World of Warships: New York – No Way Back

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—– Fancy playing World ? —–

As it is a free to play game, you would be silly not to give it a try if it piques your interest!

—– Patch —–

We have all had those games where our team has been ripped apart in the first half of the match and we have done little to try and prevent this from happening.

Today, I provide an example of said type of game in the Tier V American Battleship known as the New York, and try to reason how:

– Situations like this come about in the first place (i.e. due to our lack of individual impact on the game)
– What advantages this confers to the enemy team (i.e. in which should have been eliminated still being alive)
– How your ability to make a comeback in the second half of the match is weakened as a result

The game featured in the background is a Tier V Domination game on the map .

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  1. It’s been too long since I last saw one of your videos. Nice to watch ya again, and like before, I love the whole tactical and strategical commentary that just explains everything. Always helped me play a lot better.

  2. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen

    Good attempt TX, nice play, shame the result couldn’t be a win.

  3. Another rock solid video!

  4. What’s that intro music?

  5. words you can use instead of whereby, .. Its petty I know but the sheer number of times you use that word really detracts and distracts from the commentary for me which otherwise is really very good.

  6. He’s not perfect…I don’t believe it! It’s nice to see someone take a less than stellar gameplay of their own and explain where they failed without hollering hacks & the game is broken. Well done.

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