World Of Warships- NEW RUSSIAN Tier 10 DESTROYER – KHABAROVSK Gameplay

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World Of Warships- NEW RUSSIAN Tier 10 DESTROYER – KHABAROVSK Gameplay

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  1. *”Fubiki”*
    well then.

  2. this thing is like a Light tank isnt it ? looks great

  3. I’d really love if you youtubers would learn basic controls in the game. “I
    don’t think the torpedoes are very fast” – why not make sure by pressing
    ctrl and mouse-over the torps and you’ll get all data right away?

  4. about your torpedo damage, i have tried a few times to turn in to the
    torpedus, and if they hit it is a bad angle so they only made around 250
    dmg on my ship, a lot of factors with the torp dmg, it is all depending on
    where they hit

  5. about your torpedo damage, i have tried a few times to turn in to the
    torpedus, and if they hit it is a bad angle so they only made around 250
    dmg on my ship, a lot of factors with the torp dmg, it is all depending on
    where they hit

  6. when he said wings i jut imagined men from a carrier squadron look on there
    surrounding next thing you know a russsian dd is right on there ass yust
    straight up wrecking them

  7. is totally worth watching

  8. in Russia we use Vodka to fuel our ships

  9. How does this feel like a modern destroyer? Modern destroyers are much
    bigger, have less guns (we all dependent on missiles these days), and go
    WAY slower than this. An Arleigh-Burke can’t even go faster than an
    Iowa-class battleship.

  10. Damn, this thing goes as fast as a Patrol boat!

  11. weren’t Russian ships known for how good their Torps were in WWII? or was
    it subs?

  12. Goodbye WG

  13. This ship is the definition of Russian bias. Oh well, just going to have to
    watch it from here on out.

  14. 46.7kts, holding, rotate, rotate, Thank you for flying Aeroflot, drinks
    will be served at 0730.

  15. Phly.
    You *have* to pay attention to where you are and where you’re going.
    You’re running into things too much.

  16. Russian torps are getting buffed for sure before release, no way they gonna
    come out with these specs, they suck

  17. Well what do you know, I’m in this vid (the Iowa)

  18. omg, this better not be a new update D-:[

  19. DD shoting APs at BB.. yeah

  20. After you fire your guns your increased detectability range stays for 20-30

  21. Omg, the intro was amazing with my new Audio-Technica ATH-M50Xs…..the
    base amp I have made it sound so weird xD

  22. Wait so are the new tiers out for the other servers?

  23. These Russian DDs pretty much make American ones obsolete.

  24. so this is on the test server?

  25. I think it would be cool if you could track your own torps on the mini

  26. Alexander Schöneberg

    another wargaming title where russia is best, who would have thought that.

  27. Phly do you think the german battleships the ones that were planned to be
    bigger than the Bismarck and have… I think one was gonna have 20 inch
    guns or something like that.. would be put into the game also I think they
    were H class ships but I’m not entirely sure

  28. Team Enchanted - Become an Enchanter!

    Phly is only saying that this DD takes “skill” just so is press account
    isn’t terminated 🙂
    Damn Russian bastards and their brain washing…

  29. I guess since its a russian ship its always rushin around

  30. DD pens most armored BB in game with ap? Rip WoWs

  31. love the “Time” remix intro

  32. Lol @ 1800 dmg vs Yamato using DD AP rounds.

  33. Lol at 6:44… Russia put beautiful speedboat for style on the side

  34. go fuck yourself! and you know why!

  35. Inb4 baseless russian bias claims…

  36. gets hit a miljoin times in the rear no engine/stearing dmg at all XD

  37. If he ever starts doing War Thunder videos again, he needs to find some way
    to make the p-26 look good.

  38. 10:28 had me flat lined over here funniest shit I ever heard

  39. Not that surprised that the russian ship is the fastest one, russia was
    started from a group of people from Scandinavia (Vikings) and they started
    making love and spreading out.

  40. If you have a free moment please check out some of my WOWS videos on my

  41. It is входящие торпеды
    vkhodyashchiye torpedy is how incoming torpedoes is spelled and pronounced

  42. Did you record this before the stream yesterday?

  43. Come on baby take my torpedoes with you home … Awesome vid Phly

  44. The Studios of Gaming

    At 13:20 a turpitz yay

  45. Has wargaming ever considered adding new tiers, for more modern vehicles in
    WOT or WOWS? I think that is the obvious next step once they finish adding
    all the major nations.

  46. Has he stopped doing planes? :O

  47. Typical pay too ein ship

  48. On a hype scale from 0 to 10(0 being the amount of hype for mondays and 10
    being FALLOUT 4). This gets a 7.

  49. I played in this game lol

  50. Phly play fractured space

  51. great video, and who won the tirpitz give away

  52. these dd look so OP , like a mix of both worlds mercan/jap… dont know why
    anyone would play anything but this ship

  53. 46.7 knots with the Speed Boost? I’m willing to bet that with the Sierra
    Mike flag on as well, the Khabarovsk could reach 50 knots.

  54. where is the french navy !

  55. So let’s summarize the stats of this DD:
    + faster than the Shimakaze
    + more health than any DD in the Game
    + more guns than the Gearing with more range and Damage and a higher chance
    for fire
    + strong AA-guns for a DD
    + fastest reload among the Tier X DDs
    + more than twice of the armor of any DD

    – lower Torpedorange
    – biggest turning radius and longest rudder shift time

    How could this ship not be overpowered?

  56. phly can you do admiral hipper next? :^)

  57. Игорь Богин

    torpedo in russian is torpeda

  58. Damage model in this game seems to be broken. 19:05 I mean c’mon 460 mm HE
    shell in the ass did no damage at all. Stalinium is ridicolous in this

  59. Russian bias

  60. Predicting that these turn out to be shit – pure gunboats make for shitty
    DDs, terrible detection range, huge silhouette.

  61. 10/10 vodka shells

  62. fucking stupid russians can’t make a game without making themselves the

  63. You’re welcome. 2B) a

  64. did they even look at the real stats or did they just biassed it

  65. World Of Warships- NEW RUSSIAN Tier 10 DESTROYER – KHABAROVSK Gameplay with
    Phlydaily and random slickbee in the background or 4 seconds but you can
    still heaer his feet XD

  66. I don’t know why you don’t use AP shells vs heavy armored ships…

  67. Forgot that the Soviet Union had the most powerful ships ever. The more you
    know… “No bias for Russia here”

  68. Phly that handlebar mustache makes you look like a racist redneck…

  69. This is starting to feel like another Russian biased game to me.

  70. how did you get that ship

  71. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Can do a cruiser next vid pls?

  72. jonathan östansjö

    Show us the german crusiers too! 😀 (unless I missed something xD)

  73. is the test server out?

  74. Fucking idiots in chat

  75. RosyjskiCzolgista


    And “incoming torpedo” may sound like “vkhodyashchaya torpyeda!” “входящая

  76. just some bt7s taped together :D

  77. Jee the Japan Destroyer are going to be pointless because they cannot
    defend their self and the tops you can easy evate

  78. Darryn Roopnarine

    I’m gonna get my Farragut then start on this line

  79. I’m going to guess that the Russian ships will be the best at everything,
    maybe not “on paper” but they will be the most effective anyway …

  80. Thanks guys for the stream yesterday ya’ll were awesome! I hope you enjoy
    this video, have a good weekend! If you have any free time today the
    powerhaus is streaming around 6pm est.

  81. Try the Hindenburg next

  82. Dang Phly wish I was as good as you. You destroy everything

  83. Can you do warthunder. Teir 5 tanks King tiger

  84. phly that’s how you read the name of the ship: KHABAROVSK

  85. PhlyBombHype!

  86. I smell OP. Heavily armed, low detect-ability range, and fast turret
    rotation. Oh and might I add fast?

  87. those are patrol boats phly XD patrol boats HYPPEEEEE

  88. I am number 2

  89. the Admiral Hipster *phlygasm* holy titts I’m grinding those right now!

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