World of Warships – Nikolai I Devastation

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Imperator on New Dawn moves out to support the team as they push on B point. I engage enemy ships who show just a little too much side around B point. A couple enemy destroyers get too close to friendlies and are punished for their choices. The game is pretty close the entire way but the Mighty Nikolai makes the enemy team quake with fear. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV Nikolai I Replay


  1. Notser, on the topic of low tier Russian ships, have you tested the Oleg

  2. In War ships in the future is there going to be a spotting mechanic for DDs
    like WOTs has for light tanks?

  3. what if was an enemy CV Notser? easy pick for a CV, if he knows what to do,
    great game,

  4. Wow … and you didn’t pull a Notser! Not once!!

  5. tbh i don’t think that 12 battleship guns are balanced for tier 4
    especially as you cannot face higher then tier 5

  6. BTW nearly burned down a Nikolai in my Iszyazlav today. He got saved by two
    other BBs approching from both flanks. :-|

  7. great game

  8. So fun to carry in such an amazing way gg-)

  9. When The Stalinium is in your blood :P

  10. Kerspaprog Balceram

    aaaaaand this is why its not for sale

  11. Most Excellent battle Emperor Notser Nikolai.

  12. My first ever Kraken was in the Nikolai. Love that ship.

  13. Is balance, comrade! Cyka blyat! Haha gg dude.

  14. Congrats Notser

  15. Best part was that B never did get capped. 😀

    Nice game! If that’s what it takes then I should miss more of your streams!

  16. The state of the Russian ships in game (talking mainly about the Russian
    prems) genuinely makes me mad lol. It’s just game…. **breathes deeply**

  17. i want this stahlinium

  18. holy crap notser.

  19. Filthy Stet Pedder! This stream was so much fun Notser! What a game.

  20. NIKOLAI is epic, I love this ship. The three barrel turrets are epic, the
    last turret is not used that much, but the rest. If you hit, u do dmg. I
    love the one shots like on the Danae :D

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