World of Warships – New US BB Datamine – 32MM EVERYWHERE?!?!?!?!? WHAT?!

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WHAT THE !*@&?!? 32MM EVERYWHERE??!?!?!


  1. Some of that 32 covers the torp bulge, so you might see a lot of shells that get eaten for no damage around those areas. Overall though I agree this is garbage sure you won’t eat cits but you’ll be eating pens for days. As of right now I’m pretty sure they are being introduced as uboot fodder and HE fodder and xp pinatas in general.

  2. I don’t see any other way to play these but at range. You can’t brawl in them with that mega slow reload. You’re going to burn the whole match. This is a class of spawn campers.

  3. Yep… again. HE targets.
    I cannot imagine these ships will be released in their current form. Surely something has to change.

    • Hah, thats where you’re wrong.

    • nothing will change and the game will lose another 5000 players globally. WG don’t care about creating a compelling experience anymore, they only care about shoving as much shit out the door as they can in the hopes that players will find something they like.

    • You wish *sigh*

    • You do realize that’s not gonna happen cuz they are American BBs/ships they cant be stronger than USSR paper ships so I doubt anything is gonna change and rather than introducing ships like Washington and South Dakota they introduce ships like these and I dont understand how in the world a country which had almost the best firing system has such bad dispersion.

    • Surrrrrrely comrade surrrrely

  4. Player: So the ship sacrifice speed and reload for what?
    WG: For THICCness

  5. Just remember…a whole bunch of world of warships game devs sat in an office somewhere, drew up these characteristics and went…yep, seems okay for our initial attempt. You’d figure after this many years, their first attempts would literally be better with a much more clearly defined idea as to what they want out of the ships. But nope

    • Easy to play. They are so slow that they won’t get shot. By the time they start moving the enemy has won the battle

    • @Nacho Man Randy Sandwich “Skill based matchmaking” will never, ever happen. Even asking for it is a waste of time.

    • Looks balans to me

    • Pete_ Hine_Of_PA

      WG I think has gone crazy. Take a DD for example, two CV’s in the game, a DD has lousy AA and armor and CV’s will pound you relentlessly and you’ll be lucky to get where you are going, not to mention the new German CV’s. Did WG ever think of giving DD’s more armor or AA when they left two CV’s per game into the battle or even one CV. A good CV player knows your DD, and will just hover over you until you are sunk, and that is no fun. At that point is when I move to another game. I think WG is slowly loosing players for reasons like out lined in this video and per my conversation. I believe I’m just touching on the outer -shell of WG’s poor designs and strategy, and that also does not leave much room for newer players joining Random. I went back to playing Steam’s American Truck Simulator as my main game, so my opinion is screw WG and it’s designers and engineers.

    • That’s the thing though, last week they seriously didn’t “Know” exactly what they wanted out of these. They had a general idea, and want to put that into practice, but will likely end up with something slightly different. Like almost every single other new idea put into any Wargaming title….. It’s a new concept, they don’t have a German, or Japanese counterpart to say, “that base model works, let’s go from there.”

  6. These ships will be played very effectively when fully cloaked in invisibility paint.

  7. James Harrington

    All I can say is LOL!

    It’s like WG doesn’t understand their own game…. the last thing we need are BB’s being passive at long range.

    How are they going to be played? You ask…

    Well they are going to be played as wrecks burning to the waterline. They are going to be DD bait, german CV bait and well just general AP gun bait… I don’t see overpens happening on these thicc girls.

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe i remember my first game in the Tirpitz when I got it for 2 weeks. Pushed into 2 BBs, 1 cruiser and 1 Smolensk. I yeeted the smolensk out of existence and yolo torped the BBs. My team managed to kill the other cruiser. It was a fun game

    • @Guvyyg Vuhh except slava, oiho, the thunderer, the bourgogne and ill be honest lately the GK has been feeling better than the kremlin now that its accuracy has been reduced.

    • Passive BB has become redundant. They started encouraging HE spam at tier 1 when they decided new players were too stupid to decide HE or AP.

    • @richard cutts ohio is litteraly every bbs wet dream, thunderer is a sniper but it can also push bourgogne is super versatile, gk is the incarnation of push, passive bb where?

    • You want overpens? Play Shiki, that thing overpens so much

  8. The prepared Gamer

    It’s apparent that Russian bias is real the ships look like they’re gonna suck

  9. Firing angles look bad too with all the superstructure. These will make FDG and GK angles look very good.

  10. I wonder if WG even requires its devs to play their game regularly (at least about two hours a week) at high tiers. Seemingly not, otherwise they didn’t get these stupid ideas of ships that are broken from the start (as in: either UP or OP).

  11. French BB players be like : hey Bretagne I missed you. NOT.

    • mickael delatre Bretagne actually has AMAZING firing angles, especially to the BACK. Then they suddenly become insanely accurate that you can threaten fusos with it

  12. Oh hell no. No amount of broadside is worth being a permanent BBQ.

  13. Ya comrade, welcome World of Russian Warships.

  14. So they managed to mix:
    GK’s turrets angles
    Republique’s armor layout
    Colorado speed
    plus a 1.7 sigma.
    5 years making ships and they still can’t get it right. That explains how successful the Soviet Navy was IRL.

    • HiStoRicAL AcCuRacY.

      That is their reason.

    • dont forget 40 sec reload

    • @Melon Lord Sorry man, not accurate there either the Minnesota is a Tillman I proposed battleship that was supposed to go 26.5 knots the Vermont is a Tillman IV-1 which at least went 25.2 with 5 turrets. One would think with one less turret and one less gun it might go faster… nope!

    • @Patrick Croker Minnesota is a refitted 1920 South Dakota. Hence being exactly the same length as Kansas.

    • Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

      GK Angles are 46 degrees! this one looks acceptable, almost same as bismarck, this is the least concerning point right now, sadly

  15. Izumo: Who are you?
    Minnesota: I am you.

    Izumo: You is me? I thought I’m the only HE Magnet?
    Minnesota: Well let me end your suffering my friend, I’m a new HE Magnet.

  16. We: US bbs are being power crept and low to mid tier USN BBs are too slow to be viable!
    WG: Here is our solution.

  17. @Ryan Brochu yeah remember the naval legends episode about the paper russian ship and their stupid reason behind it? This seems to be their russian navy power fantasy

  18. I’m convinced these ships are meant as an insult to U.S. players.

  19. buy them! pay real money for early access of the most shitty silver ships ever! HAHAHA

  20. When a new line gets released, the matchmaker is always flooded with its ships.

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