World of Warships: New TK System and Damage Reflection

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New TK system and damage reflection can lead to some poor situations. One salvo of torps gets you from white to sunk. Mermaid’s Wrath voice mod.

of Warships footage of tier 10 German destroyer .


  1. yeah since when WG did something good ? these i cant even play BBs bcoz of Asashio

  2. PointyHairedJedi

    You can’t even say that was their fault, really, just very bad luck for all involved. Still wasn’t the smartest drop from the Shima however.

    • It’s the Shima’s fault, but that doesn’t mean the play was wrong. It was an alright risk to take. Just didn’t pan out. The TK system is probably a little too sensitive about players taking risks in favour of weeding out the far fewer intentional TKers.

    • I think the “pinkness” of a player should be more about how many TKs, how much team damage, and the range it where it occurred:
      – If a DD (or cruiser/BB) torps you at 2 km, full pink, no play in ranked while pink (or maybe a day, whatever), and possible 1hr – 1day or longer ban depending on how often the player TKs
      – If a DD (or cruiser/BB) connects a torp or two a long range, a warning and a game or three of pink – more likely an accident
      – For guns, a point-blank hit(s) while zoomed in was likely an accident – warning and maybe pink if repeated
      – Guns at range – see torps at short range

      So in this case, it shouldn’t be lethal to the DD, but a few games of pink. A bit careless, not deliberate.

    • I think it was fine the way it was before.

    • The fault was on both sides … the Shima took a risk and torped thinking Aerroon will see the torps and duck behind one of those islands. Aerroon saw the torps but pulled a Notser in the worst moment.

      WG basically removed 2 ships from one team because of an accident and gave the advantage straight to the enemy without the enemy doing anything to earn it.

      Now imagine they would have been the last 2 ships on the team with a point lead and cap lead … say 1 minute before match end …

    • WG removed 1 ship.  This Shima removed 1 ship.  😉  I agree that the pink shouldn’t start till after the match though

  3. I did 2.3k damage to a div mate(!) at the end of a round and got pink for it. Whereas before you could kill and damage division mates freely it doesn’t seem to be any different fron random teammates anymore. Would’ve been nice to see that in the patchnotes.

    • I had something similar happen, when I drove past my division mate in smoke and shoot half of two salvos from my chapayev into his Edinburgh’s superstructure. (There were a lot of targets close to our smoke screen that kind of needed to go)

  4. It’s not only the TK damage system. Also the “fair play” system now punishes you for random connection problems and client crashes …..

    • Had no “random connection problems” or “client crashes”, since ages…perhaps you should check your system first.

    • BazoombaBoomba you seem to be a really special snowflake ….

    • Skiie what game is not “online” in one way or another these days … anyway if you would eliminate all the players without occasional connection problems or client crashes, the game population would be rather low …

    • low population is no different since they will most likely be afk anyways, at least for the very first few important minutes.

    • low population in this context will mean long query times to enter a game since the MM will have trouble assembling teams (there are 4 game modes with 4 ship classes and 10 tiers .. this presents quite a lot of combinations that spread the available playerbase).

  5. I just realized this also. I accidentally torped someone (only one torpedo hit) and I am instantly pink, no flooding damage inflicted to teammate. The new system is great in instant-punishing teamkillers or damaging teammates, but disadvantages players who accidentally does it.

    Oh well, pink name with purple clan tag is always welcome kapp.

  6. 100% shimas fault. If he looked at minimap he would have seen you charge down that dd.

    • Shima probably dropped before Aerroon made his move.

      I doubled checked. Shima drop torps a long time before Aerroon even entered that narrow gap. Shima was predicting that enemy would reverse into his torp because Aerroon was pushing him. I would have done the same as the Shima.

    • 100% Shimas fault, there is no real excuse. You could only argue that Aerroon should have paid more attention and go left and not right. But i dont think that he should need to evade friendlies torps.

    • Aerroon would’ve been fine if he hadn’t pulled a Notser. And while it is the Shima’s fault, it wasn’t a bad risk to take.

    • I agree that it was Shima’s fault, but only to a degree. There’s very little chance that those torps could’ve hit the enemy DD even if the DD had kept reversing. However, I really expected to have enough room there to go around the island, but alas.

  7. Still not Shima’s fault. It’s just you can’t do anything when your topedoes are out.

  8. What voice pack is that?

  9. The system should at least ask the victim whether the tk’er in quetion should be punished or not. Maybe like: “intentinal tk”, “careless player” or “my own fault”

  10. How about a 10 second delay on the mirror-damage, a window where the offender can appplogise, and the possibilty of forgiving that damage.

  11. It would be nice if there was a button you could press to “nullify” torpedoes after they have been sent out. So if you think that there is a risk they will hit friendlies, you can press something like “Z” to make them duds so they don’t damage anyone.

    There is the possibility that you fatfinger whatever key it is, though, and loose out on torp damage, but that is just a matter of keybinding.

  12. It is not that easy: I agree with you that not only him but the team got punished. He did hit you with 3 torps which are over 70k damage, so he would have killed you 3 times! The shima’s drop was pretty shitty and and he got punished for it, which is working as intended. Why would he even torp there? He should have driven there and fired on the dd, but not torp, when there is a teammate so near.
    The only question that remains: what happens when he would hit a BB with 3 torps. Would he died as well?

  13. This is exactly as it was before
    1st torp turned him pink
    2nd torp dmg got reflected back. Single Shimakazes torp (any of the 3 options) midships (place where he hit = place where it got reflected) can kill a Shimakaze – so he died to it himself. Meanwhile you get reduced dmg from it – half or something like that.

    Absolutely nothing new there

    What’s new is that if those torps would have traveled at least 5.5km he wouldn’t have turned pink from them hitting you

    • But I didn’t die.

    • Heavy damage is good enough, didn’t need to die. He did 58% of your HP as dmg, that’s all that the game cares about. If not for the reduced torp dmg to DDs (x0.9 or something like that) and halved allied torp dmg you would have died there.

    • But that 58% included him turning pink and dying to damage reflection. This likely wouldn’t have happened before.
      Right now a single torpedo hit with a flooding on a BB can turn a DD from white to pink AND deal enough reflection damage to then sink her.

    • Not quite. The threshold to turn pink for torpedoes was higher (40.000 damage out of last 1.000.000, instead of 10.000 out of the last 1.000.000 damage for everything else). Either the Shima had already dealt teamdamage before or the torpedoe damage threshold is not different from the other ways of inflicting damage to the own team. So there would have been the possibility for the Shima not becoming pink right away in the old system. But the torpedoes would most likely have sunk the Z-52. If you are pink, you will get reflected damage as before. Before it was quite hard to get pink just by damage done with torpedoes, considering that torpedo-damage is also halved against allies.
      No amount of distance travelled for your torpedoes will prevent you from becoming pink. Initially they planned that torpedo damage from torpedoes which travel more than 5km would not be considered as teamdamage. But this was only on the PTS as they set the distance to 25km on live servers.

    • Apparently in the new system you get pink right away, just as before if you inflicted enough damage to reach the threshold of 10.000 damage. If you sunk an ally but didn’t inflict as much damage you would have gotten pink after the game. Also the threshold for torpedo damage was apparently lowered.

  14. yep,
    I posted in the oficial WOW US forum about forgiveness button choice but all comments are negative for me :p

  15. *Shimakaze dies*
    “Problem solved. Just don’t let it happen again”

  16. What the hell is that voice xDD

  17. I do wish they implement a system that you can “forgive” a player incase it was a mistake.

    • CSS had that AGES ago. When someone killed you It gave you options what to do. Most people forgave (in case it was just bad luck), but deliberate team killers could be punished severely (even insta-death).

  18. this seems like a good thing. to many just dump torps all over without thought hoping for damage.

  19. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Wasn’t the smartest drop from that shima. What is that voice over mod you’re using?

  20. Seems to be working as intended. I think the issues is they forgot to check the minimap and blindly fired or did check the map and took the gamble. Either way like Pointy said it wasn’t a smart drop in the first place. no matter what they do about the TK System people are still going to make ‘dumb’ drops.

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