World of warships – New Russian BEAST Kronshtadt WiP

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The russian beast Kronshtadt has finally arrived in my port.
This is the reworked version (still work in progress), in other words the buffed version.
Old Kronshtadt was very unreliable, very inaccurate but this thing is a beast.
They buffed it’s HP, it’s , it now has a radar and it’s simply magnificent.


  1. Insta buy for me xD even if i dont like Cruisers.

  2. What are the differences between Kronshtadt and Stalingrad? they seem very similar to me

  3. “”””””cruiser””””””


  5. wow finally…
    The other version was just crappy AF. Seems a lot better now.

  6. is it a cruiser? is it a bb? it’s Russian, what do classes mean anyway?

    • When they build dd. they build ca
      When they build ca.they build bb

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      When they build bb – they build floating fortress with 0 concealment rating. – to show superiority of communist motherland (Russian bias) to the whole world.
      People are busy finding Stalingrad OP.
      I’m waiting patiently for Project 24 Bis – the pinnacle example of Russian bias.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Also did they buff Kronstadt Sigma rating from 1.8 to 2.0??? explaining the better rng??? or did they instead reduce the dispersion significantly???

    • If it was a class, this would definitely fall under the Battlecruiser class: it has the speed to run away from ships that can destroy it, and anything that can catch it the ship has the firepower to defeat.

  7. Okay Cruiser DPS combined with Battleship tankiness is a start, but it also needs either Destroyer like speed or concealment to make it a real allrounder.

  8. 1ctrlaltdelete1

    This has to be put in the BB category. You can’t compare it with any other, CL/CA ship in tier 9 and 10.
    Twelve _precise_ 305mm guns with an incredible 13sec reload time (920m/s), that citadels any cruiser and many BBs with the first salvo… 18.2Km range(stock), *71050hp* , 11Km radar and hydro.
    Even the Graf Spee has with it’s six 283mm guns 20sec reload time. And they aren’t as precise as this light BB.
    I wanted to put money for the first time in this game (doubloons for redistributing Commander skills and perma camo for my only tier 10 ship, Zao), but i have change my mind after seeing this video.
    Zao for example, has only twelve 203mm with 925m/s, 16.2Km range(stock), *13.7sec* reload time, only 2 fcking heals(stock) and 40800hp, at Tier 10. Yes, it has torps, but you may hit something 1 in 40 games. The range is just too short for it gameplay, since it’s more like a “stealthy” mid/long range specialist.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer Since it is a Battle cruiser, give it Battle cruiser reload time. It should be at least 18 or better 20sec reload time and let it stay in the cruiser line. Just as the Graf Spee in tier 6.
      It’s ridiculous to have a faster reload time with it’s 305mm guns (13sec) than smaller 203mm tier 8, 9 & 10 cruiser guns (15sec & 13.7sec).

    • Graf spee has what feels like battleship gun reload and the guns are smaller than this thing.

      Comparatively between the 2 watching game play, the graf spee has far more penetration or something with its smaller guns than this ship as well, because all it does is bounce or overpen while this ship is hitting the sweet spot almost every time regardless if its a bb or a cruiser.

      Which makes no sense. If the graf spee bounces on bb’s and overpens cruisers, how the fuck does this thing pen battleships and not overpen cruisers?

    • you need to introduce uss alaska and project b65 in order to keep this in the crusier braket so the other nations can fight back

    • 1ctrlaltdelete1 Kronshtadt has only 9 guns, which have a 18’5s reload time (stock). As every other CA, like Zao, it has 2 heals (stock), but as Oktabria revolutsia (or however it’s written) it has just 3 repair parties (stock). It does have a 11’7km radar, and hydro, but no posibility of def. AA.

    • The British made a huge amount of battlecruisers, which means quite a few opportunities for more premium ships, and we, the players, get to play with more ships. It is a win-win for both sides, so why won’t WG add Battlecruisers?

  9. Paper ships outclass actual ships? Who would’ve thunk’d it?

  10. I like the look of this thing. Pen on those shells seems good too. Not so keen on more Hydro AND radar though. One or the other WG. Stop making ships that are to self sufficient. Is there DFAA as an option I take it or are they leaving that out for the BC’s?

  11. 7:35 Stalinium shells in action

  12. That shell velocity tho

  13. About the Lyon where you were hitting the blackened areas , I had similar with a Charles Martel in my Neptune, think they’ve tweaked the damage saturation mechanic, I spammed his citadel are for 3 volleys to zero effect. Aimed a bit of undamaged paint and bye bye cruiser. Kind of a pain when you want the big numbers.

  14. This HP Pool … wtf

  15. man that guy talked more than you…… disliked that.

  16. They always nerf dispersion first, so if someone says its OP that will be the first to go… 🙁

  17. this BB gets to dodge Asashio torps

  18. Vaisakh Nambiar

    This is more fun than Stalingrad imo.

  19. erik theflyingdutchman

    You know it’s a Russian cruiser when you take 10 k dmg and it says”moderate damage_

  20. 1080p ? I cant believe it.

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