World of Warships- Night Battles, Dirigible Derby Coming To Randoms, & The Return Of Epicenter

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Hey guys, today we take a look at a QNA article WG released today regarding questions about maps, modes, and more. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Video Intro
1:54 “Why Are New Maps So Rare?”
4:40 “Will Epicenter Return?”
7:18 “Is Dirigible Derby Coming To Randoms?”
8:47 “Will We See Night Battles?”
10:19 “Are There Going To Be New Operations? What About TVIII-TX?”
12:15 “Could We Have Pickable Spawns?”
13:32 “Larger Maps/Battles When?”
15:29 Closing Thoughts


  1. Tidehunter Zamora

    Finally a Night Battle…

  2. Some questions I can say won’t happen. Like seeing next map while in port. Map doesn’t get chosen until in que and if so, load times could lengthen.

  3. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Would be cool if they added star shells as an ammo type. Illuminate a shot area and does no damage but high fire chance (while this is real we all know how well this would go)

  4. Night battles would be quite interesting. I can see a whole most of possible tweaks they could do to a night battle mode. Increased spotting distance from shooting and fires, decreased time to go dark again, overall smaller detection range. Even as a seperate mode like convoy I’d like to see them play around with the ideas. Make a night battle a highly lethal game of cat and mouse.

  5. 12:53 man this is so true.When I play bb,I spawn with a cruiser and a dd on one flank,but when we spot the enemies there is 5 of them.And same goes for when I play dd.I get absolutely destroyed with enemy using surv radar no matter what I do.They should atleast make it fair so if I die because of enemy being better I wont be angry,but dying like this?Absolutely outrageous

    • Truthfully I don’t mind this. As a DD main I spawn on the west side with a cruiser and a BB and that lets me do what a DD is supposed to do. Scout and deny the enemy DD an opportunity to get to my heavies. Even when they throw more ships at you, you can see them but they can’t see you. Random long-range torps make them very much less inclined to push and even if not, it divides the enemies forces and makes them weaker everywhere else. I suggest engaging in the fine art of making lemonade out of lemons!

    • @Darren4352 well said darren,how much are you playing this game for?

  6. they focus 80% on subs , 10 % on new maps and 10 % on gamemodes and 900% on cashgrab events
    the only problem with epicenter is the playerbase

  7. I’d like deregible derby to stay as an event tbh cuz then I can just keep playing that mode when it’s available. But that’s just me. Also random means subs and cvs r guaranteed.

  8. Donald Wrightson

    I’m glad Cherry Blossom is coming back,I loved that Operation!

  9. Regarding night battles, there’s a mod in the Aslain’s mod pack that turns all of your battles into deep dark night battles. It’s not something that I want to use all the time but when I want a particular challenge that’s the way to go. Sudden encounters make you very cautious sometimes and you’re always on the edge of your seat with that mod applied. For anyone wondering about night battles I suggest downloading the mod pack and install it that option at least for 10 or 12 battles.

  10. In terms of irl map design, I would love to see a map called “Taiwan” where there is one major island in the middle, and lots of open water on both sides.

  11. So glad epicenter is gone come to think of it. In fact until you had to bring it up I had gladly forgotten it. 🙁

  12. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    Are night battles going to be a real thing?! YES!

  13. Always good content Sea Lord Mountbatten. Love these videos, means I don’t have to read any of wargamings garbage.

  14. I recommended a night battle version long ago. I suggested they have a spotlight option activated in binoculars mode. In this mode your ship is slightly more visible. But obviously your spotlights light up targets and limited range depending on your ship class

  15. I asked if they could put in crew, another factor that could effect your shop. If you take alot of hits your crew could die resulting in slow speed or fire rate. So you never know what your facing etc.

  16. The spawn issue comes down to one reason…BOTS and how they work. According to Wargaming themselves… ( Bots are programed to mimic player movement and that could disrupt this ) in other words, BOTS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AT THE START OF A GAME! yet we can only guess where they are. This really effects co-op more than any other game mode…Ever notice you’re mirror ship ALWAYS appears near you when spotted? Or how bout aircraft going right for the DD or SS even though you are not spotted…Smoke and mirrors players, these game are fixed before you even press W. That is why they will never have a spawn point you can choose from.

  17. night battles i could think kinda like a storm but where you have to fire a light in the sky to see maybe the enemy. like field lights.

  18. The area in Arms Race actually slowly shrinks over time, so it’s a more “active” spiritual successor to Epicenter which was static.

    And the spawns are symmetrical (usually). What you’re describing is anti-division bias. Divisions will usually be spawned alone on a flank on specific maps because of limited spawning locations and keeping the division spawned together at all costs. Especially 3-man divisions. The issue is if the enemy’s 3 ships have support from their team… but yours just kinda goes the other way.

  19. As for new maps, I think some of the small, low-tier maps like Solomon Islands or Big Race could be made larger for high-tier games. For example, on the Big Race map you run out of room in the lower left and upper right corners. Imagine if the map was big enough that you could round the islands in those corners.

  20. And I loved those Halloween & Monster Fish Modes as well as that mode where you can Div Up or go solo with those wild ships where you’d get upgrades as you go through out the match I REALLY Liked that stuff!

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