World Of Warships – NEW SHIPS – Japanese Carriers SHOWCASE!

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World Of Warships – NEW SHIPS – Japanese Carriers SHOWCASE!


  1. DudeShadow John

    The Americans won the “race” of the atom bomb. That is how they lost even
    though they have very elegant ships.

  2. +DudeShadow John By help by the Germans. >,> The Germans were WAY closer
    than the Americans until the Americans got their scientists and blueprints
    for the first prototype.

  3. +Eric Melendez You should read some really good books like Japanese
    Destroyer Captain. Most surviving Japanese captains attribute the IJN’s
    massive losses at Midway and a few other battles to very poor decision
    making by the IJN brass. They were overconfident due to the victories in
    the early stages of the war.

  4. +Mark West You are ugly and hideous.

  5. +ZestyMountain uh… what? the taiho WAS allowed in combat. was sunk during
    the battle of the Philippines sea in fact. and it was anything but epic. a
    single US submarine surfaced in the middle of taiho’s battlegroup. fired
    all her tubes, then submerged and got away. almost all the torps were duds
    except two that hit taiho and did negligible damage, but poor damage
    control doomed her and she blew up a short time later.

  6. Nathan Peterson

    +Ellis Senior No British vessels aside from the Warspite sorry bud

  7. So they add in Japanese carriers but and american battleships but not any
    ships from one of the biggest navy’s during the war?

  8. Nathan Peterson

    +Ellis Senior It’s still in Beta you know, they can’t just release all of
    them at once

  9. +Chris Currie I thought Zeke was a floatplane?

  10. +Macer23-T That was the Rufe. Or Pete which is biplane.

  11. +Lucian Willi Turns out it is Rufe, Pete is another aircraft 😛

  12. +mainmansam they said they were testing the capacity and stability of
    future public test servers, so you can say they are testing the test
    server? testserverception!

  13. +Laxamana Andhika We believe they will be two carrier lines.

  14. Bruh, how do you got on test server ^_^

  15. +Elo Veltix You can’t lol

  16. Didn’t he say “common test”?

  17. +Elo Veltix Not really what i know of if thare is then it’s not on EU then.

  18. Iowegian Immigrant

    Also, it’s almost as if the Japanese carriers were your first love, the way
    you talk about them.

  19. Nathan Peterson

    +BlobFisch1 No CBT is a stress test, Alpha is developing the game

  20. Yes and phly does know much more about the ships and there planes

  21. There is no post of a release date. So you have to wait. Go for Fuso class
    like I did lol awesome ship

  22. +Joseph V. Stalin Last I heard Open Beta Test is around Sept. If you can
    afford it you can buy a premium ship and get access to the Close Beta Test.

  23. +zam023 are you sure it’s only for premium cause at the end of the video he
    says you only have to pay anything over 15 dollars

  24. Nathan Peterson

    +diamondgolem16 He already has a video posted

  25. That’s different people

  26. I wanna see his expression with the new battleships

  27. +Karl Arty No RJ joke? 😛
    J stands for jutsice!

  28. +Karl Arty Mama Houshou. <3

  29. +Flipping Chips *Fwap*

  30. I also wanted to see all of the hull variants

  31. christopher tucker

    Yes pretty sure he had the wrong mod on as well

  32. Yeah that annoyed me so much

  33. GeneralMartok100

    +Flipping Chips i thought it was very funny how he didn’t even notice lol

  34. +DEANOGTO tier 3 and 10 cruisers just got renamed 🙂

  35. +Yu Takeda
    oh i was wondering what was up with that

  36. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    +DEANOGTO Tatsuta was renamed to Tenryu(u) which was the lead ship of the
    Tenryuu class, so it was probably just an oversight on WGs part. The Zao
    renaming I am not sure about since the entire ship never even made it to
    blueprint stage. The entire ship is just made up on the basis of vague

  37. The Senjou was renamed to Zaou (mount. Zaou) after the Japanese feedback
    that Zaou is a more appropriate name since mount. Zaou is a more prominent
    mountain in the area (Japanese named their heavy cruisers after mountains),
    or so I’ve been told by a dev.

  38. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    +Yu Takeda Right, I was kind of confused for a moment since the Mogami
    class are named after rivers but I forgot that they used to be light
    cruisers before conversion. CA and battlecruisers are named after
    mountains, CL after rivers.

  39. +HerrStein Sorry, for some ungodly reason we get the oh-so-important Soviet
    navy first. You know, because Stalin.

  40. +Quinton Dombrowski Go away Quinton. We really don’t need attitudes like
    this. This is not WT.

  41. +zam023 you hurt? offended? Feel free to lodge a complaint over there in
    the complaint box. You know, because Stalin.

  42. No use wasting my time on you 🙂

  43. well..he’s kinda right… compared to the Russian “Navy” the Kriegsmarine
    looked like the British and US Navy combined.

  44. +Taihou_chan btw, Ha-koo-reeyo. G-15 Taihou improved version

  45. I feel you fellow german army, navy, airforce fan. Too bad this game doesnt
    suppor the u-boats, kriegsmarine ace in the sleeve. But knowing wargaming
    they are no stranger to experimental/prototype or blueprint designs. We may
    see some awesome german designs. In war thunder they are getting their ass
    handed to them in gf since gaijin refuses to put in something like the
    e-series or the lowe.

  46. +Josipavelini i think that for war Thunder the E series isn’t need. WAR

  47. +nuke99 That would be a priority 🙂

  48. +DEANOGTO i know america will be getting a fast battleship line

  49. +James Ross it will not be a premium

  50. +DEANOGTO how much more awesome can this game be than it already is >_<

  51. It will be the tier 10 of the other carrier line. They haven’t released it
    but they have confirmed different carrier lines. Just like how American
    cruisers will get a heavy and light line.

  52. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Shinano had a lot of design flaws in it

  53. You didn’t use the right bloody form of By/Buy/Bye, and you had terrible
    grammar, you fool! You had to use the shitty grammar, for Christ’s sake
    dude, you should know proper grammar by now; It isn’t that hard!

  54. Jack Packet (gaming)

    if that’s the only thing that you are trolling me on then I did good
    now do the same on this post XD

  55. +Fatbeardedfish Inline engines (like Rolls-Royce Merlin) are liquid cooled.
    The pistons are laid out in straight lines.
    Radial engines (like Nakajima Homare) are air cooled, so the cylinders are
    placed in a circle to let air flow past each one.

  56. +NP Photography He have setup NO.2….gj 😀 😀

  57. +NP Photography ahhh OOPS!

  58. +NP Photography Yeah I was just about to say this.

  59. +NP Photography I was thinking the same thing.

  60. Nathan Peterson

    +elias valkonen Bismarck or Admiral Hipper class

  61. I think it is not bismarck because it has two front turrets

  62. Nathan Peterson

    +elias valkonen the Bismarck had two twin 14.96″ (15″) gun turrets fore and
    two twin 14.96″ (15″) gun turrets aft

  63. +pioltjose23 Yeah I know but a lot of these ships are merely huge BC hulls
    with a deck slapped on it.

    So I often wonder what would’ve happened if they changed their minds and
    continued their construction as surface warships and slapped guns on em.

    Huge. Simply huge

  64. +Josh Friedman Well, that would be the Amagi battleship which is the tier 8
    in the BB line (However, it seems WG ran their imagination a little wild
    with it)

  65. +Josh Friedman I am actually surprised the converted carriers could remain
    up-right. They looked top heavy.

  66. Maree Printemps

    +diablolrm90 Well, just because Soryuu is on that line doesn’t mean she’s
    slow, WG haven’t found a better candidate so they stuck Soryuu in. (And
    beside, they aren’t that slow, just slightly slower than CV on other line).

  67. +Maree Printemps Honestly I’m more curious as to where they’ll stick the
    Unryuu class carriers.

  68. Maree Printemps

    +diablolrm90 She and Ryuho have no line specified yet, probably because the
    lack of suitable carrier at tier6. (Ryuho tier5 – ??? tier6 – Unryu tier7 –
    Kaga tier8 maybe?)

    It’s kinda funny that we are going to have Ibuki at tier6 (tier9 CA,
    convert into CVL) but she’s a premium…

  69. There will be 2 tech tree lines of carriers. The other line will end with

  70. GrayAndAnime OwO

    +Herp Derp it will probably be the Akagi over the kaga which will be added
    at a later date

  71. +samwardle12 Also, you changed the flight deck load out! Thats why there
    was no fighters!

  72. +samwardle12 If by ‘sunk’, you mean ‘absolutely fucking rekt’, yes, it was
    sunk 😉 Been awhile, but as i recall, ut only took a few torpedoes to cause
    flooding and contaminate the fuel stores, but don’t tank my work for it.
    Considering it was built one of the three Yamato-class hulls, I would have
    guessed it would be the tier ten carrier. Huh.

    War Gaming never ceases to surprise with their version of history, anyways,
    so I guess it should come as little surprise.

  73. Peculiar Pendulum

    +samwardle12 Indeed, she also never saw combat as she was sunk literally 10
    days after her formal commissioning and was undergoing sea trials when the
    USS Archerfish sank her.

  74. Yep. to be fair. The Japanese at this time didnt really enough fuel,
    aircraft or pilots to run a carrier of her size and keep up a capable CAP
    force, to defend it at this late in the war. The Japanese failed to push
    with there advantage when they had the chance… And it cost them.

  75. oliver gagliardi

    Yes but it’s in closed beta

  76. omnomlikesgames

    Thanks, always wondered how to write out phonetics! 😀

  77. Peculiar Pendulum

    +omnomlikesgames An addition to this is Shinano ‘She-na-no’

  78. +Jack Packet will it do it for next patch. this was the first update i
    covered, so just need to fine tune the set up

  79. Jack Packet (gaming)

    ok np

  80. +Rex1987 there is a support system dude you know

  81. +Rimu00 i would love to be more accuate and give more info – what do you
    need to know?

  82. +Userext47 could to give me a direct link to it then? i was trying to find
    something like that and i could not find it on the forums so i posted in
    another place.

  83. +Rex1987 go to wows or wot main page at the top towards left there is forum
    and support near eachother

  84. +Calm Dwelling Next patch I presume.

  85. +ASCEND45 its the B%ismark/B%ismarck n6ot sure…


  87. lol cool thanks!

  88. The Japanese got influence from Great Britain and Germany in the late 19th
    century after Japan was being forced to open their borders for European
    merchant ships. After that Japan started to build its own navy. It took
    heavily influences from GB’s navy because it was so strong. They also
    started to modernize their army and it took influences from german army as
    it seemed to be so modern and powerful. Just to let you know, Phly 🙂

  89. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    +PhlyDaily pls check the upgreats

  90. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    +Beneteus der Gewaltige of the load out

  91. +PhlyDaily You should watch Kantai collection to learn the proper
    pronunciation of these ships :p

  92. +PhlyDaily Nakajima B3M=X-Wing Torpedo plane!

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