World of Warships – NEW USN BB is OP or just strong?

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New tier 10 USN BB, the Ohio is really strong, good and fun to play. I can’t really call it OP for multiple reasons such as guns can troll (only 8 of them) no special consumables, okey-ish range but not excessive. However the guns CAN be very good, secondaries help, solid AA, tanky.
Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I belive there is a place for Ohio. In my hands its not OP. But every ship in your hands is OP even thou I have killed u ingame lol

  2. Hmm something to look forward to – just a wee bit of a duistyance from T3 & T4 LOL

  3. Hmm it doesn’t look op – but somehow I ask myself why to play the Großer Kurfürst when you can have this in the current meta.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 its not only about the pen though, the firepower of anything cannot only be counted by the pen chances. Rep has higher fire chance, higher alpha dmg, heavier broadside and last but not least, way heavier support from its main battery.

      Also when i said “same” secondary firepower i ment everything that comes with it. Sure secondarys only and GK would have a better time, but that is not how this game is played.

      One of the greatest benefits to Rep secondaries compared to GK is that you have 2×3 152 turrets in the front, meaning you can angle more and still have a decent amount of secondaries firing at your target.

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 also i forgot to mention, while its nothing major it still is quite a bonus, specially if sailing parallel to each other, but rep has the range advantage

    • @[BFs]Karaya 1 Idd GK is amazing

    • monty has gotten power creeped but GK has gotten power creeped really bad

  4. Doesnt matter, only few ppl can get it anyways, 4-5 lines reset and play to T10 again. Haha is that a joke?

  5. CynicallyObnoxious

    NTC is garbage it sould be a line split

  6. I think they never actually meant for the NTC to upgrade your ships. I think it has always been the intent to introduce an extremly time-consuming way to implement new Tier X premiums. They proposed a riddiculously broken system and made a short presentation to you, the most vocal part of the community, had you get us outraged, and then sold the rework as them being benign. Now we ‘won’ against WG and they get to do what they intended to do from the beginning.

  7. With this caliber, accuracy, speed, secondaries and heal? Noooo its not OP at all.

  8. Meister Wunderfart

    The issue with the Ohio is it doesn’t really have a big weakness while being strong in various areas.. in the right hands it will be totally OP. And I’m not doing the whole regrind thing… I think the community needs to send a clear message to WG in that making us redo old content 4-5-6x over just to get 1 tier 10 ship is beyond a slap in the face to people that have played the game for a long time.

    • @Meister Wunderfart Should have explained more thoroughly. Random as in a lot more often than usual,at angles other BBs don’t have to worry about (except perhaps the Yama).

    • Meister Wunderfart

      @tunnar79 Yeah but then you look at the Yamato, 1 more gun than Ohio but similar accuracy. Similar reload. Ohio has much better secondaries, a much better heal, better AA, better concealment. I’ve had secondary games that have dealt over 100K damage by themselves in the Georgia lol.. and the Ohio has increased fire chance on the secondaries. So like I said above, in certain peoples hands, used correctly it will be OP.

    • @Meister Wunderfart To be fair, “in certain peoples hands, used correctly it will be OP” applies to 90% of the ships in game,so that’s not saying much.

    • @tunnar79 I think Ohio will be strong on people that don’t sail full broadside all the time.

    • SORRY but I play only U.S. Ships and I have at least 4,000,000 ship XP on every U.S. ship in the game I’ll regrind, doing it anyway.

  9. A ship with fast-shooting 152mm-guns is OP.
    A ship that can dev-strike opponents every 26 seconds is not.

    • Glupi Medo I don’t think a dev strike every 26 seconds is possible. That itself heavily relies on RNG plus you’re counting on the stupidity of your opponent to keep making the same mistakes. But an upgraded Atlanta with the firing rate of a harugumo or a kitakaze that virtually has no counter is too strong. All you have to do is play like an Atlanta and if there’s a division of that then it’s not really enjoyable.

    • @BladeKi11a and why are heavily armoured battleships afraid of puny 152mm-guns?
      The thing is, a BB CAN dev-strike everything; Colbert can NOT. But uh-oh there could be a (100% repairable) fire.
      So, what is worse (and therefore OP), being on fire or getting dev-striked? Obviously being on fire, at least if you ask the BB-skippers.

    • Glupi Medo I’m not afraid of 152mm guns. What bothers me is the getting set on fire constantly. And the only way to counter a fire starter is hoping that they make a mistake and being punished for it while RNG doesn’t fuck you over. I’m a BB/DD main I know what’s it’s like being on either end of the stick.

    • @BladeKi11a So you know that fire-dmg can be healed back as if didn´t happen? ANd citadel-damage can not. Why are people always so quick to attack everything that threatens BBs?

    • Glupi Medo yes fire and flooding damage is healed back 100% while citadel damage only heals 30%. The main reason why a fire starter can become too strong is when both the repair and damage con is on cooldown and you get set on fire again especially if you have double fires. Even while you haven’t made a mistake.

  10. The regrind thingy is such a weird idea from WG. Maybe they think we are all from Korea?

    • @The Tank Commander Korean MMO’s (and other games) are generally super grindy, which is accepted in that part of the world.

    • @The Tank Commander You dont know? Well, Koreans LOVE grinds and regrinds and in certain MMOs its a must have or the market will not be interessted in the product but dont ask me why they like it so much.

    • @The Tank Commander Oof did he touch a nerve there Kim? (I kid but yikes).

    • ​@The Tank Commander lol I don’t get why you’re so fired up (if it didn’t bother you, then why reply? 5004 made a joke, you took offense as though he came screaming slurs, me and a few others poked fun at you. Boo hoo. :p

    • They think we all play Roblox. My kid yesterday was like, “So they’re doing rebirthing on Warships now? Kick butt, dad.”

  11. every ship is good if it has a good captain on board

    • Except the Emerald.

    • Gneisenau. doesn’t matter how well you position or aim. if you tank well you can’t do damage, if you do damage, you get focused. it is actually only good at suprising people at close range and shoving torps in them. Konigsberg/nurnburg, the whole thing gets overmatched by bb ap, even the citadel armor. it is more squishy than omaha and has 950m/s shell velocity so it can’t camp. omaha you can open water and wreck by spamming HE, t5 and t6 german cruisers are a no.

  12. Research Bureau is WG’s way to combat gentrification of the game (mostly upper tier) by trying to get you to regrind the lower tiers again so new players have opponents to seal club them on their way up the tech trees.

  13. Ohio is BETTER Than Montana – PERIOD! That is the problem, I mean at LEAST give Montana the 0.7% heal and SAME secondaries, because it is the EXACT SAME HULL FFS! Or you could NOT give Ohio 0.7% heal, give it 0.5% instead, and give it the SAME secondaries as the Montana! Also – HOW THE HELL does an 18 in shell load 4 second faster than a 16 in shell??! And WHY is it MORE ACCURATE than any other BB??? THEN Ohio has BETTER AA Than Montana *What the actual Fuck???* Sure WG says “No more direct ship buffs, BUT HERE IS A BETTER VERSION OF THE TIER X AMERICAN BB!”

    • @Spiffy_McAwesome And other battleships with 18 inch shells dont have the pen? dont the 16inches lose pen faster than 18inch shells, besides it was just an idea

    • @Benjamin Kopecky i understand what power creep is, that’s pretty typical of even the most well balanced of games, you just need to buff or nerf things to keep up with it. It’s why they usn got their rudder shift and heal buffs around december. (I just wish monty had the same heal as the rest of the line) and a personal wish is for rhe usn 406 mm guns to get those same pen angles as the usn 203 mm guns like you mentioned. Been wanting that for a long time.

    • @Benjamin Kopecky I never said that. I was just stating that they are also pretty far off on other ways they ‘balance’ the BBs from what they could/should be to be semi historically accurate. US 16″ shells were very well made and engineered as well as having better metallurgy. The Japanese 18.1″ shells were very powerful but not as well designed and made of inferior metals. Fire controls at the time also made effective combat and maximum ranges of the guns more and more difficult…wasn’t the gun itself it was the range that the fire control would be effective. So, while the Yamato/Musashi could technically fire further they had pretty much the same effective range as an Iowa class and pretty comparable penetration ability at those ranges. The 18.1″ Japanese guns would do more damage if they hit for sure. But the 16″ US shells had better penetration angles and not that much less penetration power at most effective ranges of both gun. Plus, they definitely could fire faster compared to the Yamato class guns as you said.

    • @Benjamin Kopecky p.s. other 18″ gun armed BB’s are all make believe ships in game so you can’t actually make them historically accurate to begin with.

  14. It does matter because it will give an advantage in clan battles. The whole point of clan battles is a balanced even play field. So GG Wargaming thanks.

  15. So I had this thought when you were talking about why you, and probably most of us, went through the grind. We all want to play the ships we love and we really don’t want to lose the ships we love in order to get ships we might not love as much.
    So I had thought about ship mastery, a series of ships specific missions that unlock after you have X amount of top 3 base XP games in your specific ship. Then this chain of missions will ask you to do X amount of damage, hit X amount of shots with you main battery, take X amount of potential damage and cap X amount of point and at the end of these mission chain you can get a cool permanent camouflage or if they really want grind only ships you can hand out mastery tokens with every ship that you completed your mastery missions with. This was your players can play the ships they love AND get something out of it without losing a whole line of ships.
    I had this idea mostly because while I have the GK unlocked I find myself playing the Bismarck and Tirpitz more than the GK and similarly with my US light cruisers, I have the Worcester and Des Moines but I find myself leaving port in the Helena more often than either of them.

  16. that C cap is like the Bermuda Triangle of WoWs

  17. no flambass, spreadsheets say everyone grinds so players do love grinding.

  18. Best in class heal, turret rotation, secondaries etc. OPhio.

  19. I might be willing to accept Ohio as-is if they give Montana the same heal as the rest of the US battleships.

  20. After 2 and half years of youtube wach , i never find flambass live in stream or in game ….
    No luck at all …. !

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