World of warships – NEW USN tier 7 premium LIGHT cruiser Boise WiP

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Here is the NEW USN tier 7 LIGHT Boise WiP.
It has some remarkable features that I don’t consider rly balanced for tier 7, especially if we compare it to ships in tier 7 that already exist. HOWEVER it’s a tier 7, which means it will sometimes end up against tier 8 and 9 ships and in those circumstances (without proper support like DD) it’s gonna have a problem to do anything cause of it’s “armor” and it’s gun range.
So I guess that makes it balanced.



  1. Just bought Atlanta and will earn Indianapolis. Don’t think I need another tier 7 usn cruiser. Lol
    Dammit this actually looks good.

  2. Boise- Boy-Z

  3. Yes it works fine against tier 5 but how does it work against tier 9? I`m guessing that less than 14 km range will be fun then 😉

  4. Cruelty to Underage DDs and Nürnbergs. Rude.

  5. T5 and t7 ships should not meet in battle. MM should be limited to 1 tier difference.

    • Apothecary Terry

      T5 vs T7 isn’t that bad at all, as long as the T7 isn’t being played by Flambass. I’d much rather have that than double the queue length.

    • some Tier 7 ships are OP, especially the premium carriers.
      Nevertheless the occasions where you get matched against radar ships (Belfast!) and a premium carrier are sufficiently rare. Minekaze loves harrassing tier 7 BBs ^^

  6. Subnautica. When Flammm 🙁

  7. It’s like kicking puppies.. lol

  8. Slawomir Chmielewski

    So basically an Atlanta with better arcs?

    • Shells are rather slow so it’s hard to hit at max distance and this thing doesn’t even have that big of a range

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      It has more and better guns but double the reload so I guess the overall DPM is roughly the same.
      Range is roughly the same but Atlanta struggles to hit BBs at 13km, this thing has little problems hitting DDs at 10 or so. Normal US CL arcs, unlike the insanity of Atlanta’s drag coefficient.

    • Also has longer-range radar than Atlanta.

    • Herastheblackwolf

      Atlanta has 127mm guns, the Boise 152mm .So HEAP is MUCH better on the Boise. You hit so much harder than the Atlanta can ever to

  9. I feel a little dirty after watching that 🙂 But its a good dirty.

  10. ZotiaFF the Communist Rák Cancer

    t7 mogami with radar… seems legit

  11. The radar strapped to so many ships is out of control. Had a game last night in DD. Went for cap an while I was in therer 3 Cleveland’s and a Chappy showed up. Spent the next 8mins stuck behind an island. Got away eventually to run face first into Z-39 so HYDRO!lol that wasn’t even all that teams radar. They had double Missouri trolling the other cap. Fun & engaging they said…the devs have a strange idea of fun

    • I’ve just been busting out the Russian dd’s with IFHE I’m that over radar.

    • There needs to be some kind of balance, like if you have a cruiser & light up radar, it makes you visible too. Or shows roughly where you are but not fully detected (more accurate than RDF, like maybe it shows you on the mini map). Otherwise T8-10 DDs are going to end up like CVs – no one playing them

    • oldRighty1 tbh I think it’s mainly balancing in the mm that’s urgently needed. They already restrict how many CV’s per team. They need to restrict number of radar equipped ships in the same way AND spread them evenly in the teams so if one side gets 3 radar, other side has 3 as well. WG have already said that they have no intention of doing this though. Conway said it adds variation to the games way it is now. Variation my arse. It makes mm decide before round begins who gets all the cards to win with and leaves other team about to waste up to 20mins of their time fighting against the odds unless their opponents are all busy arguing which colour crayon tastes nicest.

      Of course I wouldn’t be against cutting the range of the radar to 7-8km max and enough with the up to 61secs bs and seriously enough with the CA “ooo, I’m spotted. Time to pop radar and say hello” Which ever muppet came up with the idea of radar on ships that see out to their own detection needs their head lookin. Would also be nice if it stopped breaking laws of physics too. Radar isn’t meant to be seeing stuff through mountains and that’s just lazy game mechanics.

      Rant over…feel better now 🙂

    • My very thought.
      Playing t8-10 DDs is becoming more and more masochistic.
      Omnipresent radars (of a sick – close to 12km range) are one thing.
      10k AP salvos from BBs (from 12-15km) are another.

      Playing objective early in the game becomes more and more suicidal on those tiers.

    • Had a match the other day with a bunch of US cruisers. Was in a Benson. Someone in chat figured the red team had 18 minutes of radar duration. They threw that out in chat w/18:45 left, as I was still heading to the first cap. How do you push a cap with that?

  12. Oh man, I hope they nerf the piss out of this, and if they don’t, I hope I can get my hands on one. This is definitely too much for the tier. US CL is my favorite type of boat, I could do some work in this thing.

  13. newest cancer division coming up

  14. Jim Rinkenberger

    WG’s new practice of selling OP premium ships is slowly destroying what little balance there is in the game. Especially since premiums are almost never changed after release.

  15. Now shouldn’t the Boise be in WoW as a tier 9 rather than at tier seven?

  16. Raise the Seal Clubbing Expert flag, please 🙂

  17. After years of Russian bias actually trying to imply that a Russian can engineer a superior gun system of any type compared to an American engineered gun,US gets some love. Now they need to make the m48 patton with .25 accuracy and 2000 meter per sec. Shell velocity. Then make the raggedy t62 with .46 accuracy. That’s more realistic:)

  18. Oh shit it’s the USS lackofcreativity

  19. John Chucky Tomlinson

    These are not words, my wife told me tell you, that you are silly.. These are my words, how in the hell can you take down the whole team by yourself.. AMAZING!!!🚢

  20. Do you believe radar is ruining this game? Also do you think the Devs would ever introduce a radar jamming consumable for DDs? Maybe in place of speed boost?

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