World of Warships- New Secondaries First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new secondary mechanics on the PT server, enjoy!

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  1. The biggest problem with this update is that WG are eventually going to figure out that they’re making the game incrementally more fun, which can’t be allowed

  2. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    “The crimes against secondary BBs/SIegfried”

  3. Jesus. That FPS drop is stupid. Good thing I deleted my PT server just to save up storage.

  4. They first messed up the commander skills and now they’re spending so much time and resources trying to fix the errors or ‘improve’ them. If submarines were a concern, they could have given a separate captain skills for subs and tweaked the existing (old) captain skills.

    What they are doing right now looks to me like a lot of work🤦‍♂️

    • Did they mess up or was this what they intended all along? Ships mostly going back to their old builds for more points with more costly respec costs, these tiny tweeks they are probably not going to give us free respecs for every change they make. Oh I think they knew exactly what they were doing because this will make WG more money.

    • This is what happens when you rush a rework without testing

    • As flamu (or flambass?) said – they sell the solution to the problem they create.
      I dont see a big variety i visble captain skills.
      We went from a reliable +3% whatever to when you have more enemies in range than alles and shit like that you get +xy
      No one asked for that.
      Oh and you need so much more xp to have all skills on a captain, that probably was most important.

      Now, several months after the rework they are still trying to fix the damage they caused (hello deadeye and destroying 2ndary builds).

      What a desaster…

  5. Let’s just hope WG’s spreadsheet doesn’t interfere

  6. Christopher Yonemitsu

    Nail on the head with the checklist of redemption for WG in my eyes; secondary Shikishima’s death has really put a damper on my enthusiasm, but I’m hoping they’ll turn around and get her back to where she deserves. Also Mikasa secondary buff next patch, 3op5me.

    • Alex Jonischkies

      Until a couple days ago, I hadn’t played in over 6 months. Lost my interest after Odin was flat ruined by the rework. This gives me some hope.

  7. WoWS Brews and Boats

    The IFHE rework was a large nerf to French secondaries ’cause of the way they changed the HE penetration mechanics.

    • yes, they could no longer pen 32 with IFHE. But honestly, the French are flankers, so if they do get their secs back, then the whole long range secondary battery concept is what these secs are for.

    • I mean, they may lack pen but they can still reach out and torch enemy ships, or act as DD repellent.

  8. One of the issues I had with this round of test was that, differently from the last time which I think was for the 10.6 update, I did not have all the ships I currently have in the live version loaded on the test server account… I was so curious to test the new secondaries skills on my Massa and my Georgia…

  9. yay finally i have a reason to save coal for pommern 😀

  10. They can make the bots very intelligent, but people complained so much about “hard gameplay” against them so revert was done yeara ago. And AI has moved on from there

  11. question: (maybe this is already answered) a situation where you manually target a ship, but the targeted ship is behind an island and your secondary will not fire.
    will the secondary buff still start ticking or not? pls ignore if already answered

    • After 15 seconds you’ll start losing the secondary bonus, by the end of 25 seconds of secondaries not firing your bonus will be back at 0. The ticking down and building up of the secondary bonus is dependent on whether or not the secondaries are actively firing at the priority target.

  12. Thank you WG for nearly getting us back to where we started.

  13. lol why cant we just get old secondaries back why is this so needlessly convoluted just for -65% secondary dispersion …

    • u will have better secondaries now.. more range, same accuracy plus 2 sides shooting

    • Because apparently being able to fire ALL your secondaries not just the ones on the target side of ship is better. I mean its looks cooler. now they get decent accuracy. with these skills.

  14. Carl Brutonawalski

    Now wait 9 months and they’ll re do these sec skills back to crap 😂

  15. Just looking at the fact that your secondary hit counter ticked up every second, I can say that I think they brought them back into somewhat relevance

  16. I wonder how good the P.E.F. will be after this. That kind of accuracy and range with the dpm of those secondaries at T6 sounds pretty sick.

  17. “improved the AI” The bots are even stupider now, kind of a shame knowing they were good enough at one point that they had to be nerfed, they are only fun to test out a new ship before playing against people in em.. I’m hoping this update makes secondary builds fun again, here’s to hoping.

  18. one day my yolo Alsace will strike fear in the hearts of its enemies again… one day.

  19. So let’s skip this, and just go back to orginal secondarys…

  20. Tarquinius Superbus

    Still waiting that they give American secondary ships the sec buff that germans got. My massa secs really dont hit shit with full sec build

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