World of Warships – Night of Museums in Naval Musem – Gdynia, Poland, 2016

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To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit went to Poland with the almighty MGT-20 gaming truck for a very special community event at the Museum of Polish Navy in Gdynia, Poland, and celebrate the launch of World of Warships!


  1. 0:51 your average WoWS player

  2. xMrSzymon Gry i wiele więcej !

    0:55 jest nasz Faja :)

  3. Can you go in switzerland for an event ? Because I very want to be with WG
    but on poland it’s too fare :'(

  4. x) I hate the same RC tiger ;)

  5. Slowakia have great sea :D

  6. ‫مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا Europe turns Islamic مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا‬‎

    Wargaming please introduce airstrikes from rampage mode into random
    games…Artys are boring…3 artys=3.500 Damage…pff that’s nothing

  7. hmmm quite amazing roadshow, oh we can play too? amazing, but it very sad
    Wargaming. Net doesn’t come to Indonesia…?

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