World of Warships – Nicholas the Solo Warrior

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Probably one of the best tech tree DD ships in the game, Nicholas. I always loved USN DDs and always managed to make them work, this one is no exception.

I had no idea that this game was gonna go this way but you have to fight, otherwise you won’t win. All it takes is to focus on the task at hand and do them 1 at a time. If your team isn’t bad enough you’ll get to carry, if your team IS bad enough then I guess you just have to win it solo 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. must have missed this in the stream, damn. gg my dude.

  2. I like how Flambass is complaining that his namechange worked.^^ The October just treated him like every other player and told him what to do xD Well calling someone an idiot is not okay of course, but I guess, I would have told my DD to back up to, if he was lingering closely towards the enemy ships while we were winning by points… no offense here 😉

    • I dont care how many games, he was not wrong.. 🙂

    • @RiMaDogs True, the idiot part is always uncalled for, but communicating with another teammate is good. This cuts both ways, I had an 07 player blast me yesterday because the team was horrible. He decided to take his anger out on me…even shot me a few time turning himself pink.

    • he sure needed to follow that elon musk footsteps and call him an идиот, that’d do much better!

    • You can never use idiot too much in this game.. All flambass needed to say was that he knows they were winning, and acknowledge the get back.. Flambass assumed everyone knows that he is a superunicum sealclubber.

    • @Biscuit Waite So lets all laugh at the new guy that actually knows how to play the game and can tell a points win? Also, perhaps the dude is an alt account, I have one myself with few games, but as the player behind the keyboard, I actually now whats up.

  3. I get that teammate of yours. Your name isnt as recognizable anymore for most people, and trust in your teammates is just gone these days. 95% of Nicholas players would have thrown that to get the kraken. Or just yolo hurr durr for no reason.

    • Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

      [BFs]Karaya 1 yeah even though the name has changed the clan hasn’t. He must just be a fairly new player I guess. Telling the great Flambino what to do.😂😂

    • @Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS] spamming get back, then calling him an idiot is too far.

      perhaps one get back and saying “looks like we’ll have the points if you just run and hide i’ll kite these guys away” would’ve been 100% all he needed to say
      nothing else he did was going to get a stupid team mates attention and the more he did the more annoying he was… it wasn’t going to stop a bad teammate at any point.

    • @Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS] he has 807 games. Stats are pretty respectable though, possible re-roll?

    • @dawfydd I’ve been in that guys shoes before. Seen to many assured win games thrown by people that just decide fuck it at the end because they dont understand how points win. Hell, that guy could have been me in some of my matches. Sometimes decorum gets chucked out when the win is on the line and you see someone doing what looks like a hyper throw.

    • If he’d have paid attention to the battle he’d have known better. Looking up from your tunnelvision and casting accusations is just a stupid thing full stop.

  4. Great Game
    However I can totally understand that Okt. Rev. at the end. There are just too many idiots in this game who are unable to track points and loose games because they think they have lost already when they are in fact on track to win. Remember that you are no longer playinng as Flambass. Most people would get really nervous if they saw someone charging at the enemy like you did in that situation. 🙂

    • @Belgarath Calm down little guy.

    • Tbh I see what u mean by “good players don’t talk” but I also have found that if u RLY know what ur doing, being able to lead a team (and if they listen) is more valuable then anything u could do in the game… That would mean of course u have no suicidal teammates cus they are listening to u in that senecio instead of dying right away but u catch my drift…

      Comms are like RLY underrated in ALL multiplayer games imo… also it was stupid for the Ock Rev to call flam an idiot cus that does not help anyone at all… calling people shit in chat is just useless and only makes the match harder to win…

    • @FedUp Gamer oh great, your only pretending to be dumb right:?

    • @Alpha 433 Hey little keyboard warrior, chill out and get a life.

    • @FedUp Gamer jez, I must have really pissed you off somehow.

  5. Gotta give revolution guy some slack. Think it from his perspective: He clearly knows you are the one who can win the game. He doesn’t know that you know that. So he sees you moving towards the enemy and the cap which he makes him think that you dont know it. He was trying to tell you that, thus the get back commands. He sees a random DD making a terrible move to throw the game. Who doesn’t call them idiots. So to sum it up: Both of you knew the correct way, but neither knew that the other knew it also. Just mixed signals.

    Just a thought.

    • Romper Stomper 4Life

      heardistance …so stay safe people! Wear mask against a virus that can’t survive on any surface for longer then 10 seconds and that can’t be transmitted via air! So yes, stay safe!

    • It’s understandable the October Revolution didn’t know Flambass from the name, and that people do tend to throw in WoWS, but at the same time he just called Flambass an idiot without even hearing his side of it. Also spamming him is less desirable for a teammate to respond as it creates annoyance. So, he should take a breather or consider giving the “nicholas player” the benefit of the doubt. He has 4 kills to his name and capped everything that game so even without Flambass saying anything, should have given him credit of knowing how to play

    • Matthew Mortimer

      @SS E_Weston the revolution BB player caped A whilst his surrounding team did nothing whilst flambass was in the middle of the map

    • @Matthew Mortimer So the Revolution player is good, but that doesn’t change my points towards his criticisms towards Flambass. I’m not saying the BB is the biggest jerk on the internet, obviously not, but I also defend Flambass for being annoyed with him and understand the BB player jumping to conclusions since WoWS is rife with bad players

    • Matthew Mortimer

      @SS E_Weston I understand where your coming from.

  6. I hope that guy in chat happens to watch this video 🙂

    • He did, and he said he was sorry for calling me an idiot and I told him its fine. Also told him to not get discouraged from communicating with his team again, just hopefully without the idiot part xD

  7. Jose Luis Blasco

    I was going to call out seal clubbing but at this point, when flambino plays T8 in a T10 game is also seal clubbing so…

  8. The monkey with a weapon, it rhymes in german

  9. Bobby Tide Pod 1

    Did you consider pulling out the line “Do you know who I am”?

  10. That Revolutsia was just worried that you will get greedy and die, he had reason to fear it based on majority of DD players that do not know when to stop, but sure he could have used nicer language to give advice and express worries. BTW this video reminds me of my solo warrior in Asashio 😀

    • Lord-Admiral Thor

      @Doreen Green No. One ping and a message of “Survive and we win on points.” and left it at that. I’d have blocked the arse hole for the third ping already, and after seeing that message I wanted him out of my game, as in WoW as a whole.

    • @Doreen Green he called Flambass an idiot for not doing his exact words, naw he was being an ass

    • @SS E_Weston Flambass does that all the time himself to others

    • @Doreen Green Two wrongs do not make a right, I’m defending this case for Flambass being annoyed with him since the BB player is jumping towards conclusions. Not defending the whole history of Flambass’ gameplay. Kinda see where I’m coming from? It’s understandable that people get annoyed in the game, but still name calling is not cool whoever it is that does it

    • @SS E_Weston I entirely agree, i wasn’t defending Flambass’s style of play either

  11. The other day I had kind of a surprise seeing you in a tear 2 game, I also told you to get back because you were pushing a DD in BB, until I realized wait this is you, so I helped you push

  12. Never torp as a second row is forbidden knowledge for most of current players 🙁

  13. “Trust me, I know what im doing” Sledge Hammer

  14. The game is 99% suicidal DDs, he saw you on the map heading towards the red cluster and just thought that the usual was going to happen.

  15. When I begun to grind the USN DDs, ia had a breeze (especially with Clemson), and with this one, I hit an impassable wall. Torps with no range, poor ballistics.. I gave up. Well done Flambino!

  16. Ramming always works in the PEF, it’s the most reliable way to score damage

  17. I remember my first solo warrior. I had like 113 HP left in a DD. Had to fight a few DDs solo. Was tense.


  18. Biscuitchris7again

    When some Butterbar in the Imperial Fleet asks who the idiot on comms is with the respirator…

  19. UltimaBasti - Potato On The High Seas

    PE Fred rammed even though he was still close to full life, and even had hp advantage over New Mex. He didn’t even try to duel.

  20. Wow, 23k xp as modifiers, and I’m out here playing for 3 months and still didn’t get my Bismark.Also, only 9 points captain..

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