World of Warships – Newport Base Scenario

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0.6.6 will introduce PVE scenarios and I show off one of four while discussing the implications of the scenarios. We need to defend a base against enemies assaulting it, I just around to torpedo. The bigger issue is that the PVE scenario appears to require doubloons to play. I’m not really a fan of this design and share what could go wrong, some suggestions provided as well. Hope you all have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V German Destroyer T-22


  1. Sir Orrin Productions

    Notser, you can wait 30 mins to que again, or grab a different ship.

  2. I can only speak for myself but I enjoy PvE more since it is less toxic and PvP meta is justed fuck up. Everyone sitting in smoke while BBs are sniping at max range is just retarded and PvE is delivering much more action in this regard.

    And about the doubloons: I really dont care since I have enough ships so I just take out another one and as soon as I am done with that ship the first is ready to go again. The difficulty in normal mode is a bit high for PUGs and if it stays like that it will take some frustration until everyone got the hang of it and knows what to do (sadly you just can’t expect casuals to “git gud”)

  3. If something is fun I do not care if its 20 Minutes, 10 Minutes or one hour. When I play Wows, 20 minutes are like nothing. Sometimes I even wish battles would be longer. 🙂

  4. You have to pay 20 DB`s if you want to use the same ship, you can change it and play again right away.

  5. In Wot blitz the gold ammo does 15% less damage now.

  6. I like because as you mentioned it is a bit more casual. For a player like me who is not necessarily a noob, but a learning player. It is easier and less frustrating to play against AI as a less experienced player. However, I am not a fan of the doubloons cost. Hopefully WG fixes it.

  7. I’m tired of this premium BS, WG are getting greedy.

  8. Pay to win basically?

  9. I like Notser, but sometimes I feel like he’s a little misinformed. The 20 doubloons thing is only for the ship you just used. If you have 3-4 tier 5-6 ships, you don’t really have to spent a single doubloon. I for one am gonna be using my Nurnberg, Warspite, Duca, Graf Spee, Budyonny, Cleveland, Ryujo. There’s no shortage of ships in this tier. I much rather have no limits on weekly rewards than not have to pay to use the exact same ship over and over again. The fun is in trying different ships and strategies, rather than just picking whatever is “in the meta” just to win.

  10. Notser – do you EVER read the rules for the event before you try it?
    It’s 20 gold only if you use the SAME ship in the cooldown.
    And BTW taking a tier 5 in the scenario? Way to handicap your team.

  11. you know you can have up 7 ship div in this mode right?

  12. Paying to take part is exactly the sort of shit the clowns that run WG are likely to implement.

  13. Notser please get the facts strait be four you rant for 12 minutes. I like your videos but please make sure your info is correct.

  14. Sorry Notser, but you spent most of this video criticising the 20 doubloon paygate. I agree that it’s a bad idea for many reasons, but it’s only for replaying with the same ship. You can just take a different ship and play as many times as you like. Now, having said that I feel you wasted the opportunity to talk about the actual scenario itself, the design of it, the bot behaviour. You could have discussed tactics, the rewards and general economy, the fun factor but no. Basically you just went on and on about the 20 doubloon paygate and you didn’t even get your facts straight about that.

  15. Another WG money grab. No thanks.

  16. Robert Charleson

    The Japanese Tokyo Express was almost a suicidal set of missions IRL…

  17. Play War Thunder then, it’s simply better than WoT

  18. this is way harder and pvp cause bots are smarter than retards in pugs

  19. What is the extended seven ship division for if not this? I is confuze.

  20. I have enough ships to avoid the doubloon payout.

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