World of Warships – New Skill Tree???

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Supposedly in the next large patch we’re going to see a brand new tree. This tree is going to offer warships players a lot more choices and also tailor their captains to their own playstyles.


  1. The keen intuition is BS! it makes all torpedo boats obsolete!!!!! Lets
    hope that one does not come!

  2. Ships has fixed and revised their Skill Trees more in a year than Tanks
    ever has or will.

  3. Great. in a game plagued by passive BB players, now there’s another skill,
    1 point no less, that will tell them that yes, someone is actually
    targetting them, resulting in them having even MORE reason to find the
    farthest island to hide behind….

    Also, I hate to break it to you, but I’ve used Dogfight Expert on my Hiryu
    since the day the Saipan was released. It doesn’t make me kick ass against
    them, it BARELY lets a hiryu stack be competitive against a normal
    3-stack… If the Saipan has +1 planes, then even if you do too, you are
    gonna need RNGesus on your side to win an air fight with one. Still, at a
    single point, at least it’s tolerable now ;p

    Lastly… HEAP shells. Is that, like, just a different name for “BB who
    insist on firing HE at DD at all times, here ya go”? I suppose it would
    make firing HE into the superstructure as a BB way better, so… Useful for
    people who play BB and have tons of other BB that bow-in charge them.

    Post-lastly… Keen intuition would straight up ruin the day of anyone in
    smoke. Not just DD. Just sayin’

  4. The trouble with customized WoWS ships is MM will always throw you into
    battles where your strengths are utterly useless.

  5. Stop nerfing Japanese destroyers!! Please

  6. As long as there is no gold ammo I am okay with this.

  7. Fog for the Fog God? Khorne would like to have some words with you…

  8. Achim Hanischdörfer

    I don’t like “Keen Intuition”.
    That is coming from a person that doesn’t really play DDs. So technically I
    should be ‘glad’ WG are giving me another tool to bash in the faces of DDs.
    I don’t have a problem playing against DDs. I have learnt to recognize
    situations where there is a DD-threat/torpedo-threat. This skill is
    effectively eliminating player skill. It automates one more process of this
    game. It will make hiding impossible. It renders “Situational Awareness”
    (player ability, not the removed captain skill) obsolete.#

    Instead I would like a skill like “Surveillance Expert”
    Depending on ship class BB/Cruiser/DD/CV you get +100/+50/+25/+65% range on
    your assured detection and +15/+20/+25/+30% visual range.
    So you can pick between being stealthy or being able to see better.

    Mind you: Surveillance Expert will buff Radar and Hydro. It will not change
    the amount they increase your assured detection range, but you will have a
    larger base range.
    (4km on a BB, 3km on a Cruiser, 2.5km on a DD and 3.3km on a CV. It should
    stack with the Target System Aquisition System Mod 1. This shouldn’t affect
    “normal gameplay” too much, but it will give you the edge when brawling.
    Visual Range = Map awareness. It increases the area that friendly and enemy
    units are rendered on the map and in the level. I think it would fit in
    well in the 4p choice which affects visibility of units.

  9. If you set your ship to aa duties the mm will not give you a battle with
    10 battles no cvs,set back to normal and not aa duties next battle 2xcvs.
    Try it each and every day same result so if you have a high aa rating the
    mm seems to keep you out of cv battles why i do not know?

    Some of these skills are bullshit as a sims player all the radar and planes
    in the sky right now makes my game insanity in caps.

    The game has also implemented heavy crits and detonations ie insta dead
    tirpitz and iowa’s.

  10. I like the idea of a revamped skill tree, however my 16 point Bismarck
    commander would now need to be 19 points to have the build I have now

  11. Plz no I just respecced a bunch of captains

  12. Keen Intuition should be removed. It’s going to ruin IJN DDs even more.

  13. Overall, seems like a nerf to destroyers, especially torpedo destroyers. WG
    hates those. And somewhat of a buff to battleships (mainly for the same
    reason), because WG coddles them.

  14. Blood for the blood god!
    Skulls for the skull throne!
    Milk for the Khorn flakes!

  15. “keen intuition” is the dumbest idea ever made to the game.

  16. I dislike the direction, a lot. Some of these skills have the potential to
    completely break the game as it is now: Keen Intuition, as you mentioned,
    and Fog for the Fog Gods in particular. And if a skill like Fiery Take-off
    is actually put into the game, that’s going to make taking down high tier
    CVs even more impossible than it already is against a halfway competent

    If they truly want to make captain skills less linear and enable players to
    better tailor ships to their own playstyles, buffing pretty much everything
    that’s already hated in the game probably isn’t the answer (where’s the
    captain skill to add +10% of the chance of a detonation?). Why not just add
    different skill trees for each class, or even nation, of ship? Allow a
    cruiser captain to spec his ship as a dedicated destroyer hunter or as a
    floating no-fly zone, but don’t offer those same skills to a carrier or
    battleship player. Allow destroyers to specialize in stealth or torpedo
    delivery, but not battleships or cruisers. You get the drift…makes a
    whole lot more sense both from a game enjoyment standpoint (or at least,
    reducing game frustration) and from an historical one.

  17. This keen intuition thing is game-changing. Forget about ambushing, in any
    ship of any class. Forget about Japanese DDs, Sims, Benson, Fletcher, or
    Gearing. Even smoke-and-shoot is disrupted because you’ll not be able to
    set up an ideal smoking point without someone calling you out beforehand
    and then everyone just turns away at first sign of smoke and then you can’t
    spot, shoot, or torp anything while in smoke. I am personally against it
    unless they massively buff IJN DDs in some other aspect, and possibly even
    the higher tier USN DDs.

    Most of all, it doesn’t fix the stupid stealth-firing, island-hugging,
    RNG-deletion aspect of the game which is the most stupid thing at the

    How about something really interesting instead, like Beaching Operations:

    Beached ships that reach zero HP can continue to use their
    guns/AA/torpedoes even when they are knocked out until those modules are
    knocked out, or all 4 sectors of the ship lose their health, whichever
    comes first. Could make for some interesting gameplay with tactical
    beaching(a real-life tactic to prevent the complete loss of a ship).

  18. The “keen intuition” removes the necessity of using brain.

  19. So much shit for people using HE. What about German Cruisers eh? Why not a
    skill that could help make their AP more viable.

  20. Keen intuition will fuck the game up

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