well done

  5. Allow me to show you Soviet power!

  6. hope we will see many pre dreadnoght battleship

  7. My god, that pronunciation. It’s SE-VAS-TO-POL. It’s Picture not Pitcher.
    It’s Nikolai not Nikoliah.

  8. Sorry, I hate improperly pronounced things, have too many friends that have
    hard to pronounce names. The Im-pear-a-tor Knee-Ko-Lai Launched in
    1916. Real ship, didn’t have much to do on deck really. and the other
    ship… Se-vest-a-pool is how you pronounce it.

  9. Thanks for sharing the Imperator Nikolai. Was waiting to see it in action
    when I first saw someone playing it on the RU server.

  10. Baron the Andrea Doria si an italian battleship

  11. im- pair- ah- tor imperator it is latin

  12. it does look like the Sevastopol!

  13. Andrea Doria was Italian and never got into German hands. She was interned
    in Malta by the British after 1943. She will most likely be the Tier 5
    Italian Battleship in the Italian battleship tree, as part of Conte di
    Cavour class.

  14. And then here comes those few that noticed the 69 on the artillery and then
    go “ohhhhhhhhh” all day on the comments.

  15. Russian ships be like “Fuck you we have guns, range, guns, guns, health,
    accuracy…. because WarGaming”

  16. Phly, its an early Dreadnought so its anti-air is not strong and obviously
    it’s speed is limited

  17. So let me get this straight… they added Russian navy which is only famous
    for getting the hell bombed out of them by the germans… but no British
    Royal Navy or Marina Italiana which were MUCH more important and relevant?

  18. Just love the intro!

  19. Zion “Fino” Laster

    Phly gave me a cold through this video.

  20. This ship same with RMS Gangut-Class

  21. I reckon this thing will be very prone to magazine detonations, given that
    there are 4 magazines spread out over the entire length of the ship plus
    the citadel areas. Be fun to try out though.

  22. $33…. for one ship… Hahahaha

  23. Some “AWOOGAS”

  24. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Man I still love that Intro man, best for WoWs so far =)

  25. Damn you were fucked up when you made this video. I approve, awesome to see
    the first soviet battleship.

  26. im-per-ay-tor is how its pronounced.

  27. Try saying Im-pea-ra-tor Ni-ko-lie, say “pea” in impearator like the name
    of the seed, and in Nikolie end the word with “lie” not laya the way that
    you did in the video, hope this helps :)

  28. borodino dreadnaught

  29. I’m pretty damn sure Phly is mispronouncing these names on purpose. There
    is no WAY any competent human being could mispronounce ‘Sevastopol’ as

    Also, Andrea Doria is an Italian ship

  30. What BB is that in the intro?

  31. God damn that is an amazing looking boat.

  32. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “my God… the Kawachi
    2.0… but Russian”

  33. did u get get the IJN Tone?

  34. Secondaries

  35. The secondariers r almost St. Louis guns

  36. hey phly, as a prem soviet carrier, have the captured german carrier Graf

  37. I have noticed Phly is not a great battleship captain lol

  38. Dear god, look up how to pronounce something before you make a video….

  39. Im pear a tor

  40. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they added a line from each nation rather
    than adding “full” tech trees?

  41. Love the vids…but…you should consider looking up every word you might
    not know before saying it :>

  42. Your pronunciation of Imperator is out of wack. Is like saying imperative
    but replace the ive with an or but say it like if you’re saying terminator
    get it. If you don’t understand then go watch Fury Road. Next thing I know
    he’ll be naming her Furiosa. LOL ?

  43. This ship seems to catch on fire as easily as a match. Or maybe the
    Furatakas have really good HE shells. Or maybe it’s the work of RNGesus.

  44. The Andrea Doria is an Italian battleship.

  45. Watching you have your guns on that low health furutaka and then turning to
    shoot at (and usually miss) someone else over and over again pissed me off
    so bad. Don’t know why you wouldn’t just kill off a low health enemy and
    take their guns out of the equation…

  46. “Impeeratore Neekolai the First”

  47. I love the intro

  48. 305mm look like Star Destroyer guns.

  49. Nick-oll-eye=Nikolai

  50. Imm-peer-ar-teer=Imperator

  51. wow… soviet ‘bullshit’-ship. i’m waiting on what are Russians gonna pull
    their own asses now.

  52. Julius Caesar: It is pronounced “Im-pair-ah-tor” you unwashed barbarian.

  53. It’s pretty butt ugly but has great grouping. Looks like a fun ship, any
    clue if it will be on the NA server?

  54. okay sorry i cant talk I can only sing

  55. Phly, theres a polish dd coming.

  56. Anyone feel that as time goes by Phly is getting……what the

  57. Things a beast. Surprised then haven’t added the Battleship Potemkin
    Phly: “Everyone hates the Karlsruhe?”
    ..yes.. yes we do. Finally there is a ship worse to grind than the Tenryu.
    (which can be great once you figure how to play it at least) How nice there
    are T5 premiums just there eh cough Wows marketing to game play strategy
    for sales :)

  58. imp air a door

  59. Hey hey Phly as long as I know the Andrea Doria was an Italian battleship
    along with the Caio Duilio

  60. NOOB

  61. Enemy team was perfect example of tunnel visioning on a carrier in second
    match. Bet they felt dumb.

  62. Been looking at this one for a while. Good vid Phly. I’m no expert but
    seems you’re aim is a taaaaaaad to high for cit hits? In the first battle
    against the CAs it seemed the same, a tad to high, just above the water
    line instead of alined with the line when they where sailing straight? Or
    am I wrong here? Again, thanks for the vid with the IN – I really liked it

  63. Nee-koh-li, not Neekoliah. Idk how to pronounce Imperator, but it probably
    doesn’t have rolled R’s in it.

  64. yep, phly needs to do his research, it was a real ship and yes it is a WWI
    erea design, but hey so was the new york class, it was launched in 1916.
    she was scrapped in 1927 . her intent was to counter Ottoman warships being
    built for service in the black sea. the AAA sucks because aircraft where
    not considered as a threat to battle ships in 1916.

  65. Damn, she’s sexy !

  66. poor Phly…… this ship class actually did exist.

  67. phly for your next tank you should use the pz II H with the 50 mm

  68. PhyDaily-“Now im gonna mispronouce that”

    Me-“Here we go…”

    PhyDaily-” The Sevaspu”

    Me-“urrrrrr…. Sevastopol….SevasTOpoL…”

    PhyDaily-” The Sevaspu!”

    Me-” man i love your vids…but please… at least try to hear the name
    only one time… But i know it cant be worst than that”
    like 10 seconds later
    PhyDaily-“This is the Russian BattleShip Emperaturrr Nikolaiiaaa”

    Me-“It got worse… Forgive him Putin”

  69. Say it with me Phly
    it’s pronounced “SEV-AS-TOE-POLE”

  70. beautyfull BB

  71. And if try pronounce “Sevastopol” so just use google translate and use
    voice… Don’t pronounce like that great City-hero Sevastopol (Crimea or
    Krim , Russia)

  72. I think there gonna add the Soviet battleship Arkhangelsk

  73. )))) its not “one” its first . Emperor Nikolai I (First)
    Император Николай I (build 1817)

  74. Im-pair-a-tore Nikolai The first :D

  75. ww1 1 planned and it was cancelled

  76. Must be because the company’s originally from Belarus, but come on.
    The UK’s navy was/is WAY bigger than the Soviet navy, but yet they
    prioritise the Soviets.

  77. ww1 look at the years on the gun names

  78. My opinion about this ship is very bad.

    Positives first – good turret placement – 3 or 4 turrets facing forward
    with good shooting angles (option to angle your armor, avoid showing
    broadside to enemy) and ability to add my Murmansk commander additional
    first win bonus, ok firing range.

    Not important now – bad anti air – on tier 4 ship you generally wont have
    many planes that will try to hurt you in the first place. Antiair could be
    better but still … this ship won’t try to defend himself against Midway
    carrier anyway …

    Negatives now – worse then slow – not maximum speed is problem here but if
    you will try to turn your speed will drop soo slow that for example sudden
    change of course from going forward to reverse from enemy will force you to
    show enemy your broadside for much to long time because your speed during
    that process will drop drastically. Another negative thing – this guns are
    soo inaccurate. Omg … Terrible accuracy.

    this is typical slow battleship for you in the end … you will miss much
    more than you can accept, zero speed and zero chance to do any faster turn.

    I have this ship in my port but to be honest – if you really want to play
    battleships on that tier – go for Myogi , he is fast, he has super fire
    range and will prepare you for 30 knots super battleship Kongo. Soo, you
    want battleships in lower tiers – tier 4 and tier 5 japanese are for you.
    Imperator Nikolai I – is not.

    Do not try to find me in wows because there i have different nick which
    alllows me here to say more what i really think.

  79. the ship that it remides you ove its pronounced savastapool

  80. Im-peer-uh-tor

  81. mikasa sukasa

  82. They should add the H44 German super battleship. It never passed the
    deawing stage but it where to be the gratest warship of all time!

  83. You are way to aggressive play a bit more defensive

  84. your always so slow on the health generating….

  85. Phly, I hope that the pronunciation is on purpose… :/

  86. Is it only on the EU Premium store?

  87. Dear Phly– imPEARatore, seBAStoepaul, KARLSroohuh, hmmm.. AyOHbuh…. Love
    the videos!

  88. Waaaaaat? Did a kid draw that ship up? Such an ugly bucket!

  89. Phly you really need to go back to school. You can’t read names correctly
    and you can’t even get your left and right sorted out.

  90. Rens van der Hoeven

    omg phly, this title is such a spoiler ;)

  91. The ship is halfway paper, they started to build it, halfway the revolution
    kicked in, and the had to stop, and then it was renamed, given to the
    ucraine, renamed again, and finaly given back to the sovjet union and then
    they trashed it because it was too old and would to expensive to finish the

  92. Gangut class or Impereritsa class??

  93. Phly, it’s pronounced “Imp-er-a-tor Nick-oh-lai The First”. You’re welcome!

  94. Do a video with the Mikasa Please! I really think about getting it but i
    dont know if its good so it would be nice if you did a video with it 😀
    Love you videos keep up the good work bro! <3

  95. They have to include the Potemkin at some point

  96. Sigh, you can’t say Imperator right?? Im pera tor. Think about spratacus,
    romans, Emperor. Yea Imperator…

  97. Thank goodness they’re not 356mm guns, or Russian “bias” will be proven

  98. imperator = em per ray tour

  99. Can you make another account with a whole ship walk through I really want
    to see it!

  100. Not worth what they’re asking I’d say, but that’s true of every package
    they put on the store.

  101. if y want to sat nikolai properly just say niko and why

  102. It doesn’t look like the design images I’m seeing on Google. What’s up with
    the giant ugly bow, the whole section forward of the bridge? It’s huge and
    elevated. That not only looks ugly, but also it looks functionally
    unnecessary and like it would also make it even easier to hit than other
    BBs because its profile is so fat.

  103. It’s pronounced *im-pair-ah-tor niko-lie*

  104. best youtuber ever

  105. the Mikasa looks like a friggin cargo ship.

  106. ussr battleship Gangut and Sevastopol and the Arkhangelsk… RIP trying to
    pronounce the names


  108. So is this an attempt to make people not want to play play IJN BBs? The
    Myogi is pretty bad compared to the Wyoming but this is ridiculous. IJN DDs
    already have the lowest win and kills to death rates in the game. Less
    premiums and more balancing WG.

  109. I just love to watch youre vids in bed after a long day. Thanks man!

  110. You pronounce imperator like I pronounce Arkansas Badly!!!! I say R Kansas

  111. Phly please do a video on the Mikasa

  112. -PhlyDaily want to play every weekend on sat and Sunday at 6:30 in the

  113. Wtf are citadels?

  114. i can’t find this in the premium shop or tech tree… i guess you are a
    super tester or what?

  115. I was kinda hoping this would be a video on Project 24:( Also Stalingrad
    won’t likely be in the in the first lines. A preliminary of hers could come
    in as the T10 cruiser.

  116. Russian OP

  117. You couldn’t have miss pronounced the name any worse than you did.

  118. Jesus, when I first saw that ship, I was like “Holy crap that’s one UGLY

  119. good golly fucking OP…. biased russian fucks

  120. What is that intro music?!? ITS UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!

  121. should I get this or wait for warthunder ships?

  122. The last e of the Karlsruhe is not silent

  123. Could u PLZ do more Rise of Flight? it was so much fun to watch!

  124. The resemblance to the Sevastapol is no coincidence. The Imperator Nikolai
    I was effectively an improved version of the Sevastapol (or Gangut) class
    battleship, with the same main armament and basic layout.

    Go figure though, they add in yet another unfinished premium Russian ship
    instead of making some headway on the tech tree for a nation that actually
    had a reasonable fleet irl. You know, Britain or somebody. Because

  125. Tier 2 – Borodino
    Tier 3 – Gangut
    Tier 4 – Imperatritsa Mariya
    Tier 5 –
    Tier 6 –
    Tier 7 – Battlecruiser Stalingrad
    Tier 8 – Battlecruiser Kronshtadt
    Tier 9 – Sovetsky Soyuz
    Tier 10 -

  126. You have never heard the word Imperator Phly? Its in the English language
    as well. Its pronounced ImperAayter.

  127. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Aaand no britsh nor italian ships yet, because… logic

  128. Sevastapol is a member of the Gangut class, which is the precedent to
    Imperator Nikolai’s class, the Imperatritsa Mariya class of battleships.

  129. mikasa telefono hahaha

  130. will they be adding the Bismarck

  131. Phil the “”SS Andrea Doria”” was a Cruise LIner that got rammed by the “”MS
    Stockholm”” in thick fog in 1956
    & according to Wikipedia—
    WW1 class of Italian Battleships that used the same name–whats up with
    Italians naming all their
    ships “”Andrea Doria”” ?????

  132. in Naval Front line, the ship is called the Gangut

  133. The turrets look like the one from the T-34 85mm

  134. phly that ship is so far from paper its painful plz look up the ships
    before you call them paper plz

  135. Russian battleship Potemkin would be a kick ass!!!! I made 1 meter model
    when i was a teenager back in Poland

  136. Phly did you ever watch Mad Max Fury Road? Remember Furiosa? That’s how you
    pronounce Imperator

  137. Sevastopol kid

  138. Your pronunciation made my ears bleed, but its ok because it fits the
    Halloween theme

  139. Would be nice to see the Finnish ship Väinämöinen as it was given to
    soviets after our little war with them.

  140. phl that’s a Italian ship

  141. I notice it’s really a good thing, that the two turrets in the middle
    facing forward, so the way to traverse is only one fourth in comparison to
    other navies ships.

  142. The deck is “clean” because the Imperator Nikolai ship class was Imperial
    Russian- WWI era. The threat of aircraft to ships was just being
    discovered, so most ships hadn’t been designed to fight back. Also of note:
    No turret stacking. The Russians had a superstition that because gun-sights
    in WWI for naval artillery were open air, having a second battery directly
    above the first could injure the crew of the lower gun turret. Just a fun
    fact for you.

  143. this ship started construction in 1915 Phly, and launched the next year

  144. Im pair a tor.

  145. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    So lets just call this boat the Zhar Nick

  146. Oh mother Russia

  147. imp PAIR a-tor

  148. Hello comrade hello welcome to Russia were we have the stronkist
    battleships ever

  149. They should add the HMS Belfast

  150. “we’re gonna turn left now and intercept them” *turns right*
    nice, finally another dude, that frequently messes up left and right :D

  151. looks like russian ship guns where known for insane accuracy…

  152. 35 secs reload… Longer than Yamato XD

  153. the name translated is Emperor Nikolai the first

  154. Imperator Nikolai wasn’t a paper ship but it was never finished. It’s
    construction was interrupted by World War I and the Soviets scrapped her
    afterwards. It kind of makes sense for it’s deck to look so clean since
    it’s unlikely that all of that equipment would have been put in place
    before it was scrapped.

  155. +phlydaily its only Nikolai not Nikolaia hurp durp

  156. Jesus Christ, It’s like you’re not even trying to pronounce shit right.

  157. Bs at the finest….

  158. nigga front turret be high af

  159. I feel like there are more premium ships than regular ones in this game.

  160. im – pair – ra- tor

  161. “Everybody hates the Karlsruhe” is an understatement. It is quite possibly
    the absolute worst ship in the game, taking into consideration how awful
    the Kawachi and South Carolina are. It’s a ship that would already be
    mediocre at tier 3 forced into tier 4. It is truly truly awful.


  163. I know that there are many cruisers on the Soviet side but the Gangut class
    is a very good Battleship

  164. im-pear-ra-tor

  165. its a tinder box

  166. Phly its just Nikolai, not nokolaya :P

  167. Prepare for the H42 Class MUAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHA

  168. @Rob Cartwright this is the world war i dont think they were going on looks

  169. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    it is so good!!! go agen vi sviet

  170. the only stronk BB in wows now

  171. Love your videos Phly!!! Also, you really need to use HE on cruisers that
    are low tiered.

  172. great video phly i love your FREE content

  173. Are they going to implement the full techtree for the russian and german
    battleships too?

  174. Kerspaprog Balceram

    So i guess the US server isnt good enough for their “glorious” russian

  175. Need to add the beautiful Borodino Class ships :D

  176. That is one Ugly ship!

  177. Well US server sucks?

  178. Of course the Imperator Nicolai can never be a soviet warship.

  179. I recall Imperator being pronounced more like “Imp air-a-tore”

  180. Useless AA, just give the deck crew PPSh 41s instead lol

  181. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Hey phly

  182. All I hear is Tor Tor Tor *Kappa*


  184. I want the Vittorio Veneto battleship in this game!

  185. But Phly….ARE YOU THE REAL JACK?!

  186. Jeff Trowel (Pnakotus)

    How do you get the Mikasa on NA servers? Or was it only available for EU?

  187. What is the title of the music in the beginning?

  188. It’s pronounced *Se-vas-ta-pol*.

  189. Isn’t it pronounced Im-pear-ator?

  190. So many guns in this ship D:

  191. me – I have an essay I have to write and really don’t want to do it.
    **sees new Phly video**
    **grabs popcorn**

  192. I want my Italian and French Cruizeours

  193. Sevastopol (pronounced Sevas-tow-poll 😛 ) was Imperator Nikolai I’s sister
    ship: thus why they look alike. Both were part of the “Gangut” class of
    “baltic Dreadnaughts.”

  194. amazing just amazing

  195. *(YoutubeRedArt Exclusive Comment)*

  196. you are my fav youtuber

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