World of Warships: New Space battles!

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World of Warships started a new game mode today and it takes place in space! Its a fun to check out and play in space! Heres some of the gameplay!


  1. Anybody know how to get the spaceships?

    • “Spaceships and their commanders are credited to players’ accounts after completing a simple mission. If you win a battle on a Tier VI-X cruiser, four ships will arrive in your account—Galaxy, Aurora, Norma, and Zaya. For victory on a Tier VI-X destroyer, you’ll receive Blue Aster and FlyFire. The mighty Alldestroyer, beautiful Paris, and elegant Hellcarrier will become available if you win on a Tier VI-X battleship or aircraft carrier correspondingly. “

    • Pretty much play a T6 of each class and win and you get those event ships! Here you go though!

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