World Of Warships – NEW SHIPS! German Cruisers & Russian Destroyer HYPE!

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World Of Warships – NEW SHIPS! German Cruisers & Russian Destroyer HYPE!

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  1. Oh Phly, you are totally right, where is my Deutschland class????

  2. loved your old intro with HANS ZIMMER

  3. I wish they would add the Bismarck and Tirpitz

  4. Hindeburg has 8×12″ guns in duel turrets if the stats I found on her are
    I’m pretty sure the Roon has a similar load out with 11″ guns.

    Also the Admiral Hipper class was supposed to be upgraded to have auto
    loaders on her 8″ guns, as well as having the highest documented range of
    the current tier 8 cruises. She does have a weak belt though, I reckon she
    will be like a glass cannon at tier 8.

  5. +PhlyDaily do you think they’ll add the Deutschland-class as a low to
    medium tier Battleship because the Kreigsmarine considered them as Pocket
    Battleships? Or more like as a premium because Graf Spee has to be in the
    game man it’s one of the most famous ships of the War!

  6. The “Deutsland” class is a “pocket-batleship” … so maybe it is a BB ? ;-)

  7. deutshland*

  8. maybe they put the doichland on the battleship line, i hope!

  9. This list of german cruisers suck not one big gun cruiser on it all the
    cruisers are world war 1 cruisers not world war 2 no prinz engen or
    scharnhorst this is bullshit

  10. How do you come up with some of those pronounciations? XD In German
    especially, you mostly only need to follow the letters to say it right.
    English is far harder to get the right pronunciation, cause it usually
    doesn’t follow the letters at all.
    Karlsruhe: Karls-ru-he; “Karls” as you said it, but without the English
    “r”. You can even leave out the “r” entirely: “Kals” as in “Kahn” but with
    “ls” at the end. “Ru” as in “rune” without the English “r” (instead lifting
    the tip of the tongue as with the English “r”, lift the rear of it, but
    only a bit, not until it touches anything). Add the “he” at the end, but
    not “hi”, more like “hä”. There is no “n” anywhere, where’d you get that
    from? XD
    Königsberg: Kö-nigs-berg; only one “n”. the “ö” lies between the “e” and
    the “o”, not the English “e” though, the German “e”. “Nigs” a lot like
    “nigger”, just with an “s” instead of “er”. “Berg”.
    Roon: Roon; not pronounced “Ruun” like the English “room”, more like the
    “o” in CD-ROM. However instead of that short “o”, you extend it, but
    without further modulating it in anyway. The “o” you start with is exactly
    the same as the “o” you and with.

    If you’re interested, we could get together on skype or TS and I can help
    you with any pronunciations you’re not familiar with.

  11. You didn’t pronounced the german ships that bad! I must know it because I’m
    from germany. You only f***ed up with Karlsruhe xD

  12. So, we have U.S.S.R., U.S.A., G.B., and Japan, all under the realistic
    country flags. Even U.S.S.R. a state answerable for at least twice the
    number of crimes nazi were answerable for. But no nazi flag. I guess it is
    true what they say, winners are indeed rewriting history.

  13. guys the deutschland can be still in the game with an other cruiser line or
    you can get it to the Roon and than you have 2 tier 10s and 1 cruiser line,
    like the object 140 and t62A line but I hope just can play in the H44
    battleship :)

  14. I wonder if the Potemkin will be there too. The most famous russian navy
    ship, as far as I know

  15. i doubt that deutschland class will be excluded from the game 😉 …just
    wont be in the announced cruiser line

  16. It’s a german gun, it has to be accurate. Haha Phly you are the best. :D

  17. The Deutschland was also classed as a pocket battleship, so they will
    probably implement it in the BB line (I hope so), like it was in good, old
    Navy Field.

  18. Admiral Hipper Klasse is the Class of the Prinz Eugen the ship which was
    with the Bismarck

  19. Murmansk are just obscene…

  20. Bulgaria used the Russian Derzki . ^^ I woud go to see it one day..

  21. What about the Bismarck ? ?
    And you will always count on the Germans to make heavy caliber ships 

  22. Just an interesting little thing about the guns of the Admiral Hipper.
    Range of the Amiral Hipper Heavy Cruiser: 33,540 m
    Range of the Bismarck: 36,520 m (Just for the sake of measurements)
    The Admiral Hipper’s competitors:
    New Orleans: 29,130 m
    Mogami (203mm): 29,000 m (Haven’t found anything more precise)
    But knowing WG the Hipper will have shit accuracy and even worse firing
    range. Although it should be superior in both of those.

  23. Prinz eugan an admeral hipper class cruser was the “partner” to bismarck on
    the mission bismarck sank

  24. The Admiral Hipper was also the KMS Prinz Euegen the Bismarcks Escort
    Cruiser in the North Atlantic.

  25. I can’t wait for the Admiral Hipster!

  26. Admiral Hipper Hype!

  27. Admiral Hipper Hype!

  28. I just really want british ships. If they’re doing germany first then why
    not the battleships they made first, like the scharnhorst or bismark. Those
    are great ships. But I still want british ships?

  29. Gonna guess the D-Land’s not been added YET because she’s a bit tricky to
    put in. She’s not tier 8 material and can’t really go higher, she’s a heavy
    cruiser going RAWR I GOT BIG GUNS!!!!! But otherwise she’s not that fast,
    her AA is at best adequate (when fully upgraded) and her armour despite the
    Pocket Battleship name (given to them by the press) is cruiser scale, not

    Gonna guess she’ll be a tier 7 premium.

  30. what about the scharnhorst

  31. Hey phly i have a cool clip in war thunder i wanted to show u, when will u
    make another top 5 (cuz i need GE) Also if u do another top 5 can u tell me
    how i can submit a Replay on war thunder. Thx 🙂 Btw i use a hurricane Mk2
    and i get 5 kills and survive againts th whole enemy team while they come
    after me for a while :). and a few kills with my spitfire :). My name in
    game is Fendi123123

  32. But wear is the Bismarck?

  33. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Dont cry Phly. The Pocket Battleships will maybe be a los tier BB!

  34. the Deutschland Class will be in the BB Tree.

  35. phly what do you think what the tear 10 and 9 battleships wil be

  36. I’m confused about the Nurnberg. the only one I can find was a Leipzig
    Class cruiser NAMED the Nurnberg. which would be the class of CA that
    preceded the Deutschland class CA. Then the Admiral Hipper Succeeded the
    Deutschland class.
    I can’t find anything on the Yorck other than an old ship from 1903 and the
    Ersatz Yorck class battle cruiser that was never finished from 1914.

  37. what about the scharnhorst class cruiser as it isn’t a battleship

  38. Hi PhylyDaily – I’ve been enjoying your videos for some weeks now and have
    been a subscriber for almost as long. One thing, though, that has continued
    to irritate is your non-nautical use of “splice” to describe a broadside
    falling closely all around the target.That’s the wrong use of ‘splice’ (as
    a sailor merely splices two ropes together). The proper terminology for
    what you’re trying to describe is “straddling” the target. A little thing,
    I know, but it grates nonetheless. 🙂 Even so keep up the good work!

  39. I want the BIZMARK

  40. They could add a battlecruiser line so there is still hope for the

  41. roon tier 9?? those cruisers were built ~1900, Hindenburg was scrapped

  42. btw phly, the main reason they doesn’t add the dutchland is that they might
    plan a patch of BattleCruisers, a f*ck tons of them, and then they might
    add the Alaska and the dutchland. they just need more times to plan the
    battlecruisers and I don’t mind them

  43. Actually phly, I am always fighting furutakas. with the 152 mm guns it is
    easy to get citades on furutakas. I don’t know if there is a difference
    between a 152mm Omaha gun and a 152mm Cleveland guns but I know that with
    the cleavland I got 4 citadels in a furutaka easily with 1 salvo.

    WIth the Cleavland actually it is easy to citadel even Aobas. Trust me. In
    a game I killed 2 aobas. Both took around 4 citadels from me.

    152mm guns OP.

  44. I wanna see a Russian aircraft carriers so I can send PO-2 dive bombers to
    kill you and use their 152mm back gunners to kill F2H

  45. stop uploading when I’m sleeping :(

  46. im hopong to see the German H class battleships

  47. well phly u say the german cruiser names worng XD Nice vid man

  48. I still dont understand the addition of Russians into the game. Their tech
    tree would be mostly filled with paper ships

  49. murmansk’s namesake city is cold.

  50. The thing every one is forgetting is the the Russian DD will likely have a
    low concealment. The current one is 8 km the same as its torps.

  51. Prinz incoming!!!!!

  52. kristoffer skjordal

    I really wanted the Blycher/Blucher or however you type that.

  53. Necromancer Hellscythe

    @PhlyDaily, in the trailer, the germany ship that fire is Tier X

  54. Hey Phly… I only want to say- google the Hindenburg- the ship is not so
    powerful.. Only 26 knots highspeed BUT armor like a battleship^^

  55. hey phly i herd u play with my buddy sorin thunder

  56. damnit WG I want Graf Spee in the tech tree

  57. Phly, The Deutschland Class of ships weren’t know as cruiser, but “pocket
    battleships’, so there a chance it was put into the German battleship line

  58. No Duetschland ;( common WG

  59. The Deutsche land is a battleship

  60. omg when he said fuck me i was texting someone and i was saying fuc me lol

  61. so phly can we call these german cruisers battlecruisers?

  62. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    i’m pretty sure that the german tech tree is gonna be mainly ww1 ships and
    paper ships. i really don’t like pure paper ships coz there is usually not
    much info about them and WG makes them ugly like izumo

  63. Revolution Redcoat75

    Really Germans are coming in before The Royal Navy, FUCK YOU war gaming.
    Britain has a fucking naval history.


  65. bismark ?

  66. The best Admiral Hipper Class Cruiser in the game will be the Lutzow..the
    incomplete one that was sold to the Soviet Union. Guaranteed.

  67. How do you do this visual at 14.10??

  68. How do you do this visual at 14.10??

  69. Where is the prins eugen warship?

  70. “Stand by Ion Control…… Fire!”

  71. Knowing Wargaming, these ships will get nerfed to oblivion. :c

    Still gonna play the shit out of them though.

  72. no Deutchland cruiser class….EPIC FAIL WARGAMING

  73. Why the fuck it’s name is kiev????

  74. dont get why they pushed out russian ships already, not like they really
    did anything during the era the game is about

  75. The grem was more of a Italian dd tho right @phlydaily

  76. The Deutschland can always become a premium

  77. This us chat box is so alive, where i come from all i hear is “Rush B cyka

  78. Xcali bur (Xcalibur)

    I think World of Warships should add more modern ships. Who else??

  79. Germany’s ships were pretty good, but the brits kept bombing the ports, and
    building areas, and russia started doing so in the North areas…every time
    they started to build something, it took TIME, and would be Blown up.. and
    their DREAM ships, the Big ones, were damaged or destroyed..

  80. “Will sell body for doubloons” <-- my last words before never being seen again

  81. think it was renamed lubric or lubick something simular but i may be

  82. With Murmansk (and Omaha IIRC), you can also citadel Japanese heavy
    cruisers through their belt armor with AP when they’re showing full

    Have scored a lot against Aobas and some against Furutaka and Myoko. Jap
    cruiser armor isn’t good in WoWS.

  83. Nice shootin’!

  84. HAHA Phly Destroyer Hype

  85. “Karlzrouhe” phly ;)

  86. Such unfortunate timing since they´ve just released all the soviet
    destroyer stats and names today.

  87. When you’re switching shell types it always fires a full broadside of all
    the guns aimed at the target.


  89. maybe since the Germans will lack a carrier line they will get a “pocket
    battleship-armored cruiser” line? or maybe a merchant raider line with the
    penguin and wolf lol the wolf’s exploits were pretty damned amazing though
    ….anyone looking for a good book? check out “The Wolf” it is wild

  90. @PhlyDaily
    I kinda want to see how they deal with the difference in ship designs.
    Technically, germany never had battleships. even the tirpitz and bismarck
    would not be considered battleships.
    pocket-warships. battle-cruisers. germany never really had destroyers. and
    germany never had carriers either.
    the closest thing to actual battleships would have been the never built
    H-Class models which will probably be tier 9 and 10.
    We had ONE 80% finished carrier vessel back then, which is a bit thin to
    build an entire line of ships on right?
    so, both destroyer and carrier lines will be pretty much complete fantasy
    only ships. with only the cruiser line being anywhere near realistic. and
    the whole of the battleship line will probably also be pure fantasy, seeing
    how the one known battleship (Torpitz) is technically a cruiser. fast and
    decently armored, but with only 15″ guns nowhere near battleship calibres .
    . and the torpedos as well make it more of a cruiser.

  91. 11:54 Haha, Phly, those torps were not from the Mogami. He was never closer
    than about 12 km to you, so he was never in range, and there were way more
    torps in the water than a Mogami can launch. When you look at the torps
    coming towards you, you can clearly make out 3 quintuple spreads (2 narrow,
    and a 3rd wide); that was the enemy Shimakaze hitting you from beyond
    detection range. If you watch chat in the last few minutes of that game,
    you can see the rest of your team is finally realizing he’s somewhere in
    the lower-left area of the map (he nailed at least one other BB besides

  92. So Scharnhorst is going to be a BB, right?

  93. Гремящий —- Thunder

    from Ukraine whith respect )


  95. Arnór Franz Erlendsson

    Yorck and Roon are the same class right ?

  96. the Hindenburg was taken apart In Fife Rosyth where I live woohoo

  97. this is so hype and how do u get get better fps

  98. But Muh British…

  99. bismark hype!!

  100. On the german wikipedia about the Hinderburg it sas 40,6 cm so almost 16
    inch main turrets


  102. fly there ah is like the bismark cause the germens did not want to get the
    bismark sunk so the prince Eugene was camoed like it

  103. you havnet found them on the internet becuse this are FAKE ASS BS RUSSIAN

  104. Phly you’re lucky I only own a os4 so I can only play war thunder??

  105. The ‘Pocket battleships’ were initially classed by Germans as ‘Armoured
    ships’, then reclassified during WW2 as heavy cruisers, so they should be
    in the cruiser line.

  106. Phly take out the Do 217

  107. I hope they add the Admiral Graf Spee, at least as a premium and if they do
    I’d buy that as soon as they add it.

  108. Hitler did not change the Deutschland’s name when it was sunk, he changed
    it in 1940, years before it was sunk(at the end of the war). He changed it
    because it would be embarrassing if the Deutschland was sunk, as
    Deutschland is what the Germans call Germany. It would not make good

  109. Dont worry Phly. the “Deutschland” is too fancy to be a causal ship. i’m
    rather sure it either gonna eb a Mid-tier Battleship (because it was a
    HEAVY cruiser) OR its gonn be another Premium ship. Its to fancy to be a
    normal ship.

  110. 2nd dislike

  111. first deslike

  112. Wasnt the Deutschland considered a “Pocket Battleship” in which case we’d
    probably see it in the BB line?

  113. It’d be neat if they added different sinking animations. Like some that
    would capsize, or rise up out of the water before sinking.

  114. Hey Phly, pls take out the spitfire lf. mk ix
    Best spitfire in my opinion

  115. Sir Retarded The Eagle

    8th View.
    I feel special

  116. 3rd
    50th view

  117. hello to you sir!

  118. Maty “Maty47” Brnak


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